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That is what I was wondering if I would be able to leave kids with them during the day and skip morning milking and just milk in the evening when I have my free time and wont be rushing in the dark.
So having just slowly been changing into a homestead I have been adding new things to my life to test them and see what works best for me I was raised on a farm but got away from it alittle as I got older but when I moved back to the farm in my own little place I started needing the farm life again it started with 2 chickens and a dog. I added a garden then quail to meat chickens and meat rabbits, now being winter in PA I have my 3 breeding rabbits in my chicken pen with my new laying stock all raised from eggs and will be putting up the meat chicken temp pen shortly but as I don't like to take on more then I can handle I pushed last years project off til this year (fingers crossed). Goats when I was younger we had a few here and there but never dairy goats and I have been wanting some for a while now and have been looking into fencing where to put the pen how big a milking stall all of the things that might go missed by someone but my question and problem is I work full time some days 10+ hours I am close to home now with a career change but the idea of getting up an extra hour early to milk just seems hard. So I was wondering if just leaving the doe with her kids during the day work then just have an evening milking for the milk I am going to harvest? Just the thought of getting up at 330am to milk a goat before work is a lot. I plan to only start with one milking doe and maybe another doe for the company.
I jumped at the idea of quail. I built a 3 tier cage that held 60 and before I knew it I had hatched and had over 40 in no time. Now that being said.
Mini eggs, I love red beet pickled eggs and these made perfect bite size eggs.
Small birds they take less room
Less noise then chickens and roosters once the males get done finding their voices
Taste great
Eggs need special cutters to open because they are so thick and 3-4 eggs for one chicken egg
Small birds that poop a lot
They need feeders that they cant scratch all the feed out of because they are wasteful buggers
Little meat

I love my quail still have a few now but nothing like what I started with while they are nice to have and if you only eat a few eggs they might work for you I wouldn't go as far to say they are the perfect poultry as it takes 2 to make a single meal and they don't grow as fast as I was told. I know youtubers that love them and while I do like them from a homestead and production stand point not worth the effort.
1 month ago
Well for ducks I would just let them go as they don't scratch and wont eat the veggies like a chicken they are actually good for the garden as they eat the bugs without eating the plants, once they are no longer sprouts. My chickens found my garden and destroyed 32 tomato plants in one afternoon the best way I found to keep them out of it and my flower beds ins just fence those sections off. What do you want to move your chickens 2 times a day in a restricted cage or let them free range the yard basically eliminating ticks and other pest? I found it was just easier to close my garden off then build a new tractor for them and have to move them and limit the range they had also cost wise the tractor needs to be built good and for example my rabbit tractor is made from heavy wire and wood frame to prevent any predators from getting to them in the cover of night but for fencing off the garden I used old cheap plastic fence a simple barrier will detour the chickens away and they return to the coop for laying and to roost each night I just shut the door.
1 month ago