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Recent posts by Susan Mené

I am in the northeast, and my area has been cloudy, cool alternating with hot, and rainy. Nothing is dead yet, but most of my beets, chard, carrots and squash are growing at shockingly slow rates.  Pole beans thriving. The more I learn, the more I understand that weather will have its way with plants, come what may.

Michael Moreken wrote:I have to keep in mind effects of having black walnut on three sides of property for ~next five years.

Fortunately, I have black walnut only on one side of my property; the trees are on neighbor's land.  I'd harvest the nuts, but I'm allergic.  I have had decent success grown pole beans in beds in close proximity to the trees.  Have you tried or have you had any success with any of the "juglone resistant" veggies?  I also tried squash, supposedly resistant, but it didn't even sprout.

Thank you! I will look it up and try it.

4 days ago
Thank you, Hamilton Betchman and Bryant RedHawk.    Is the standard recipe for compost tea 2 cups compost and half a cup molasses per 5 gallons water?  Plus aeration?  I have seen recipes with fish guts, urine, manure--need I go there?   LOL, I  have stage fright--the novice speaking to the Gurus.  Thank you for your patience

1 week ago
Good morning all from a novice on a hilly acre!  My modest harvest from my blueberry bushes is imminent, and lo and behold leaf rust is appearing.  Can I still use the berries?  How should I treat it (if at all) and when?  
1 week ago
Ten years later and your post is still helping people!!  Many Thanks for this.  
1 week ago
Thank you for this post.  It reminded me how my entire perception of success has changed from what it was in my younger days.  
There are so many things I could have learned as a teenager that I just didn't realize as important; but to be a know-it-all in the teen years is a given.  I'm glad I can draw on the things I DID pick up on in terms of gardening, frugality, compassion, and having a willingness to learn from others.
3 months ago

Hans Quistorff wrote:

Susan Mené wrote:What about Lamb's Quarters?  Are they persistent re-seeders or perennials?
. LOVE this post.

Lamb's Quarters are persistent re-seeders. They will generally grow until frost but they get thicker and tougher with age. if tips are harvested aggressively you can harvest from a plant for a long time but the tips will bolt to seed more rapidly on older plants.  So for productive harvest frequently disturb soil in a spot that will not get much heat and scatter harvested seed each week.
But this reminds me of broccoli.  I enclosed the garden into a greenhouse that my sister had planted in barrels before she died. In one of the barrels was a large broccoli plant. It would produce small Beansprouts that would open to a small broccoli head. I harvested from that plant for 4 years until it neglected to get watered and died.  

Thank you! Useful information!
4 months ago
What about Lamb's Quarters?  Are they persistent re-seeders or perennials?
I, too, am shocked about Hosta; I have a lingering memory from childhood of someone telling me how poisonous they are. LOVE this post.
4 months ago
Thank you!!!
5 months ago