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WOW that is incredible!!! Thank you for sharing this excellent news.
1 week ago
Did anyone feed their goats moringas, or have yall found out if there are moringas that can do well in freezing climates?

I am in Louisiana and we had a few freezes into the mid-20Fs. I had an 8-10 ft moringa tree (which also may have had wet feet) which died to the ground. It's root may be intact but it has not sprouted yet despite about two weeks of consistent 90F days. Another Moringa of mine grew to about 5 feet and something broke it's stalk, then it grew to 4 ft again. After the freeze it died to the ground and when I dug its root up, the root was alive. A piece which was loose already, I made tea, and then I buried the rest. It has not sprouted yet. I believe I am growing Moringa Oleifera. In my 1 season experience a healthy moringa can grow a foot/month or more.

Kate Downham wrote:The amount of land they need depends on whether you're bringing in any food for them. Are there nearby trees you can get branches from? Or a source of good hay? With 1/3 of an acre you might be able to support two goats completely from your own land if you've designed rotational goat food forest areas with multiple layers of plants such as tagasaste, mulberry, willow, comfrey, grasses and herbs.

If you're happy to bring some food in for them, then you could keep more goats, or reduce the amount if land you're keeping them on.

If you're bringing all of their food to them, then they don't need much space at all for a strawyard. I kept two goats for many years in a 6x6m (20x20feet) fence, I had a cable spool for them to play on, and set their hut away from the fence to give them another thing to run around, and they were always happy, healthy, and able to express their goat-ness.

Thanks for your helpful response.

Our goals are to never buy feed (though we will if they are hungry) and to practice permaculture so we are definitely on board to create a food forest. I imagine the goats would be interested in some of the foods we are growing for ourselves, so having a goat section and a human section sounds like a good idea. And I'd also be wanting to use their dung for manure/compost.

I live in Louisiana, so we have lots of clay (but we are working on that through composting and mulching), it's usually hot, 70-90F, and humid from April to October, then dry and cold down to around 30-40F for a few months and occasionally mid-20Fs.

The property has live oak and magnolia. We'll definitely have to plant more. I have access to moringa seeds too, but in my experience they don't get very big here due to wet clay and cool winters.

It sounds like you named some fast growing plants, too. We have lots of willow growing in wet places.

I think we'd probably want to get a female especially to have milk at some point. Can kids can be given as much milk as they need until weaned, and then we would have several months of milk if continuously milked? That is what I have read anyway.

Thank you so much for being available for this!

If you know any good books (aside from your own!) or pages about different plants, domesticated and wild, they love to eat, please feel free to post it somewhere and tag me :)

I look forward to goats living out their goat-ness :) :) <3
How much room do goats really need to be comfortable and happy? Im about to move onto a 1/3 acre plot in a residential area, and regulations aside Im wondering if I plant enough and build up basically a "bush" there if I could support 1 goat.
hey y'all my partner and I are starting the low rumblings of a Permaculture Hub.

@LouisianaPermaculture and @la_permaculturebabe are our Instagram handles. is an email you can reach us at.

We also have a slack workspace and had our first conference call last week! This is still in it's infancy but we are here to begin supporting Louisianians in nurturing the social ecology and getting connected to people, groups, and resources relating to regenerative agriculture and permaculture. We'd love to hear from you and to help build solid connections on our ever expanding web!
1 month ago
Hello Wheaton Labs + Paul,

I'll be travelling to Helena, MT from Louisiana on a business trip. I will not be able to come for the whole event, but there is a possibility that I can stop in for a few hours or more. Would it be ok for me to drop in to meet people etc?

(i did happen to donate at the $100 level for the kickstarter)
1 month ago
Hi Arella and Allen,
My partner and I live together with a young baby in Baton Rouge and we both have a vision of living on a permaculture food forest north of the Lake. We dont have the means yet, but we have been forming ideas, learning, and making plans to make that vision a reality. We are happy to share seeds, plants, fungi, and knowledge.
9 months ago