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As for Paul, he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!  (Life of Brian). Add me to the fan list!
Finally a bit of sun after much cold and rain and sleet and snow. My resident Turkey Vultures were doing their sun salutations this morning, enjoying a chance to soak up some warmth. I often see them sitting like this on top of a tree on a sunny winter’s day, enjoying their Vulture yoga.
3 days ago
I did the Noah Bradley course about a year ago, and really enjoyed it. His ephasis on natural building materials (stone, logs, copper roofing, etc..., is wonderful to see, the results are gorgeous and he really encourages you to give building your own home a try - whether you do all of it or some of it.

His love of natural building and his enthusiasm in general are contagious. I think the course is worth the money.

I confess I have yet to put my new knowledge into action, I do hope to try my hand in the near future on some smaller outbuildings.
Hard to tell how much the lean against the black walnut is from this perspective, but given the roofline openings and the foundation, I think your comments confirm my suspicions it needs to return to the earth.
2 weeks ago
Sorry it took so long to gather more pictures - blame it on the polar vortex.

The roofline has in fact opened, and the foundation itself has shifted.

The black walnut may well have reached for the light, it is definitely now about all that is keeping the building erect.
2 weeks ago
I think I would tend toward turn key - that way I could enjoy the fruits of an established system while devoting my energies to planning my permanent place, and cherry pick what I like about the turn key place, what works, what doesn’t, and so on. That way I will have a better sense of what I will want to do on my permanent property. It also means I don’t have to invest a bunch of my own coin into a system that the landlord will mow when I leave.

All that said, I would also want permission to add to, experiment with, tweak etc. the existing system.
4 weeks ago
Like Raven, a bowl of pasta for me. Thin spaghetti, with just butter, salt, pepper, Parmesan and red pepper flakes. Then a nice long nap with a book propped on my chest to pretend I am reading, and call me comforted. Yeah, way carby, but so good...
4 weeks ago
Those pics look really cool, Michael and  Nicole!  
1 month ago