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Maybe one way to help with color blind problems is to include something like chevrons or dots in the design. I used something similar once to translate color coding for using in black and white printer.
5 months ago
Seems you got most of the answers you need; i will try to add just some information to consider before building it.

40 bar = (400 m water) is just de standing still working pressure. You must include also water hammer effect the same  thats allows the watr hammer pump to work.

Here are some calculations: to help you estimate

I think you will need to go with steel for this; I have seen it work with theathed pipe just be sure is rated accordinly (welded pipe is better if you have the expertice).

I havent seen any equipment with a energy recovery that high for hidraulic although havent work with that many; i would consider it to be closer to 30%; This summer i will start my serius research on household size pelton units; please let me know your results.

7 months ago