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Recent posts by Lf London

Coding an option for a user to send a message he posts to a forum to himself in email and/or to some other destination in email. This would be a very good thing.
Those who spend a lot of time on posts would benefit from this feature. They would have their own email copy to archive and add to their own libraries.

Many people do a lot of work preparing their posts to permies. I do this and enjoy the time spent. Part II of this is
how best to find mine and others best work plus feedback for ongoing development of special information on selected topics,
like a crude WikiPedia. Possibilities: a post rating system, post tagging for quality and category, copying edited sections of selected posts to
sub sub forum (a forum within the forum where info is being extracted and refined) set up for that purpose. In an email I suggested these
random thoughts about this concept.
"need to organize the forumsite to display high value/high ranking INFORMATION contained in discussion threads in an easy to find way. I have a few ideas about how to do this and some of it involves user ranking of information in posts in threads. Like high priority info that people will return to often to reread, look for feedback and add something of importance themselves"
"if people will take the time and trouble to put together great info, text, pix, videos, etc. they want to be able to find it later EASILY. Maybe some kind of table of contents or index or tagging like you find with blogs"

Air Wells and Dew Ponds

Links & info I collected a few years ago and posted to the permaculture list:


There is a lot of information stored in the message archives for this list, dating from 1992.
Ways to find what you want:
1) Download each month's archive, by year and search using a text search tool, text editor, grep in Linux
The archives are here: http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/permaculture/
2) Use this Google command in the search window in your web browser:
site: lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/permaculture [search keyword(s), eliminate the brackets], i.e. air well or airwell

[1]> http://www.rexresearch.com/airwells/airwells.htm

The Modern Antiquarian | Forums | Re: Dew Ponds?

Rain collector and solar water distiller


[permaculture] Air wells
Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Fri Jul 29 10:19:23 EDT 2005

skartar at cfbt.com wrote:

> My family are taking on an allotment (community garden) this weekend which has limited
> access to water. As well as water storage tanks fed from the shed roof we're looking at
> alternatives. Does anyone have any experience with using air wells? I'd be grateful for
> any sources of info - online or books.

Air Wells, Dew Ponds and Fog Fences: Methods to Condense ...
How to condense atmospheric moisture with air wells, dew ponds, electric
fences, etc.
www.rexresearch.com/airwells/airwells.htm - 87k - Cached - Similar pages

Rex Research: suppressed, dormant,emerging unconventional ...
Air Wells ~ 20+ practical methods to condense atmospheric moisture
with Air ... Air Well Patents ~ Dozens of US & foreign patents for
methods to collect ...
www.rexresearch.com/home.htm - 175k - Cached - Similar pages

Bagelhole.org Information Center for Low-tech sustainability
after the ancient air wells discovered there in 1900. Ziebold's
condenser ... and 80% Relative Humidity (RH), the air well yields about
60 lb water daily. ...
www.bagelhole.org/article.php/Water/350/ - 36k - Cached - Similar pages

Bagelhole.org Information Center for Low-tech sustainability
Klaphake: Air Wells [ Special thanks to Dr Klaus Neumann, ... See
also: Air Wells, Dew Ponds & Fog Fences Proceeding of the Society of ...
www.bagelhole.org/article.php/Water/352/ - 36k - Cached - Similar pages

From williamevans at home.com Thu Aug 26 14:18:16 1999 Date: Thu, 26 ...
Using scrap and local materials, makeshift air wells could help solve
many water problems in drought ridden areas of the world, especially in
Third World ...
www.ibiblio.org/ecolandtech/orgfarm/permaculture/air-wells - 3k - Cached
- Similar pages

Technolgy Plans
Air wells and dew ponds are virtually free. They have been in use since
Neolithic times, yet are utterly ignored today except for a few
ex-perimental ...
www.australiatrade.com.au/Alternative/Technology/Shopping/prod3.htm -
16k - Cached - Similar pages
From williamevans at home.com Thu Aug 26 14:18:16 1999
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 09:14:05 -0700
From: William Evans <williamevans at home.com>
To: sanet-mg at ces.ncsu.edu
Subject: water utilization model

sounds like "water utilization"should read "efficiency"(same as)...
so for a given rainfall, one would look at amounts of runoff, amounts
evaporated, stored to aquafier either natural or manmade,amounts of
environmentally beneficient transducers(trees, plants, etc.), amounts
transpired thru the vegetation/evaporated from the soil,etc, etc...
how one could crunch this all down into a mathematical model is beyond
me....but here's some info i cullled from the net....courtesy of
"""........Another interesting invention that has never been implemented
on a large scale was designed in 1931 by M.
Achille Knapen. He succeeded in condensing and extracting water from
warm air to irrigate fields and vineyards in
southern France with what he called, an "air well" (See U.S. patent no.
1,816,592). Looking like a 40-foot concrete
beehive, it was possible to produce as much as 6,000 gallons of water
daily for every 1,000 square feet of
condensing surface. An airwell can be built on practically any scale,
and the wall materials can be concrete blocks,
bricks or concentric hollow shells filled with sand or earth. A small
airwell 12 feet high and 12 feet across with walls
2 feet thick can supply a generous output of daily water. It can be
fitted with top and bottom air pipes, and a
multitude of condensing plates on the inside. Warm air circulates and
gives up moisture on the cool inside
condensing plates angled downward toward a catch basin at the bottom
were it is collected. Using scrap and local
materials, makeshift air wells could help solve many water problems in
drought ridden areas of the world, especially
in Third World countries. """
bill evans
10 years ago
High 5 to Paul, re: recent conversation

