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Recent posts by carlson yeung

I have an area that I'd like to plant Kale (Pentland Brig) and Bush Beans (Dragon Tongue). I'd like to know if it's possible to sow them in a checker board pattern of 1 foot squares. 1 kale per square and 9 beans per square. Both are about 2 feet tall when mature. The kale will be sown in April and the beans in May - a 1 month head start. I'm concerned about whether the shade from the kale will prevent the beans from growing.
If I don't pull the old plants out (roots and all), can the new plant grow?

Square Foot Gardening style: In April, I put 4 Chard in a square. In mid/late July, I'd like to start a Kale for fall/winter harvest. I'd like to plant the Kale in the middle of the square and eat the 4 Chard later - when the Kale is out of the ground and can use some sun. Can this be done... will the dead Chard roots interfere with the new Kale roots?

Thank you.

Which is better in the pathways between 1 foot tall raised beds: bee turf or wood chips?

A local seed company is selling bee turf that contains this seed mix:

Baby Blue-Eyes
Creeping Daisy
Creeping Thyme
Dwarf California Poppy
English Daisy
Johnny Jump-Up
Roman Chamomile
Sheep Fescue
Strawberry Clover
Sweet Alyssum
White Clover
Yellow Daisy

I'm wondering if it might be at least as good or an even better idea to plant bee turf. I can always mulch the beds and the bee turf with fall leaves every year and chop/drop unedible parts of my veggies into the raised beds.

Is this mix likely to invade 1' tall raised beds of annual vegetables?
What do I do after this mix blooms? Am I suppose to leave it alone? Does it rebloom and provide more bee food this season if I chop it down, etc?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
1 month ago

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone with John from WiseEarthFarm: Supercharged DIY (fungal) Compost.

Starts at about 1:20 into the video.

4 months ago
Is it ok to use exclusively cedar woodchips to mulch a vegetable garden?

There will also be some beans planted in the garden and leaves thrown on top every fall.

Thank you.
To create 1 cubic foot of leaf mold, how many cubic feet of shredded leaves should I collect?
Thank you everyone. Now, I get it. What I have isn't sand. It is, fertile soil in training!
I didn't think soil developing techniques could be used on sand. Thank you for the recommendation. Will try it.
How do I plant on sand?

I have a rectangle of sand on my property. It's about 16 feet left to right and about 3.5 feet front to back. The back side is a fence. The other three sides are surrounded by pavement. It is suppose to be a garden area. But when I dug in, I found sand! The stuff you find in a school playground. There's only about 1 inch of soil on top. Talk about false advertising.

I want to grow tomatoes, leafy greens and beans here.
If I scatter a bunch 1 foot tall, 3x3 feet raised beds and fill with soil (or maybe just compost), is that enough to grow?
If I cover this with a big layer of wood chips, does that sand ever become fertile?

- There's a fence on the backside of this rectangle. So, I'm thinking 3x3 raised beds with 1 foot gaps so I can reach all parts.

thank you

Bryant RedHawk wrote:Have you looked through My soil threads? you might find more ideas there.


Absolutely Fascinating! Will read through all of it.