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Grady Houger

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since Dec 12, 2018
Commercial grain farmer seeking a better way.
Eastern Washington
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This idea of using old fridges as building materials is a great idea! I've been wishing for a way to make a frost free water point for winder livestock areas, Having the plumbing come up into a insulated fridge box might work well.
Make a little solar air heater "hat" for the fridge, to keep some internal mass warm enough.
3 weeks ago
I figure my cellphone and computer keyboard are a part of my personal biome. It is good to remember how filthy they are. But I don't worry about it since I don't share them with strangers.
Public keyboards and touchscreens are something to watch out for.
3 weeks ago
Welcome to the channeled scablands! That's a great photo, I'll be interested to hear how your growing goes in this sort of soil.
3 weeks ago
Find an attorney or two in that state who can advise you as to how the laws work there, and if there happens to be any legal reason you couldn't visit every nursing home in the city...
1 month ago
That would be a really interesting electronics project. But I wouldn't want to trust a number of smart devices equal to the number of fence posts. Its just too many things that might stop working at any time.
A standard electric fence system just has to worry about the wire breaking, the insulators cracking and falling off in freeze/thaw cycles, and plants growing up and grounding out the wire. Most chargers will at least have a light that lets you know if the charger is still working, some tell you the voltage so you know if there is a problem to go find.
1 month ago
There are guys online that obsess over air tool power, you might be able to find a test that includes your model of air wrench, see if it really provides its rated power.
But I've seen cases where borrowing a giant air compressor and impact wrench from a neighbor is still not enough. Then its time for a torch, heat the nut, fast enough to expand the nut and not overheat the wheel and tire (which can explode).

Another emergency method is cutting through the side of the nut with a flat abrasive wheel (dremel or air die grinder). Then hammer it open with a chisel.
1 month ago
All the common pumps put the motor as low as possible and pump up. Submersible pumps down into wells, even well pumps with the motors on top run a driveshaft down to the pump vanes. Building a pump that has enough suction to draw water hundreds or thousands of feet would take specialty pipe that wouldn't collapse, and a pump mechanism that can do high vacuum. Peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps would be the thing to look for if one had to suck instead of push.
1 month ago
Every type of burner needs an exhaust system that fits the design. I wouldn't want to modify a commercial oil burner until I could take the risk of it not working.
Adding a mass bench and routing the output side to of the oil burner (hot air?) would be sure to work, would be comfy, though probably not gain any heating efficiency. But for learning, you could learn to build a mass bench before taking on a custom stove project.  
1 month ago
I am myself a beginner, but the method I've heard for improving clay soil is to either dig and amend it yourself with a lot of compost then plant something what will fill the pore space you made by digging with roots before it compacts again. Or, the slower, easier way is to grow couple years of cover crops that have strong roots which will do the digging.
A mix of cover crops that symbiotically feed each other and fix a soil problem is the area of horticulture I've been researching. Its a lot of work to find the right mix for your area and purpose, but there are amazing results when a person gets it right.
I've only seen it done by kids in 4H who raised their critter more as a pet, spending lots of time as it grew up. Does your bull let you halter it and lead it around?
1 month ago