This is a very important topic for me as I have 6.2 acres in permaculture market farm, finely tuned but weedy by design, that I want to preserve for perpetuity. I would like 1) to retain ownership of my property 2) share it with like minded folks who could live here and, utilizing numerous and diverse resources I have here, generate income for themselves while enjoying life at an idyllic country retreat 11 miles from a college town, natural food stores and market opportunities for goods and services

I would really be interested in feedback about this concept and especially from anyone who might be interested in participating
in my own small permaculture/market farming/crafts community

Lawrence London
10 years ago

eric pyne wrote:Easily the best site I've seen on high temperature combustion is www.stove.ru The site has excellent drawings, clear and complete tech explanations, and pictures of what the gadgets look like when you really build them. It seems to be the work of Igor Kuznetsov, who is somehow associated with the North American Masonry Stove Association. Incredible amount of quality information about how to burn wood like a civilized person.

That is an amazing site. Thanks for the link and description.

paul wheaton wrote:

LFLondon Hatfield wrote:Boing Boing blog

Dark Roasted Blend blog

Good ones Lawrence! Thanks!

Well, Bjork used a Kickstarter project to raise $600000 to port Biophilia to Android/Windows 8.....big bad publicity, project pulled, raised $20000,
such resources should be reserved for starving artists and musicians

Here are a few more:

Mother Earth News

Permaculture Activist

maybe even Rodale publications, Organic Farming

Taunton publications: Fine Gardening, Fine Woodworking

and here are a number of:
Magazines (and Websites) About Homesteading and Self-Sufficiency
(from a Google search for "homesteading publications")

Magazines With Websites:

Back Home
Backwoods Home
Small Farm Today
Hobby Farms

This is a good one:
Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Check this out; your DVD would fit perfectly in here as an ad:
Countryside Library

And this is one of my favorite sites: homesteading & survival tools

there are many others like this, all worthwhile with good equipment for the DIY'er
Boing Boing blog

Dark Roasted Blend blog

they should be interested in this

Boing Boing promotes kickstarters all the time; maybe DRB too

Andor Horvath wrote:meet the TLUD family: mini, midi and max: double walled stainless steel bodies, cheap and fun

Do you have website, contact, ordering, product line pricing info on this TLUD?

Tnx in advance

10 years ago

Thelma McGowan wrote:
Isn't it enough that I enjoy living simply and growing my own food and taking care of my own. I actually would tend to not be involved with this forum, if it were not for the fact that permaculture was so amazing. Just the knowledge of permaculture makes me want to share it everyday with everyone I know.......it is truely inspiring.

That describes exactly what I feel about permaculture, Thelma, the enthusiasm, the drive to share it with others, to introduce to as many people as possible. That's what this and other permaculturee forums are for..and the word gets out from there to the mainstream media a little bit at a time. The global permaculture movement seems to have doubled or tripled in just the past few years and carried along with it natural farming and gardening, energy efficiency and all sorts of home projects leading to independence and self sufficiency.

Thanks for posting your thoughts.

12 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:
I was on a farm on Monday to see a keyline demonstration.  There were pastured cattle and, of course, fresh manure.  As odd as it sounds, the moment that smell hit my nose I thought it smelled awesome. 

Back on topic:

I had another thought.  "Shibbies", "grasshopper" and similar stuff still doesn't sit right with me.  Yesterday I thought of "what I would call permaculture frosting".  The analogy would be a cake.  Some people like cake without frosting and some like cake with frosting. 


And when we met for plenary sessions, Skeeter often wanted to sing songs or even dance.  This peer pressure thing to participate made me feel really awful.  And now that I'm thinking about it, it did seem like if I wanted to participate and not make a scene, I had to go through the motions of somebody else's spiritual thing.  I suppose Skeeter feels like it is getting people up and active and participating and having fun, but it doesn't feel that way to me.    It just feels .... wrong.  The same flavor of wrong that I feel at a church.  But I tolerate it out of respect for Skeeter and those that appear to enjoy it.

On the other hand, to have a conference go down the way I would want, i suppose I would have to make it happen and I don't think I can add any more to my plate.  So I go to the Skeeter conferences which will be done the Skeeter way.  To get the "shop talk" there will be a gauntlet of singing to go through (or to sneakily avoid (which I did and then felt bad - like I was not showing proper respect to skeeter)).


Permaculture is science and technology. first and foremost. Inspiration on the part of practitioners and teachers for moving the discipline forward and increasing the depth of its knowledgebase and methodology set is common and may be derived in part from one's religious ideas about the Earth we live on but often comes from pure enthusiasm about permaculture itself and the immense possibilities it offers for Earth or GAIA stewardship. It is time to get on with business and pursue the goals for it that we all share, ones that matter substantially to each of us as we put into practice lessons we have learned in our daily lives and backyards. That's real frosting on the cake, gifts from those who have made the movement happen and shown us the possibilities.


what's a shibbie?

12 years ago