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I had been giving the pellets only as a dinner time snack and had added the beet pulp for extra fiber.
Update: I checked her several times last night and cleaned the shed out still no signs of any liquid scat and checked her this morning before leaving for work, it appears that she may of just eating something that didnt agree with her and caused a loose poop and seeing how this morning when i went out they literally are sleeping on each other at night (even thought there is plenty of room) im thinking she may of just had a messy movement because im seeing no new signs of scours just the dried scat that was on her the other day even that little bit didnt look liquidish. Im thinking due to the nice weather we had for the last week they were out grazing more maybe she gorged on too much greens as she is always the last out of the feeding through cleaning up the pellets the others didnt want. she is a over eater for sure ill have to watch that but she was perfectly happy this morning despite me waking them.
Ill find a small salt lick if not ill add free choice to one of my feeders also.
Looking back at pictures from the 11th she was wide then im thinking she may be a over eater.
I see there is a thread for permaculture singles where the homesteading thread lol?
1 day ago
we never gave licks to goats on the farm as they have soft tongues compared to cows which is why i free feed minerals. I would have to check an see if salt is in the mixture but if it was going to be something like that wouldnt it effect the whole herd i mean i have a 'rut' that is smaller an was a difficult birth and required extra attention the seller told me but she is the sweetest one. the weather is central PA 70-80 in the days humid some and been into the 60 at night and they are in the same paddock they have been since i got them over a month ago 70*40' i actual mow it because they dont eat it fast enough and i do bag it when mowing as to not leave any clippings behind but this last week has been just nice weather im thinking maybe she gorged on greens too much as her overall behavior is still the same as the others and shes wanting food.
Was just reading in backyard dairy goats book i got from on here they say to much nitrogen from greens can cause some bloat and sloppy poop which seems like the case for her but they have been on grass since the day i got them even before that.
Shes less then 4 months old so i dont think shes pregnant as my billy is the same age and shows more interest in food then anything, it seems it was yesterday that i noticed the bit of scat on her butt/ tail its honestly so little tho it looks like maybe she just had some very loose movements and it was not a clean movement. Like i said i checked this morning she was just as up an moving as the day before doesnt seem to be in any discomfort and i cant find any actually liquid scat anywhere, it could of just been she didnt get up to go in the night for all i know but being they are my first herd and not cheap i want to be extra safe i gave her some baking soda last night in a mix to help with her fat sides but i think they have always been a little wide as if she is an over eater. I gave her half the recommended dose of electrolytes this morning which she didnt seem to mind just incase it is something that simple. I have heard about over eating goats and since they have fresh grass she may of ate too much i will see how she is doing when i get home if her mood has changed but as off this morning she was normal acting and eyes still had pink in the skin like the rest. I may be over reacting to a simple messy movement but i would rather be safe.
i bought them all when they were weaned in may they have been at my homestead for over a month now. She is by all means wanting treats i had been feeding them a goat pellet mix from the store just a handful per goat in a through. i mixed with is whole oats, but i had just added beet pulp pellets and alfalfa pellets that were in the the horse section but i dont think that matters, i had just switched from a mix of alfalfa and thimothy hay to a more grass hay. They have free choice of mix minerals and baking soda and two water buckets i change out everyday. i have to clean the shed they use as a barn once a week as they like to spend the day in there then out in the sun. Im not sure she has seem to always had a full stomach and looking head on its her right but she is eating i can hear it moving in her stomach and she was chewing her cudd this morning when i check but i know scours can be a indicator to more serious issues but i only notice becuase there was some dried poop on her tail not alot and i can only find 'logs' that look like they are soft but no actual 'runny' droppings which is why i think it may be the feed? i didnt give them the pellets last night just the pasture and the hay i always make sure they have a full rack. As for worms i put DE on the feed and just gave them a monthly treatment i have copper pills to give them but not until they are 6 months and i have not seen any fishtailing signs of that. I am keeping an eye on her i dont like to see my animals sick but she was jumping at me like she does when i bring her feed should i continue to give atleast the beet pulp pellets to help the fiber?
