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Recent posts by Artie Scott

Hey Chief, I don’t know if you are entitled, but I like Shellback...
1 week ago
OK, about at the 30 day mark now, and lots of action finally!  12 sprouts total now visible, so I can say I got my money’s worth in viable roots, since I paid for 12 and received 30. Maybe 30-40% sprout rate explains why they send the extra?  

Will be interesting to see how many more peek their heads up, but at this point they will be be bonus. Odd how two sprouted very quickly, and then a long pause before any more even started to break the surface of the soil.

It’s on me now to keep them alive until I get them in the ground. Another week or two till frost danger is past

Amy suggestions on how big I should let them get before transplanting to their final home?  Hate to disturb them when they are just getting started.
1 week ago
About 20 days in now, I have two green leaves peeking out now!  Hopefully more to follow shortly!

Gerry, any luck with yours yet?
3 weeks ago
Nine days in, nothing yet.

My mobile “nursery” lets me wheel them into the barn at night to avoid the frost, and into the sun during the day.
1 month ago
My first problem was not having enough potting containers - bought 18, thinking I would have a few extra, and ended up with 30 cuttings.  

So, I doubled some up to get them all started. Can separate later, or just have a bigger plant when time to set out in the ground this Spring.

Stay tuned - will be interesting to see how many come up!
1 month ago
Thought it might be useful to do a review of some Bocking 14 Russian comfrey cuttings I recently purchased from Marsh Creek Farmstead.

I have not been asked to do a review, have no relationship with Marsh Creek, and won’t receive anything for doing it - except ya’lls undying love for posting it.

So, first off, the cuttings were generous!  I ordered 12, and there were 30 in the bag!  They arrived in a small plastic bag in damp woodchips. Pocket knife shown for scale.
1 month ago
Welcome, Britton!  Great to have you here.
3 months ago
Welcome aboard, Ryan, great to have you here. We love pictures!
3 months ago
I might layer that clay in the log layers, and mix it with the manure and some compost for the top layer. That will jump start the transformation of the clay to soil.

Agree there is a risk that it dries out and becomes a clay helmet if just that clay on top.
3 months ago
Nikki, I have plenty of pods, pm me an address you want them sent to and I will try to pick some and get them mailed out in the next week or two. Might have been better in November, but hopefully they are still good.
3 months ago