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Steve Thorn

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since Nov 12, 2018
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I started my 1st "permaculture" garden when I was about 7, and it was only about 20 square feet back then. I didn't want to use fertilizer or pesticides and wanted to plant it as natural as possible. Years later I started planting a larger garden, berry bushes, and fruit trees. I have learned show much from the Permies community, and I'm excited to learn and share our experiences together!
Zone 7b/8a Temperate Humid Subtropical, NC, US
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Recent posts by Steve Thorn

I hadn't ever seen a grape flower until I started growing them.

They aren't super beautiful or attractive, so they usually aren't displayed that often, looking more like little green alien heads than flowers.

I think they have a unique beauty in their own way though, especially when the whole grape bunch is blooming.

Here is a link to our general grape growing thread with more info, photos, and videos!

Had you ever seen grape flowers before? What do you think they look like?
6 hours ago
These are two of our table grapes. One is flowering and the other one has baby grapes forming.

Grape flowers look really neat to me. Its something you don't see a lot of or hear about often, and I didn't even know grapes flowered before I started growing them.

I love fresh home grown table grapes, and it looks like we'll be having some in a few months!

Did you know grapes have flowers?

What types of grapes are you growing? I'd love to see pictures!

9 hours ago

Jonathan Ward wrote:Not from the bird spread ones.  From the transplant bushes i have.  We made about 10 1/2 pints of gooseberry jam last year...still have 3 left i think.

Very cool
Those volunteers look great Jonathan!

Have you harvested anything from the volunteer gooseberry yet?
Looks good Artie.

What variety of apple is it?
1 day ago
This gardenia is right at our back door, and this is the first year it has really produced a lot of blooms. I think it is about 4 or 5 years old, and has been a very slow grower, but has finally been worth it!

We use this door the most frequently, and every time I've walked in or out, I just want to stand there for a moment and enjoy the amazing fragrance!

I find myself walking over to it and breathing in deeply and thinking...

Gardenias...(sniffs)...smell...(sniffs)...soooo... (sniffs)... good!

I planted some lilacs this year too, and am really excited to hopefully enjoy them soon also!
1 day ago
Here's a video with more information about our Van cherry.

It's been a little more susceptible to some slight disease issues here in the past, but it has battled through them well and those few cases have decreased more and more as it has gotten older and stronger.

It has been putting on a lot of new growth this year and growing well!

2 days ago
If they are really difficult plants to germinate or really small seeds, I pull back the mulch and sprinkle them directly on top of the soil and apply some pressure or pat them in to get good soil contact which seems to help a lot with germination.

Each variety of plant seems to have its own preffered germination environment, more hot or cold, or moist or dry, and I found to have a lot of good information when I was looking for this info recently.

Some difficult to root plants supposedly need light to germinate also, which is another reason I sprinkle them on the surface of the soil. Hope you have lots of baby plants soon!
2 days ago
This Stella cherry tree is about 3 years old.

Cherries are rare in our area due to the heat and humidity, but this Stella cherry is a vigorous grower and has been growing really well here so far!

I thought it was going to produce some fruit this year, but it didn't end up producing any this year. I hope to get the first harvest of cherries next year though!

2 days ago
This is a red Fuji apple that is about 3 years old.

Apples can be hard to grow in our area due to the heat and humidity, but this red Fuji has done really well here so far! There are also a lot of old Southern varieties that are adapted to growing in this area.

This apple tree has never had any irrigation and has never been fertilized, just naturally mulched.

It hasn't produced any apples yet, but hopefully it will produce its first batch of apples next year!
3 days ago