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Emma Laurence

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since Sep 25, 2018
I want join or contribute to setting up a permaculture project/eco village (Europe). I've volunteered on conservation, forest garden and permaculture projects for the last 5 years (UK, Norway and Portugal) and I have my own small vegetable garden. I've recently done an intro to permaculture and clothes making course and am about to volunteer with a social enterprise to get some basic carpentry skills. I want to live more sustainably and this is a priority for me now. I live in the UK at the moment and I'm very ready to leave and enjoy a different (and more simple) lifestyle!
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Recent posts by Emma Laurence

Hi Michael
Thanks for your message. Yes, still looking (trapped in London at the mo!). Would be happy to keep in touch.
4 hours ago
Hi Dante
Thanks for your message. I am mainly looking in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal

Hi Tim
Thanks for your message. Unfortunately my plans haven't moved on much. This year I was hoping to visit a few communities but haven't been able to because of Covid. The UK is about to go into another national lockdown but I am really hoping I can progress my plans again from spring. Happy to keep in touch.
2 months ago
Thanks Tom. A bit far for me, I need to stay in Europe.
Thanks for getting back to me though!
3 months ago
I don't have telegram. Please reply to my message and we can arrange a time to chat?
3 months ago
Xaloc - I replied to your pm
Tom - where are you? Do you have any space for new members?

3 months ago
I am interested. Looking to join a community or help start a project in Europe. Here's a little bit about me:
I'd love to hear more about your plans. It looks like it's been a while since you originally posted.
1 year ago
I'm Emma - I posted this a while back: I'm mainly looking in Europe but your post interested me...
I'm doing a forest gardening course at the moment and may do a PDC after that.
Please pm me if you'd like to chat.