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Recent posts by Tatym Schneider

Jay Angler - Thanks for the info. I will look into that!
4 years ago
Wow! This sounds amazing!
I agree about the early morning mowing before it gets hot out, I've often thought longingly of doing the mowing early before the head of midday but felt guilty about my loud gas mower annoying the neighbours. It would annoy me after all if I was trying to sleep in.

How does the battery recharge? Is it a plug in to the side of the house? Do you have to remove the battery at all to recharge? is there any special maintenance that it requires?

Hmm I wonder if I could recharge it from my solar panels? that would be the best!

Thanks for sharing! I think I will keep an eye out for this mower for myself.
4 years ago
Well this is good to know!
I live in Canada and have seen the Princess Auto stores around but have not explored them thoroughly. I love the idea of the Surplus section - sounds like just the thing I'd enjoy poking around in.
Thanks for sharing! After my next visit I'll leave a message here about my experience.
4 years ago
Oh this sounds amazing! I would love to replace a bunch of plastic things in my home with more natural materials! Gourds sound like an awesome option.
I too am in a 4a/3 gardening zone in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Has anyone in Canada successfully grown these gourds?

If not I am going to try these next summer. It will probably involve starting the seeds indoors under lights and with a heat mat - but I already have a set up for that.
I will make a note to return here and post about my attempt. Fingers crossed!
4 years ago
Has anyone here used the Excalibur Food Dehydrator to make fruit leather? I'm wondering if that would work, especially with the lack of a lip at the back (I could do the silicone trick back there like someone else mentioned they had). And I would like to know if I'd need to buy a separate tray or liner for the fruit leather? If anyone out there has tried this I'd love to hear how it went!
Thanks so much! (-:
4 years ago
I found these socks last year at a local ski hill and tried them out. Well I loved them so much for skiing that I bought a few more pairs and frequently wear them at home or even to work on really cold days.
I love how thin and strong they are. None of the sets have worn out yet, heels and toes still sturdy and elastic still springy.
These are the most expensive socks I've ever bought, but man are they worth it. especially for skiing, warmth without the bulk, my toes are never squished and they don't itch.
And I agree with others that they almost never stink, I've even worn them skiing multiple days in a row (and I don't know about the rest of you but my feet sweat up a storm in ski boots) and they had hardly any smell.
I have nothing but good things to say - I would highly recommend these socks!
4 years ago