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Recent posts by Jesikah Sundin

Nicole Alderman wrote:I'm glad we can help!

I just finished Gamemaster. There were only two in there, oddly both in the epilogue, "Warbled light moved over the meadow and the gar-den in an eerie dance. Muffled thunder rolled and shook the biodome, fol-lowed by an intense flash of light" (pg 450)

1 year ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Oh my goodness, I totally want to know, too!!!

(Side topic, my copy of transitions also has the mid-word hyphens. I only spotted them in the first few chapers, though. I'll try to get a quote for you tomorrow. I haven't spotted any in Gamemaster yet, though!)

Hee, hee, hee . . .

Thank you! No need to search for examples. I've raged at Amazon for the past few weeks now and I think I lit a fire under their capitalist back ends. They already fixed Legacy. They're working on Elements right now and will continue on down the line. It's taking foreverrrrrrr. They're migrating every single indie and small press publisher (I'm small press) to a new print-on-demand company (for the paperbacks) and their roll-out has been a giant, apocalyptic fail. The Big River Man is treading water at the moment. But, my books will get fixed. Thanks SO much for helping me with this :D
1 year ago

Cris Fellows wrote:I just finished the series.  I couldn't put it down.  Jesikah, what of Della though?  I thought surely Lynden would step up at some point and say she wasn't really gone.  I completely LOVED these!  Thank you!!!

*blushes* Thank you so much, Cris <3 I'm deeply humbled.  You honor me. *bows to you, My Lady*

Della? Well . . . there's a strong hint in the Ireland chapter with both Fillion and Lynden, after they leave the wood shop. I don't want to say too much, as I'm not sure where everyone in this thread may be in my series. But, Lynden does say what happened to Della in a reply to Fillion. An answer without giving a direction answer
1 year ago

Dave Burton wrote:I give this book 10 out of 10 acorns!

I just finished reading it, and this is why I liked the book:

1) The formatting/style is one of the first things i pick up on when reading a book, and I love how Jesikah uses formatting to tell the story. Every chapter begins with some quotes, either from real life or the world she has created, which help set the tone and theme for each chapter. This format of starting with quotes also primes the reader for what to be thinking about and looking out for in that chapter. I also like how the chapters are fairly short,because it makes the book great to pick up and put down throughout the day.

2) Characters. I really enjoyed the characters, how they interact, and the way in which they were used to tell the story. Almost all characters had equal strength in their influence and drive to direct the story, which is something I have not encountered much of before, but it really builds the world and story well.

3) World-building I love how the book is so well-thought out. I could tell when I was reading the book that the author has done her research; this is what makes some fictions books awesome! It's just so much more enjoyable when various aspects of the real world get remixed to create a new world and story. Jesikah used Mars Colony habitat experiments, LARPing, permaculture, recent advances in technology like drones and nanotechnology, and more. Then, beyond remixing reality, reasonable progress of technology and sustainable techniques were imagined for the future, which makes the story all the more engaging and believable.

4) Legal issues. This is kind of an extension of how much I liked the world-building. I really liked the legal questions that the author raises in the book, within the community under the dome, the dome and its community's standing in the outside world, the inheritance of the Legacy, and the company behind all of this. I enjoyed how all of these legal matters came up throughout the book and helped to drive the plot and build a sense of "what's next?".

OMGOODNESS! Dave, I am speechless :-O Thank you so much for this kind review. My apologies for not seeing your post sooner. I've been in an editing cave. But I'm thrilled you enjoyed my story and characters so <3 *grins*
1 year ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:They all just woke up. Here's one

Page 2, in the italics before the start of chapter 1. First sentence of second quote: "...along the Sal-ton Sea in California"

I'll try to find more soon!

Thank you, My Lady No need to find more. Amazon will do a document review. Thanks, again!
1 year ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Heads-up! I'm reading book two now, and they messed with your hyphenation there, too. I'll try to get you some examples soon (the book is in the bedroom with sleeping kids, and no way I'm going to way them!)


Thanks for sharing with me. And, yeah, don't wake the kids! Eeeek!
1 year ago

Cris Fellows wrote:Jesikah, not sure if you are still hanging around permies land but some initial thoughts:  first, I am only through chapter 5 but I am intrigued, second, I would totally hold a bit bigger book for slightly larger print and no hyphenated words!!!

I was on Amazon this morning and saw your lovely review. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! *bows to you* Authors need reviews to trigger Amazon's algorithm in their favor to reach more readers. So, thank you <3 And, I'm thrilled you enjoyed my strange story despite font size and mis-hyphenation (which Amazon is correcting). Hope you enjoy book 2. Elements is a fan favorite :-)

Happy reading!
1 year ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:I went back to find some specific examples, so you can see if they're in your copies, too (the bolding is mine, of course...and any other typos are from me trying to type out the sentences while watching my littles, lol!).

On page 156, in the little quote before chapter 17, it says, "Joel attended Sky Valley Education Center, graduating in 2016 with and Associate of Science from Cascadia Community College through the Running Start Program, from Alderleaf Wilderness College in Monroe in 2018, and from the School of Environmental and For-est Sciences at the University pf Washington in 2022."

On page 47, bottom paragraph, second-to-last sentence, "You are clear and your digital recognition records and biometric vitals have been up-dat-ed"

Well, I heard back from Amazon. They admitted to using a pre-publishing placer doc instead of my master file because of a glitch ;_; INFINITE SADNESS. I'm working with them to correct the issue. So glad you and Cris brought this up! Sighs . . . #IndieAuthorLife

I wish I could say this was an uncommon occurrence, but it's not. Some of my other indie friends have experienced this with Amazon print on demand services too. And there's no recompense for the authors.
1 year ago

Dave Burton wrote:Thank you, Jesikah! I received your book Legacy! I can't wait to start reading it! I recently finished reading The Permaculture City by Toby Hemenway. I'm kinda the person who always has to be reading something in my spare time, so I started reading The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved by Sandor Ellix Katz. Once I finish that book, Legacy will be the next book I read!

As for the question you asked of me in the book: What is your legacy? Hehe, i do not know yet, as it is too early in my life to tell. But from what I have been told, my name and reputation precede me. So, I guess that says something; although, I have no idea what!

Hey Dave

Ooh, I've looked up your other reads and added them to my to-be-read pile. Always enjoy new recommendations! And, I understand. I'm always reading in my spare time too.

That's awesome to have a name and reputation that proceeds oneself <3 Obviously you're life is touching those around you and that is a great legacy to have.  

Happy reading!

1 year ago

Dave Burton wrote:Hi Jesikah! I started reading your book Legacy a couple of days ago, and I'm really enjoying it!

YAY!!! Thanks so much for sharing with me I hope my characters continue to do their job and entertain you.
1 year ago