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Recent posts by Artie Scott

Larry, I had similar problems with my peppers this year, with the leaves curling, or wilting, or falling off, and I think it was a fungus of some kind.  

Wondering if maybe the potting soil spread it?  I didn’t use any in my beds, but unfortunately didn't get peppers started in time and ended up buying some at a nursery.
Interesting, thanks John.  

Can you tell us how you did it?  Just spread it on the surface or worked it into the soil?

How much did you use?  

What is the theory/mechanism as to how bio char stimulated cherry production?
2 years ago
You know how great it is when two things that you love come together, like, say, chocolate and peanut butter in a Reese’s peanut butter cup?

It’s even better when two things you hate come together to solve a problem.

Problem 1:  Green June Beetles. Chomp chomp chomp.

Problem 2:  milkweed in the hayfield. (Yes, I know, milkweed is a wonderful plant, they feed the monarch butterfly’s and a host of other critters. I just don’t really want them in the hay, but tolerate them rather than spray them with poison.)

Well this year, you can imagine my fiendish glee and evil laughter when I saw the milkweed in the hayfield being chewed to pieces by none other than the Green June Beetle!  Woohoo!  I realize they are probably just snacking on the way to my fruit trees and veg garden, but I am thrilled to see them keeping the milkweed in check!
2 years ago
It is a strange market these days, so it can be hard to determine a fair market value.  Zillow and similar algorithms may not be keeping up with local conditions in a hot market, so be careful when pegging a value and get as many inputs as possible.

You don’t mention the price of the property - $50k above market on a $500k property versus a $100k property makes a big difference in the decision-making process as to what to offer (or whether to offer at all).  

If in fact it is significantly overpriced, is anyone else really going to buy it at that price?  If financing, the bank will want an appraisal anyway.

In your shoes, I would try to separate the sellers personal circumstances from the decision and focus on two things: what is it worth, and what can I afford. And make your offer based on that. The sellers then get to decide what works for them.  

I know this sounds cynical, but the fact that you as a buyer even know about sellers personal medical conditions seems emotionally manipulative and intended to extract maximum dollars from your wallet. These transactions are best kept at arms length to reach agreement on a fair market price.  
2 years ago
Mr. Stinky-poo
Smelly as summer undies
In the bucket you go
2 years ago
I think if you point out the cost of converting that whole road to gravel compared to a few patches per year, you won’t be getting gravel anytime soon. Gravel is expensive!
2 years ago
Trace, you have piqued my interest with this comment;

          “Taking astragalus during tick season is a very good idea, as well as being diligent about tick bites”

What is the benefit?
2 years ago
Definitely agree on the excavator before the dozer given the other equipment you have.  You will have the ability to lift and move dirt and stumps and trees and brush as needed without losing a bunch of topsoil. If necessary, after clearing a hunk if land you can bring in a dozer with a root rake to shape and clean up.  
2 years ago
Six weeks in, and I think we can declare the comfrey roots from Marsh Creek a winner. 23 of the 30 roots have now sprouted, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I see a few more when it warms this week.

Looks like one more night in the 30s this week, so will probably plant these out around the fruit trees next weekend.
2 years ago
Hey Chief, I don’t know if you are entitled, but I like Shellback...
2 years ago