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Qld, Australia. Zone 9a-10
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I fail to see the downside of an electric trimmer, unless you need a very close shave everyday for your employment. I use electric on my face and the rest of my head. No need for a mirror, water or lube. The cost of electricity is almost impossible to calculate it is so small. Shave face 2-5 times a month, shave head every 1-2 months. If i lived in a cold place I probably wouldn't bother doing either.
1 day ago
Switching to a healthy form of nicotine would be a good solution. There are a number of benefits of nicotine use, no need to throw the baby out with the bath water.
4 days ago
Hicock45 is solid. He is sponsored by an ammo company and a gun shop, but gives honest reviews, especially of low quality arms. Also that Grandfather many people wish they had, unless they were as lucky as me.
5 days ago

Victor Skaggs wrote:
Remember that no generation is a unit... among us from the 60's there are radicals and hippies and back-to-the-land people, and there are also alt-right, ultra-conservatives and money-grubbing yuppies. The same is true of every generation, and I'm convinced most of our fate is not in our hands. We're all being severely manipulated. Hang in there... it is possible to do the right thing despite the forces arrayed against us all.

Generations are subject to similar environments. Apart from a few exceptional people like David Duke I don't think there are many boomers who are 'alt-right'. Boomers were the first generation to be exposed to extremely subversive mass media.

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5 days ago