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pusang halaw wrote:

William Bronson wrote:I've considered Dubai cockroaches as a vermiculture substitute for soldier flies,  they eat everything...

i looked them up and saw no results in google - aren't dubai roaches the same as other roaches? and cockroaches are a real problem not to be taken lightly. i don't want any of them in my compost or anywhere else near me or my garden/home.

I would imagine there will be solider flies and other animals in your area. Sometimes it will take them time to find the area and if their is a heavy use of poison in the are, it may even kill soldier flies.

Apart from that, if you cover rotting material with mulch it will encourage soldier flies to nest and deter most other flies. They will go through a carcass very quickly once you get them going. pretty sure BSF naturally existed in the area before US colonization.
3 years ago
I just put it into the 'compost' and soldier flies and other things eat it.
3 years ago
How much water do the bananas and papaya need? I thought they needed a lot of water, but have never tried growing them in drier places.
3 years ago

Nicola Stachurski wrote:
I can see the tropics are getting wetter, and Australia overall is getting hotter, but I don't see that areas south of Brisbane are getting wetter (though NSW does seem to be in parts).

I have heard many people bringing up the same thing you are talking about, we used to get regular afternoon storms in the past. I just don't think it can be used as a reliable indicator of the future climate. Preparing for drought, high temperature, fire and extreme rain events is essential in most parts of Australia.

If the forecast is right the cyclone will not hit us. Hopefully plenty of rain though.
3 years ago

Nicola Stachurski wrote:
Chris, I don't know where you are in Qld. I am near Ipswich, and a number of people have told me how much drier the summers are now, in particular my father-in-law. He is an old bushie, a green thumb who fed his family on what he could grow and raise. He is 70 now, and his father went to a nearby primary school, so he is very much a local.

I certainly notice a change in the 11 years I have been living on my property.

I know people who have been living here for many generations who will tell you that 'climate change' is a hoax. Go to the next person and we are all going to die from climate change. The fact is the climate has been accurately recorded for 100+ years, hotter and wetter is the trend in SE Qld. We might even get another cyclone in a few days, I was not alive for the last one here.

Being ready for change is a good idea, most people cannot cope with the 'normal' variability. It is very hard to know what will happen over the next few decades, but no doubt it will be brutal.
3 years ago