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I'm just a guy living and working in the city, counting the days until I can get out and get back to nature. A professional mechanic by trade, a lover of trees in my heart. And, waiting patiently.
Southaven, Mississippi
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Jim Fry wrote:William,
As a small word of advice, …
As a sorta general rule, …
It's always good to meet a person before promising them everything.

...If we don't, we're gonna blow a fifty amp fuse.
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes
You just might find
You get what you need
Oh baby!
The Rolling Stones
*Takes a deep breath*
Dearest Mary,
Your words pull on my heartstrings, yet my heart breaks knowing that you are out there in the world wandering, as if lost. Wandering in search of a home and love. And it breaks because you do not know of my existence. If you should come across a man who will feed you when you are hungry, chase the raindrops to quench your thirst, clothe you with the finest linens from Goodwill if you are naked, shelter you from the storm, and protect you from all evil and harm, then you have found me. When you are sick, I will tend to you. When you are sad, I will make you laugh. If you are happy, I will laugh with you. If you are cold, I will build you a fire. If you are hot, I will fan you.

I will wait for you Mary. I will wait for your return. And while you are gone I will build you a house and a garden. And I will whittle you a chair fit for a queen. And when you sit upon your thrown I will be nearby, working in silence, working for my queen, for she is in need. For without you in my life there is no meaning. No meaning to my meaningless life at which I toil, under the sun. You would bring that meaning to my life Mary. A reason to get up before the sunrise. A reason to see that sunrise with new meaning. To see it’s beauty and think of only you.

There is work to be done. There is much work to be done. Mary needs me and I need Mary. For when she comes home, and if she is still lost, then she will know that there is a warm and dry home waiting for her. A home full of love, a home of love, a home built just for her. A home where music fills the air from her gentle finger tips floating across the ivories. We will sing and we will dance. On the porch we listen to the raindrops upon the roof and rejoice. Then watch the sun go down on another day, together again. No, nothing else matters, we’re together again.

I have nothing, yet I have everything. I braced myself like a man and I answered His questions. I was spared the jaws of death and destruction and was given two-fold, yes seven-fold, what I had before because of my patience and obedience. A simple life I can offer, for I have no more than that to give, nor do I want any more than that. I live within my means and owe no one anything. I own what I have because I worked hard for it. And I will share what I have with you Mary. It is there waiting for you. Play for me, sing for me while I work so there is gladness in my heart and meaning to my days.

You have talents that I lack. I have talents that you lack. What we don’t know we will learn together. And together we can do all things and together we will build a life. A simple life, by choice. The simple is already in place. All I need now is you. My eyes will look upon you only for there is no one that can compete. My choice is made. And I choose you, sight unseen. For your words pulled on my heartstrings Mary.

Meaningless! Meaningless! Says the teacher. Utterly Meaningless! Everything is meaningless! What does a man gain from all his labor at which he toils under the sun?
Forever and always,
2 weeks ago
Thank you Sarah for your insight into my query. Although the people of Permies seem to be mature and have outgrown the need to interfere in others' affairs, i.e. criticize posts made by others' opinions or comments, I am still hesitant to comment publicly for that reason. Much less tell someone (or everyone) about my private life. There's always some smart-ass out there just waiting to dig his or her claws into you or me just because they can. It just blows the whole mood of the thread or post, at least for me.

Although I still don't share your view on the matter, I think I understand where you're coming from. Thank you again for sharing your personal thoughts with me.

2 weeks ago

Sarah Koster wrote:
Hi Richard! Yes I am more comfortable talking publically at first and progressively moving to more private means of communication. Basically if I enjoy talking to you in public, I'll eventually feel comfortable talking via PM, and if that goes well, then I'd consider contacting you via phone. I'd rather limit interactions to what you're willing to say publically at first, so like.... people don't be double dipping and making stuff up and whatnot. Please don't take that personal, I've had horrible experiences with dudes in my life so far. I want to see how open and honest people are in front of everybody, not in secret. Okay??? So if you're still interested you can tell me whatever about yourself seems most important to you.

Hi Sarah,
May I hijack your thread in order to better understand what you mean by the above statement? First of all, I am not a potential suitor, hence the hijacking, so if I'm out of place here I sincerely apologize. But if I was a suitor, and being a very personal sort, I might be hesitant to write anything to you at all if it meant that everyone else would read it as well. As I write to you I would have the understanding that a lot of other people would be reading my thoughts as well. I'm not sure that what I write would be what I actually want to portray.

For example, if you and I were to go out to a restaurant and sit in a booth, I would be comfortable talking to you in that crowd as I doubt anyone would be interested in our conversation as everyone is having their own conversation so ours would be relatively private. I would say what's on my mind without hesitation. But sharing my thoughts in a public forum is different. It would be like everyone in the restaurant gathered around us giving us their full attention, hearing every word. Again, I'm a very private person and I believe that my personal life is nobody's else's business. I don't want anybody else to know my personal stuff, only those whom I choose. And the information they get is a slow process, because the human race prey on other humans for personal gain. I don't mind sharing my beliefs with the world at large but when it comes to personal and private things, nobody gets that until I know I can trust them with that information; that they won't use it against me and for personal gain.

It's hard to know who we can trust and who we can't. Especially on a dating site or a singles forum. And if I may be so bold Ma'am, you have the disadvantage over everyone else because you are the one looking for someone. You may be susseptable to words that are written to you. And if someone is cunning enough, it doesn't matter if it's written in front of public view or in private. They are still going to achieve their end game, whatever that might be, for good or for bad. Again, I apologize if I'm out of line here, but if I'm not and you are not offended by my intrusion, since I shared my thoughts on the matter, will you please share yours with me?

