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She gets access to the same stuff that all the other goats get feed hay and mineral wise and its mostly just the grass in the pasture they graze on, but its just her i taste tested them seprate last night and its only the one shes a FF and kidded 3 weeks ago the other goat is also a FF 2 weeks ago and some people are saying maybe its just taking time for her milk to taste better
Okay so i have 3 dairy goat 2 sadly lost their first time kids this spring gamora lost hers about a month ago and victoria lost hers about half a month ago, gretchen had 2 and both are getting ready to move to their new homes. since the other two lost their babies i have been milking them and freezing the most of it for soap, but i want it for drinking but it was havin a bitter aftertaste an i was chalking this up to the colostrum still being in the "baby" milk as some have said so i figured i milk them out for a few weeks then be able to keep the good milk. well here i am still having a bitter taste.
So the facts are all my does get the same food, timothy hay and orchard grass hay which they love, alfalfa pellets and some feed at night an on the milking stand. MY buck is in the connecting pen but since i put him in it he has been less "bucky" and really has never smelled. They have free choice of minerals and baking soda and all were given copper bolus as well.
The milk isnt goaty its got a bitter aftertaste and i decided to milk the does separate last night and taste test and gamora over a month since she kidded has the bitter taste, and victoria less then a month since kidding her milk taste fine?? I am lost they get the same everything so im worried its something with gamora now. Her udder seems fine she is a good milker as long as food is infront of her she doesnt mind me milking at all and is the first one to want on the stand so im not sure what could be the problem? im asking on multiple sites and looking up info myself as well
My goats had lice coming into the spring i noticed them from the way the goats were itching i dont think they had them for long as the behavior was only for a bit so i bought a treatment and treated them and the lice seemed to disappear within 2 days i could see any adults so i did the follow up treatment as well 3 weeks later still not an sign of anything alive but the eggs or shells of the eggs are still in the hair and it looks terrible like bad dandruff. Now i wouldnt be to worried as i know they are dead an i can treat again as a precaution but it looks so bad to see it is there any way to get the eggs out of the fur without just waiting? i bought shampoo to give them a bath but i dont know if that will actually get rid of the eggs, i was leaning more toward trimming the goats as i planned on this anyway to get rid of that winter coat now that its warming up.
Im at work sadly but my sister in law is at home sitting with one of my does that started labor this morning sadly i had to be at work due to this whole shutdown there was no way i could go in late an i text her that my doe was starting labor when i checked her in the morning and in the time she got up and got down the first one was breeched an didnt make it sadly and she has been sitting with her since then and nothing since then that was 7am this morning, she sent me a video clearly looked like another baby was moving around in her stomach but she hasnt even started to go back into labor is this something normal could she some how of stopped labor due to the first one being stuck? my sister inlaw has help several of her boer goats kid but mine are ND and im worried something might be wrong that its been this long and she isnt showing any progress.
We have a small water retaining pond on the farm that is roughly 25x50 maybe little bigger when i was a kid we had sunnies an some bass in the pond but over the years the pond ran out of fish and is full of snapping turtles. I would like to get it back to holding fish for my niece to have somewhere to fish since most lakes here are over fished by the adults. I know i would need to get the snappers out an reduce the amount of them in it but what else can i do? the pond has a bunch of duck weed on the surface i can scoop off to reduce the amount of it but i know getting rid of duck weed is hard. the pind is only a  few feet deep in the middle nothing crazy but it has some muck on the bottom which i dont know if that will matter for putting sunnies in it maybe some bass. It only gets fresh water when it rains so im not sure how much oxygen is in the water but it held fish before. Just trying to get it back to a fish holding state for little ones to fish at.
