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Recent posts by Jun Albert

paul wheaton wrote:Penny,

I exchanged some emails with davin and i get the impression that he is going to put together some detailed plans for the j-tube.

That is great to hear. Updating the current Rocket DVD plans by Including detailed J tube brick by brick plans to the Rocket Oven DVD plans, along with more details for the other parts of the oven, is a must for the plans to be complete.
5 years ago
I think creating a sub forum specifically for Rocket Ovens is better for what you want since a single thread for Rocket Ovens DVD would be harder to search and keep things specific to what QA and technical question a member could have. A Rocket Oven subforum would solve that issue.
For now, I suggest a new thread for your technical questions so you can get answers to your specific questions as soon as possible. I know I have a lot of questions too.

Tim Barker wrote:Hi Paul try here

Cheers Tim

Hi Tim

Do you have a PDF version for sale? The Rocket Oven DVD, though informative left me wanting more info especially from you.

Hoping you have an updated book or your solo DVD. That would be great.
5 years ago
Just finished watching the Rocket Oven DVD.

Positive: Tim Barker has a lively personality even though his part of the build was the older version and not that detailed. Putting Tim Barker in the beginning is great as he motivates you to build the oven. Tyler, though not as animated and as lively as Tim Barker, explains things slowly so it helps you understand what he is doing.

Negative: There wasn't enough details and explanation about building and attaching the J-tube to the Barrel part of the oven. A step by step, brick by brick, guide with a discussion on materials would have been helpful. Also, there wasn't any part where the oven was actually tested and running, with temperature.

What can be improved/added: Measurements. Better, more in depth J-tube discussion. Maybe have Tim Barker, and Tyler do a video together to add more liveliness to the build. Adding a testing part, or running part where we see the oven running would have been useful too. And for your audience, I don't think people will mind a video that is over 3 hours so more details and less cuts might help people with why people got the DVD in the first place, to build a Rocket Oven.

Still, the video was worth the HD stream purchase.
Thank you very much.
Hi Paul,

Just saw the link. Not as big (the link) as I thought as I didn't see it at first. But I still found it.

Thank you.
5 years ago
Hi Paul,
I did not know there was an HD download option for the Rocket Oven dvd. Just wondering if there is a way to upgrade an HD streaming to an HD download without having to pay the full $35 since I already got the $20 streaming, just in case I want to download it.

5 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Kimi Iszikala wrote:Thanks for all this good stuff.

Is the "Rocket Ovens Cooking Microdoc" a separate thing?

All the kickstarter supporters will get it.  But the peeps that are coming here after the kickstarter will need to buy it separately.  

We have a new function in this software that I would like to try out where a person can upgrade to a package deal.  So maybe I will create a package that is "the rocket ovens super package" that will contain the rocket ovens video plus the 12 microdocs for something like $45 and people can "upgrade" to that.   Of course, that requires that we first get all the microdocs done.  

Please also have a package that has just the 12 microdocs for those who already bought the Rocket Ovens DVD, and only needs the microdocs. Unless that is already what you meant. Thank you
5 years ago

thomas rubino wrote:Jun; Matt has a website where you can buy plans as well as other things.     walkerstoves.com  

Thanks Thomas. I contemplating getting his plans. But I want to start simple first, or as simple as a Rocket Oven will hopefully be before I jump into anything that Matt has, especially since I don't have access to ceramic fiber boards in my country.
5 years ago
Hi everyone
I have read through How to Build A Rocket Mass Heater.
In it, if I didn't misunderstand it, it recommends a 6-8 inch diameter J Style firebox. It also mentions that the heat riser should be about 3x or more of the length of the fuel feed, and about 2x the length of the burn tunnel. So a 16 inch fuel feed would have a 48 inch heat riser.

My question is, are these proportions/sizes/dimensions good to se the the J style firebox itself as a cookstove? If I place some sort of grate/pot stand on top of my 48 inch riser and then place a frying pan on top of it, will the heat coming out of it be enough to fry with? Will actual fire be shooting up out of the riser (just like those metal rocket stoves I see on youtube, whose dimensions I cannot ascertain) or will it just be exhaust?

I haven't had time to prototype yet since I am looking for affordable places to get firebricks.

Thank you very much for anyone who can share their experience.

5 years ago
[quote=paul wheaton]It will be part of the rocket ovens video.  So there will be two videos.[/quote]

Thank you. Glad to know this microdoc is already included in $20 Rocket Oven DVD so I don't have to buy it separately.
Thanks. Can't wait for the full Rocket oven video to come out.
5 years ago