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since Sep 10, 2018
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Hi there,
I supported the Kickstarter but haven't received any emails or confirmations etc. I don't have access to the private forum, either, as far as I can tell.
Any help is appreciated, thanks.
4 years ago
Hey guys,

You discuss the use of the word "businesses" in the chapter, meaning the various aspects to a permaculture operation, and I agree it feels a little clunky. Paul then suggests the word "crops."

The word I've heard numerous farmers, etc. use is "enterprises" -- which I feel implies businesses within the business. So apple trees, broilers, veg, lumber, all different enterprises on the same property. Another word that came to mind was "ventures."

Thanks, Paul. It's downloading now, actually.
5 years ago
Hi guys. I clicked to download and it read: "The requested file could not be found. It probably was deleted. Click here to go back to the topic." Can anyone help me out? Thanks! Rich
5 years ago