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Paul Kurtz

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since Jul 15, 2018
Rockingham County, VA
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Recent posts by Paul Kurtz

I am now (Aug 31) pulling flowering/seeding stiltgrass to prevent seeding. The pullings I am packing into black plastic bags and setting in the sun for several days. Is this sufficient to ensure that seeds are nonviable?
1 month ago
EVERY night just before stepping into the shower, I step on the scales. If the reading is 160# or less, a snack before bed is allowed. Otherwise, no snack and the next day I adjust intake and exercise. Simple.
8 months ago
I don't know a thing about baking bread, but when my daughter sends a loaf of her sourdough bread along with her kids as she did today when they came over for typing lessons, I ____ and ____. (What do you think goes in the blanks?)
9 months ago
Recently I heard of another type of "battery." Use excess energy to compress air which, when energy is needed can be released to generate electricity via a small turbine. Does anyone know about this?
11 months ago
Two Decembers ago I developed low-grade fever and lethargy for no apparent reason. When a rash (not a bull's eye, just a nebulous rash) appeared on my belly, I arranged a visit to the doctor who, after conferring with another doctor, decided to put me on a 21-day doxycycline regimen. Hours after returning home, the rash had quadrupled in size; but after only two days of treatment, my health was restored. (I did take the antibiotic for the prescribed 21 days.)

Two weeks later (January, now), I found another embedded tick. So, back to the doctor, but this time only a few doxycycline capsules were necessary (possible if treatment begins within 72 hours of the bite).

Since then, both my wife and I have had several (summertime) encounters with lodged ticks. I now religiously spray myself with DEET before going out to scythe, and baths followed by thorough tick checks are the rule for the grandchildren.
1 year ago
Yes, J Anders. When I would get impatient riding my bicycle to work, and when the garden doesn't do what it should, I ask, "Why am I doing this?" And the answer always comes, "Because it's what I do."
1 year ago

This is an "I wonder" question: What happens to greenbrier thickets?  Do they thicken and expand indefinitely, get shaded out eventually, crash due to infections,...?
1 year ago