Fairly new to goats as pets and not livestock and i have a small herd of 5 nigerian dwarfs about 2 months old. My one doe is bloated or just full i have looked into it and looking head on the left side is what would be bloat but it is her right side that is sticking out an feels a little gas fill but she is perfectly fine infact wanting food. I switched from alfalfa an timthony hay to more of a grass hay a few days ago as they were leaving alot of the stemy parts in the feeder and i had added some beet pulp and alfalfa pellets to the goat mix with oats i was giving them a handful at dinner only. But when i noticed her stomach i stopped the pellets worrying that might be it i noticed the yesterday some dried poop around her tail as if she had scours. I keep baking soda free choice and they are on fresh grass with hay always full feeder. I looked agian this moring gave her half the recommended electrolytes for her size in a drencher she took it no problem was even jumping at me wanting some feed. I coudnt find any signs a diarrhea but i did find more of a some stool like the normal pellets were clumped/mashed together and a soft solid dropping came out other then that i can not find any actual signs she truly has scours. So its her right side is fuller looking head on and she has more just a soft stool that is leaving behind some poop on her tail. she is in good mood hungry eating with the rest and doesnt seem bothered and her eyes from what i could tell look just fine like the rest they get DE on there feed and just treated with a dewormer monthly application for extra measure about a week ago. She is the only one an seems in a normal mood?
Very new to keeping backyard goats but we had always had some on the farm I got it that I wanted goats 2 years ago for milk figured just one but of course you need 2 they are herd animals after all and 2 turned into 5. I had them paid for before they were even ready or the pen was even built. I literally had them fenced off while I installed the gate. I went with Nigerian dwarfs as they have sweet butter fat milk and they are smaller. One thing I can say is look into it an plan it out well don't do what I did because it was a lot of work fast and costly as I ended up going with all register able goats so I can sell the kids for more plus I noticed a lot of people want registered for all the paper work so you know what your getting. But at 400$ per goat on average it adds up fast. Plus the registration fees ADGA membership and if you name your goat herd. I installed a 40*70 pen 4' woven wire fence. Fence is one thing you def need to invest in I did most of the work myself and that is a lot. I stretched the fence and clearly shows I didn't know how to do it like a professional as it sags some but for dwarfs its okay but a larger goat I would worry.
So just some food for thought
1 Meds, your gonna need to get on hand meds for them best to watch youtube vids and see what people recommend and why.
2 Feed, you need to know what your feeding, I free feed hay about a slab a day so maybe 1 1/2 bales a week that is for 5 3 month olds but they waste a lot I need to make a better feeder. Also free choice minerals and I feed grains an some pellets about a handful for each goat once for an evening dinner treat I am working on making this a blended mix with less pellets.
3 Billies, if you are milking you need to have you goat bred depending on the goat that is only a few times a year they go into heat are you planning on having her serviced somewhere? I ended up with my own billy but he will need his own pen soon and I have a wether for his pen mate. Billies smell more so breed depending.
4 Kids, what do you plan to do with the kids sell them? if so pricing depends on the registration again unreg here goes for 100-200 reg 300-650 was the highest I saw this year for 4H quality.
5 Milking, have you ever milked? I hand milked cows when I was younger helping on the farm so for me no problem but if you have never do it before it will be a fun day lol
6 Time, while they don't actually take much time up you will find yourself spending it with them I just like to sit with mind some in the evening let my dog run in the pen and brush them when they walk over the more time you spend with them the friendly they will be an better at the milking stand, brushing tends to put them in a simple relaxed state I found. Along with that just time to care for them I am trimming the hooves 2 times a month as they are growing like weeds right now and I want to stay on them as it is another rainy spring. This like milking isn't hard just need to learn how to.

Don't let any of this stop you tho if you want them just put in the research and don't jump in all at once like I did lol everything online may be a lot to take in at once an d overwhelm but like most stuff you pick it up easy as you go.
I have been consistently breeding for the last 2 years both pet and meat breeds. First I wouldn't put in nesting boxes until about 3-4 days before the due date. I just put boxes in 2 days ago and they nested the hay but didn't pull fur. If the nesting box is something you cant remove I wouldn't worry. The reason you don't give them the nesting box early is some does tend to turn it into a bathroom, but if she hasn't and just began to make a nest then she most likely knows she is expecting and just is going into nesting early. When she begins to pull the fur that is when I would be expecting her to kit this early just getting overly ready I would say.
Are you 100% sure of the bred date she wasn't in contact or had failed breeding attempts before the buck was successful? My brother had a doe that I rebreed she was beyond unwilling but the buck still completed and she kidded early turns out she had been breed before on an earlier attempt but there was no visual fall off this can be very rare but it could happen.
I wouldn't worry just keep an eye on her if she starts to pull fur then she is going to kit but most likely early nest prep I would just make sure she doesn't start using it as a restroom until the due date.
1 week ago