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Recent posts by Opal-Lia Palmer

Love the first link! Love her sound, Lindsey Sterling! ........ love that video!

Derek Dendro wrote:https://youtu.be/VsN7E35LpJE





A few vibes

3 months ago
Very Beautifully written.
To bad I'm 41 with 2 children. ........ and looking to stay in NW Montana/Idaho area.
All of you young men sound very nice, I hope you men find the balance and Divine female energy you seek.
I just loved reading everything you wrote and how honest and vulnerable you were. Its very lovely and quite nice to read.  

Orion Tep wrote:When I imagine my ideal future and the relationship I am seeking, I imagine:

Making major decisions together, like how we want to invest.

I imagine building a house for her/together. A house that can fit our plans and dreams into it.

I imagine someone to come home to, who appreciates all the work I do every day.

I imagine planting trees together and watching them grow.

I imagine planting more flowers for her every year, until she has so many flowers she is giving them away.

I imagine lying in bed reading to each other at night.

I imagine motorcycle trips, travelling, and long explorations of nature.

I imagine building community together, each of us naturally supporting each other and the collective in the ways that we are naturally gifted.

I expect she will have a knack for decorating and making spaces feel warm and welcoming. I imagine she is thoughtful and nurturing, a sudo mother to the community.

I imagine casting her a tiara/crown of precious metals with my own hands.

I imagine learning to dance together, practice martial arts, archery, and Target practice.

I can imagine her with my child.

I imagine teaching my children about the trees, about the cultures living around them

I imagine them learning languages and encouraged to explore their artistic potential

I imagine teaching my children math and history. How to grow food and build.

I imagine teaching the children how to work on machines and how to care for tools.

I imagine the children teaching me how to be more patient how to be more gentle.

I imagine planting seeds with them and watching them both grow strong.

I imagine myself healing.

I imagine myself feeling complete.

I imagine all the struggle being worth it.

I imagine the pride I will feel watching these humans learn and grow.......

I imagine her counsel, wisdom, and guidance slowing me down, calming my mind, bringing an amount of peace.

I imagine community growing and blooming around us.

I imagine the home and peace and clarity we create and radiate attracting amazing people. I imagine what we create nourishing and inspiring people.

I imagine she grows into a matriarch of the community, caring for everyone and gathering in women's groups and men's groups seasonally etc as part of the growing culture.

I imagine us building more businesses as a community, barn raising and helping each other build houses and grow food.

I imagine us building a place of gathering, where we meet to celebrate, give thanks, plan, and act as a community.

This is a glimpse of what I imagine.....

3 months ago

Dawn Compton wrote:My calling to homestead motivates me to explore any and all possibilities to achieve the freedom of a simpler life.  This may be a far-reach, but what the heck, it never hurts to try.  

I’m wondering if there are others, such as myself, that are called to homesteading, saving every dollar for land, gardening, preserving food, learning about livestock, collecting necessities here and there that will be helpful on the homestead.  Are you such a person?  With the cost real estate skyrocketing, the value of my savings isn’t keeping up with the rise in prices and it feels a bit discouraging at times.  And then there’s the fact that I’m in my 60’s and single and female to boot!  And although I’ve always been a homebody, when I think about living alone in the woods, well I’m not a hermit for heavens sake.  We need community, helpmates, another soul or souls to share the toil, successes and the failures in life.  It’s in our relationships we find richness.  

If you’d like to share your hopes and plans relating to homesteading please contact me.  My search is not for romance, it is truly to find at least one like-minded soul that would be willing to live in northern Idaho on the land (I’m not there yet), grow as much of our own food (plant and animal) as possible using regenerative methods by 2023.  Together we could make the dream a reality.

If you’re inclined to respond, please PM me and describe your calling to homestead, and please touch on what you can or cannot contribute financially, your background or experience with gardening and livestock, what you know about regenerative methods of growing plants and meat.

just sent you a message. :-)
5 months ago
Bio Field tunning...... Eileen Mckusick she has videos, recordings, books, and some on youtube. Check her out for all your, mental physical,  and sometimes spiritual needs
So many choices. ........ 6 pages worth of just recordings.  Your wife can just lay down and actively listen doesn't take a lot of effort. Just stick with it, it works. Combine it with a good corrective chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupressure.
( After head trauma, a neck sprain and 2 concussions, I have absolutely 0 curve in my neck, it's the straightest! I have had relief. But I'm in my first year of 3 years of weekly appts and a posture pillow 3 x daily with a corrective chiropractor to curve my neck. At first the pillow will make your neck feel worse before it gets better. But It does get better. Combine that with many treatments and please start asap with bio field Tunning.
Good luck. <3


Free offerings  on her website.......


7 months ago
If you want to move to Idaho or western Montana. Let me know. I want to start Freedom village.
7 months ago
What!? That's exactly what I want to do, start a retreat healing center. I was looking for land in Idaho to escape medical tyranny.  Message me here,  purple message. Let's talk. What part of Texas?
7 months ago

Cate Sam Legate wrote:Hi! My name is Cate (29) and I have been looking for conscious community. I am teacher of healing and meditation! I love nature and natural living. I am looking to put on workshops that connect people to themselves and nature, that also teach people how to self heal. I have been looking for land to put an off grid yurt, but want to be near or within conscious community! I am doing an Oregon tour in May to look for intentional communities and conscious towns to live near. I would love to see what you are creating!

-------------This goes as a reply to this post and for other intentional communities or (?) who may be reading!------
Thanks and Be Well

Hi Cate, did you land somewhere? I'm looking to build a community ( purple permaculture) have a healing retreat center be a major part of it. A place where people can come to reconnect with nature. They will learn to grow food, eat well, have teachers/ healers of may modalities, yoga as well. A place to heal the mind, body and spirit. Opal.althoff@gmail.com  please contact me.....and anyone else called to this idea. Love and light.
8 months ago

Jen Winter wrote:Hey all,

Long-time permaculture dilettante, first-time poster here. Jen's the name. I am graduating from an accredited naturopathic school in June of this year and my long-term vision is to have a farm-based practice similar to Ethos over in New Jersey (http://www.myethoshealth.com/). I'm really interested in the farming side of things as well, but realizing I might not have the time to be both a great doctor and a great farmer. I'm vegan, and very interested in living in close community with others of like-mind. I am engaged to another dilettante who is part teacher, part writer, part poker player. We have a border collie who is in herding lessons (this is the most unvegan thing I do).

So, just putting some feelers out there, hoping to make some friends Currently living in San Diego, but from the greater Philly area. Hello!

Hi, Jen.
Are you still living in San Diego? Thats where I am. Would.libe to make new permie friends. I'm Vegan, wiccan, herbal meds lover, mother of two and lots of fur babies. Love to live in harmony with the land. Own a half acre in Spring Valley.  We should talk, looking to move and buy more land with water to start a community or find one ideal to join.   opal.althoff@gmail.com  look forward to speaking with you please email me.
8 months ago

Debbi Faye wrote:Hi, are you still interested in someone with the same interests joining you to build a treehouse and much more possibly? Have noticed you haven't posted since two years ago...I live in Virginia and am abandoning the corporate world.  


His email is posted above, and he said email is easier. Try emailing him:-
8 months ago