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This is awesome!  Thanks for sharing!

3 weeks ago

Bryan Leach wrote:I personally do not like audiobooks divided and combine any audiobook CDs into one file when I download onto my iPod.

I do the same thing.   My first choice would be M4A file. Last choice would be multiple files.   Please, if this is the final option, name them so they sort in ASCII order!  

As far as playing them, here is an excerpt on playing them - seems pretty universal:

How to Open an M4A File

Lots of programs support the playback of M4A files, including VLC, iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player (v11 requires the K-Lite Codec Pack), Media Player Classic, Winamp, and very likely some other popular media player applications as well.

Android tablets and phones, plus Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, function as M4A players, too, and can open the audio file directly from an email or website without needing a special app, regardless of whether or not the file uses AAC or ALAC. Other mobile devices may have native support for M4A playback as well.

Rhythmbox is another M4A player for Linux, while Mac users can open M4A files with Elmedia Player.

Link to the original article:


Lorinne Anderson wrote:I personally do not deal with coyotes here - but good old fashioned urine is a time tested deterrant, as is dog urine. That said, you would want to do the entire fence, or perhaps around the coop itself.

Do consider this a warning, double check that the coop cannot be dug into (concrete, rocks, wire buried two feet down or extending at least two feet along th surface); install electric fencing; get a motion activated water cannon (called a "ScareCrow"); set up motion activated lights...

Just make sure that there is SOMETHING that will scare it off IF you aren't around or aware to do the scaring until your Guardian friend is old enough to do it's job.

Great advice - the coop itself is secure with hardware cloth, as well as extending all the way around, bricks on top, etc.   - but the chickens get all freaked out by the coyote sniffing around!  I did just buy a couple of the water cannons, to keep them and the bear and the deer and the fox (and whoever else I dont see) away from the yard.  I forgot about them!  So thanks for the reminder!

1 month ago
Yep - this one will get that coyote all right! :)

I'll get some pee over where it's jumping the fence tonight and see how that works. Thanks for the suggestion!
1 month ago
last night and again this morning we have a coyote in the yard, sniffing around the chicken pen.  Yelling at it will make it go away, but does anyone have any ideas on ways to discourage it from coming in the yard?  It just jumps the chain link. I dont want to kill it, just discourage it from MY yard.  The puppies are only 11 weeks old and not big enough to leave out in the yard yet.  Although it was funny last night seeing Hugginn last night running at the coyote right next to me!  


1 month ago
I have been struggling to find milk locally that I can use to make cheese - most of the brands I can get locall y are either UHT or so close to it as to make it unusable for cheesemaking:

Creamland Dairies/ Dean Foods:
Our QA Manager tells me that the required temperature is 161F, but our's is a bit higher. We do not have anything processed lower than 178F.

Kroger/ Simple Truth Organic:
I was able to research this and the milk is actually Ultra Pasteurized(UP), or Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurization which means that it is heated to 280 F for 2 seconds and then rapidly cooled.  

Horizon Organic:
-UP/ESL - Ultra-Pasteurization = ~280° for 2.0 seconds.  NOTE that this is both the chilled cartons and the aseptic shelf stable cartons!

The only one I could find is Shamrock  - an AZ dairy that we can get in NM:
Thank you for reaching out to Shamrock Farms, regarding pasteurization. Our organic milk is standard pasteurized milk at temperatures right around 165 degrees.

2 months ago
We are going to use the pine.  I figure that since it is in the woods we can use it in our yard. :)
2 months ago
HOW timely - we have been talking about putting some swales on our sloped yard, and love the chapter on rainwater harvesting!
2 months ago
Here is my plan - with a cotton shroud and some native plants on top.


2 months ago
I do super lazy compost tea - I bought this composter that has no bottom (it looks like a beehive shape with a small lid on top). I water it and the tea comes out the bottom and waters my plants around it.  Love it!

2 months ago