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thanks for this post and for all the info, folks. i have been reading up on how to store my potatoes and repeatedly saw the recommendation of 95% humidity for several  days. as I read all I could think was, "HMM...I don't have a magic humidity wand available."  these tips will be useful.
1 month ago
Thank you all.  Very interesting assortment of opinions, all of which were running around my head and caused me to ask the question in the first place.  
I'm talking small scale here, just some raised beds.  If I throw in a late season cover crop, do I still need to rotate next spring?

Chris Sturgeon wrote:Thanks, Daron. Your posts are always so well put together. I commented over on your blog that I'm doing a similar thing, but with straw. Kind of a Ruth Stout but in a raised no-dig bed. So far results are looking very good!

Hi Chris.  I ended up doing a hybrid.  It all start as a "what the heck" as I tossed some sprouting potato eyes in a grow bag.  They grew like they were on steroids, so I started tossing straw on them.
I had a good return on the buried, but nothing in the straw. ll in all, some good potatoes for next to no effort!
I am always open to advice or criticism!
Try this link.  It has a great step-by-step identification tool.
5 months ago
It sure looks like one.  I am by no means an expert, but plant ID is one of my hobbies.   Is there a terminal leaf at the end?   Is it a shrub?
I am in zone 7b, and though I know yours is not the same plant, the leaves look quite a bit like the beach pea we have here.
5 months ago
THIS BEET WAS FINE THIS MORNING!  I have cucumbers in this bed too, and they are okay so far!
5 months ago
Every fall, I can harvest a gallon of autumn olives in 10 minutes.  I make jam with it; it is a bit tart so I add a bit of cinnamon and it tastes like Christmas! I also harvest wineberry, also known as wine raspberry, in large amounts, but always leaving plenty for the birds.  I COULD harvest hickory nuts, walnuts, and chestnuts, but I am allergic to tree nuts !  What a waste!
5 months ago