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K Cee wrote:

odessa steele wrote:Thank you for your replies, I will email you. I am in the eastern part of the country right now.

What is your chronological age? You can say "20s, 30s, 40s, etc.  And are you too shy for a picture so we can see who we are talking to?

I am in my thirties and this ad is mostly about looking for like minded people to have partnerships with, I will send a picture if I think it might be important to someone on here that  I'm planning on meeting.

Right now I'm having a problem because my phone got broken, then my new phone quit working. I had this really old one I had that I was using but it ran out on its plan times, so I'm dealing with this and the usual bombardment of fake psycho repliers, sorry if I'm taking a long time.

Anyone know what the custody laws are for teens in guardianship? I know some of them are in situations they need out of and at sixteen I would think they could just leave, does anyone know? I think a farm is a good place for smart teens who've had a hard time.
7 months ago
Thank you for your replies, I will email you. I am in the eastern part of the country right now.
7 months ago
anyone know of international permaculture resources or anything, is why I came to this forum
if moneys not an issue visit an eskimo or athabascin handmade website, for obvious reasons they make the best all natural winter gear
can I come over? I'm experienced with all the stuff of living off grid and can do anything you need done except maybe lifting more than one hundred pounds. I'm a woman in my thirties and I'd love to join your community and help out. I love the woods and am pretty experienced with tehm and grew up in the countryside, you know. I know that my building skills are not great though and so it could be  good partnership, I'm excellent with food preparation and things like this!

can email me at three3threeodessasbee@gmail.com, the numbers are all numerical in the address. A fence of stone is probably going to be a good idea at some point, i didn't read your whole post because my interet is spotty today but let me know I'd love to help out!

8 months ago