5 months ago
Okay so im having a lot of first this year including milking my goats. So my first time freshening of my Nigerian dwarf had her kids 2 weeks ago an im gonna start to keep her away at night an milking in the morning before work, but from the little interaction ive had so far she is difficult to milk by hand so i used a design for a milker using a foodsaver to create a vacuum and it worked but man i barley got half a cup from the milking before she seemed to be empty. I didnt really try to work the udder so she had plenty held back for the kids but still from what im seeing everyone else is getting much more then me and the bags on the other goats of the same breed always seem to be much larger. So im wondering if its my feed, i have been giving them free choice of hay and giving them a feed in the eveings its a bag feed but has the minerals and proteins (not just a sweet feed) and on nice days when i get home i have been putting them onto fresh grass as they have their paddock eaten down well, but my faimly farm ran out of alfalfa hay and i had not been feeding it as free choice as i have my buck an wether still in with my does and i read that feeding alfalfa can cause IT problems with males so i planned on free feeding it when they were in their new pen.
So after looking into it an some basic knowledge of dairy cattle i decided to start feeding alfalfa but as we are out of hay bales i bought the pellets from TSC they only had the horse ones but i have been putting a pale out for them not free feeding as they still think its the dinner feed an eat it like crazy trying to wean them into it, an i have started adding more oats into the evening feed as this seems to be a way to help increase the milk production. I know its her first freshening and she should get bigger with the next freshening but still seems very under productive. Is there anything else i can do to increase the amount of milk she will produce?
Some what i guess being they are rats it had me wondering i mean i feed them the best quality feed made by a major livestock feed company and they are healthy rats i keep them the best i can not going to feed a sickly meal to a 500$ snake i guess it was the smell of the waste that was a bit of a turn off to me i know it will breakdown i was just wondering like i said i have no problem using animal by products in the composting i use rabbit right in the garden and before i till my garden i mix in the goat cleaning for the that month i guess just being rats is what i was concerned about, i just dont like wasting it which is why i had been dumping it into the cattle pen it gets mixed in there well in that manure and broken down to be used in the fields i just figured if i could benefit from it some too why not.
5 months ago
Okay this may be an out there question but i raise and breed some exotic pets as well as my homestead livestock an one of them are my ball pythons i breed. To reduce cost of feeding my snakes i raise rats as well and in raising rats i change the bedding material every week thats 10 tubs of pine shavings for a reference i go through one of those compressed blocks of pine shaving from tractor supply about once a month not a ton but a good bit. Now i had just been dumping it into my brother beef cattle pen as they need bedding every day an this way it gets mixed in and used in the fields no waste, doesnt really help bedding his cattle since its used an only about a trashcan worth every 2 weeks but again this way it gets mixed in a recycled. So my question when im composting i mix in old scrapes and grass trimmings but the carbon is where im alway lacking due to mixing leaves in the fall is about all the carbon i get so would mixing in the mine shavings work? they are a shaved kiln dried shaving i was just unsure about using them in my personal compost which does get used in the garden. I mean my rats are clean but the idea of their scat an urine in the compost just seems weird even tho i mix in goat an rabbit scat when im cleaning the other pens. Any thoughts?
5 months ago
I intend to keep milking them for myself after the kids are weaned but for the time i wanted to try and start bottle feeding them just some to help tame them but i wont be able to bottle feed them fully when im working i saw a video where someone was trying to bottle feed them once a day to help get them more people friendly but still letting them dam feed. I plan to sell the kids when they are weaned and would like ot make sure they are good with people.
I came home the other morning and found my doe out an about without the belly bump and quickly discovered she had 2 healthy kids already cleaned up in the shed. She didnt show any real signs of labor the days up to kidding so it was a pretty big surprise i was actually set to build a milking stand and start on a separate pen for her to stay in for kidding. Both babies are up an operated from the herd for the time and ive noticed them nursing so all seems very well. im going to make a stand an start training her on it for a first time mother im sure ill have my hands full but im more lookingto get milk for them i want to start to bottle feed them as they will be sold as registered goats and most people want very friendly pet goats. Im home full time now due to the state were in but when im working i was wondering how would i be able to go about bottle feeding i clealry wont be able to milk 2 times a day unless im up extra early an wont be able to feed them 3-4 times a day if i work, is it possible to just do a light milking in the evening and then bottle feed them once a day to help build that social bond with people? Im not to sure we had goats on the farm growing up but i never fed the kids the mother always did they were just farm goats they didnt need to be pets.