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Kay Gelfling wrote:What might be a good way to find an Otis in my area? It's true that I would love to find somebody to potentially buy land from in a few years, but as that might be hard to find, I would be happy to find an Otis to learn stuff from! Maybe there is an Otis near me who would want a respectful, interested person to give advice to? Maybe I could help with some chores in exchange. But where to look? Is it time for another "good idea, bad idea"? Thanks for any advice. :)

Try these resources. They're mostly for the east coast but may help you organize your thinking about how to find a local Otis.
Good luck.


​Slow Money Investors
Connects investors to local food systems and small food enterprises.
These are my area's but they may help you organize.
Dirt Capital Partners https://www.dirtpartners.com/
Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT https://iroquoisvalleyfarms.com/
Local Farm Funds https://www.localfarmsfund.com/

I'd also recommend looking for Land Conservancy in your area. And do connect with your local University Cooperative Extension. You may additionally have a farm and farmer matching service in your area similar to ours in the Hudson Valley. Here's the link to my profile, for example; https://hudsonvalleyfarmlandfinder.org/find-a-farmer/farmer/2473
18 hours ago
I want to bring focus to Paul's reflection on the keys to an intentional community's success.

"you need to embrace that it is within you to say "obey or else" to other people and you have to control that impulse. You also need to recognize that others may want to say that to you as well and figure out how to deal with it."
Is there a podcast that explores the idea further?

May I also ask East Coast Otis's to consider my farm and business plan (link below). I'm ok with giving up some control. Thanks
- David

We made it here. Thanks for the opportunity, Paul.  Check us out Wheaton Labs Fall 2018 Felling Crew, y'all.
4 months ago
I can help. Ive not bought plane tickets yet. Awaiting onsite housing confirmation. I can come 9/22 if that helps. I plan to work on all 4 parts.
5 months ago
I'm eager to confirm the details and finalize travel plans. Please advise at your soonest. Thanks
5 months ago

Gapper fee paid. I can be there 9/24, if that's Ok.
- David
5 months ago

I'm very interested in participating in all four parts, but I don't want to overpromise. I can't do much heavy lifting. It causes my kidney stones to move. I am capable with tools and machinery or in the kitchen. I can bring a great attitude, eagerness to engage and learn. What should I do? Thank you for the consideration.
5 months ago