Maybe it's as simple as- if they are willing to show the world they are interested in you, and spend that time with you in front of the whole world, that they are worthy of further discussion in private? Help me understand a woman's perspective.

Thank you,

2 weeks ago
Thank you gentlemen for your insight into my query. It gave me a lot to ponder. And Graham- that was an interesting article, I thank you for that.

Now about the Ceramic blanket (which is also available in board form) on the inside of the heat riser, etc. I immediately saw how that would be useful. Being exposed to direct flame, does the blanket, or board, ever need replacing? Does it wear out over time?

Also, if the insulation was on the inside of the firebrick, I would think the firebrick would expand and contract less and therefore less likely to crack at the mortar joints? Is this a correct assumption? I'm asking because of the video above where the guy said his brick bell eventually cracked and leaked real bad. If the ceramic blanket were below the top layer of brick (at the top of the heat riser), perhaps the cracking, and therefore leaking, might have been prevented?
1 month ago
I'd like to incorporate into the design of my RMH, an outside air supply for the system. It would be a simple matter of running a pipe through the floor of the cabin near the burn tunnel. I was thinking about locating the pipe at the bottom of the wood chamber pointing it directly at the burn tunnel. The air would flow across the bottom of the burning wood and continue on into the burn tunnel. I would have a damper in the pipe that would close off the air supply when I shut down the system for the day. Is there anything wrong with this idea?
2 months ago
I'd like to thank you all for the input you've given me in this thread. It was valuable indeed! I'm going to start gathering materials to build the thing and see what happens.
My local Big-box-store has 4 1/2x9x1.15" Pelletized Vermiculite Firebrick that is rated at 2,300*F. They weigh in at 2.7 pounds each. Is this material suitable to use for the heat riser, etc.? I also found 1" Ceramic Fiber Blanket that is also rated at 2,300*F, has an 8-pound density, an R-value of 5, and is made from Alumina-Silica. Is this insulation good for the outside of the heat riser?
Keep in mind that this design is with the U-tube configuration, not a traditional bell design.
2 months ago
No matter how long I study or stare at the animation, I can’t find the connection between that design and mine (if I can call it that).

See if I have this correct. The main goal with this type of heating design is to store the heat generated by the fire. A secondary function of generating instant heat can also be incorporated into the design if we so choose, but at a loss of total stored heat. An acceptable trade off in most instances, and usually preferred.

A metal 55-gallon drum is certainly the way to go if one wants to pump a lot of heat into the living space in a hurry. There’s a lot of surface area there to give off that heat. But what if it starts to get too hot in that living space but there isn’t enough heat yet stored in a mass to last throughout the day and night? (if that’s even possible. Some say it is.) I don’t have nearly enough information yet to know how often the fire needs to be lit and attended to so all I have to go on is knowing what I want to achieve and a life’s worth of common sense to try to figure it out. And what I think this system is able to achieve, if designed correctly for any given set of circumstances, is to give off a measured amount of heat immediately, just to take the chill out of the air, while at the same time store the majority of the heat produced to maintain a comfortable atmosphere throughout the day. That, at least, is the goal I have in mind. I’m thinking that the metal drum is simply going to give off too much heat. Heat that I would prefer to save for later. I don’t want to have to open a window to keep from overheating.

But from a maintenance standpoint, the drum has an advantage over a fully brick-encased heat riser. I would think it would be easier to replace the drum, or just remove it, tend to any issues inside of it, then replace it. Unless the drum were partially encased in cob. Then it would be a draw. With a brick encased heat riser the entire assembly might have to be demolished and rebuilt should any issues arise. These are things I consider as I move forward. But the brick riser has an advantage over the drum for the fact it won’t readily give of its heat but rather would transfer it to the mass for storage.

I’m not sure if a heat riser is dependent on a bell or not. That is, that the heat on the outside of the riser created by the heat inside the bell, is necessary for complete combustion of the gasses created by the wood. But I would think not. The system would burn dirty until the heat penetrated the heat riser’s insulation and firebrick. So with that train of thought, with a stand-alone heat riser, more heat is available for storage, and less heat is lost into the living space.

Then there’s the stand-alone downdraft tube. Another disadvantage if there were issues on the inside. But there’s a lot less heat involved so I think less likely to have issues. Heat related issues anyway. There’s two ways I look at this design since posting this thread and getting feedback. It can be a simple transfer tube, or be used as a heat sink. If the volume of air inside this tube were the same as the heat riser, it would be a transfer tube. If the volume of air were greater than the heat riser, it would become a heat sink. I liken it to a solid rod being pushed through a similar sized hollow tube. The rod would displace about 99.9% of the air in the tube. Make the rod diameter smaller and pass it through that same tube, the rod will displace less air, and in incrementally smaller amounts as you downsize the rod incrementally (The same being true in increasing the volume of the downdraft tube). If all of the heat in the downdraft tube is not continually and completely replaced, the tube will become hotter faster because hot gasses will linger in the tube (instead of getting displaced) heating it up, especially at the top of the tube since hot air rises. There would now be less heat available to heat up the mass in the next part of the system. I think if one does want to get some relatively instant heat from the system, I think the downdraft tube is the place to get it from. It’s inside diameter being the determining factor. Please correct me if I don’t have the science correct on this one. It’s a grey area for me. As is most of the system.
2 months ago
Satamax- I'm not sure what the animation is suppose to represent sir. Nor do I know what CSA or ISA means. If you would be so kind...

2 months ago