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Recent posts by Artie Scott

Great post, Elliot and TJ!  Really helpful discussion.

I have about 3.5 acres of pasture perimeter fenced, and use step-in posts and poly-wire to divide it into 3 paddocks. This is fairly recently cleared land, so it is a bit of a struggle to get good forage established with two hungry horses,  Rotating them every week has done a lot to get the grasses and clover established as compared to last year where they ranged the entire pasture.

My soil tends toward heavy clay and rocky, so unless it is good and wet, it can be a challenge to get the step posts  in the ground. For that reason, I leave each paddock in place, and just move around the opening to each.  The openings all face the barn.

Every Sunday, I put them in the paddock that has rested for two weeks, and it is amazing how quickly they have picked up on the routine since March - they know when it is time for new forage!

I mow the paddock they were just on to top off the weeds they don’t eat so they don't go to seed, drag it with a chain harrow behind the ATV to break up the manure, and then play a game I call sticks and stones - yep, that’s right, picking up sticks and stones!  I have quite a collection of both!

Will be Interesting to see how this holds up as we enter dryer weather here - obviously would like to rotate more frequently, but started from scratch here, and it does take time to get good Forage and pasture systems in place, and temp fencing is a great way to go to do figure out flow.

I think the hardest part about rotational grazing is water access.

1 day ago
That’s right, AGM, that just means you are awesome beyond words!
Beavers are still building, the dam is in good shape after several days of heavy rain last week. They were definitely smarter this time around, building a series of dams to protect the downstream dam.

3 days ago
This thread seems to be the other side of the “obey me or else” inclination we silly humans display.  It is a desire to be told what to do by “someone who knows.”  An appointed authority that is the ultimate authority. Indeed, someone we could point to and say “obey HER or else!”  This in theory makes my life easier - I don’t need to think, or experiment, or be criticized - I just need to obey.  To join the tribe, drink the cool-aid, build a swale, voila!  You have done permaculture!
5 days ago
I always assumed the daily limits were designed to avoid one person from bagging a bunch just by being in the right place at the right time.  Or those lucky enough to go out on day 1 from harvesting all of the available game in one day.

For example, on my property, it is not unusual to see deer in groups of up to 5, or Turkey in groups of 8, and so on.

If I could sit and pick them all off on one day just cuz I was in the right place at the right time, I would do greater damage than getting one, then having to wait to take my chances again the next day, when the temp, wind, humidity, cloud cover - and every other variable - is likely very different.  

I think it also gives other hunters a better chance.
Welcome, Lara, great to have you here!  Looking forward to hearing more about your growing. Good luck on your search for property with more room for gardening.  
5 days ago
Just picked. Should be yummy!
6 days ago
Hi Deej,

I think Steve Thorn is our resident blueberry expert, and he has a couple of threads on them.

I claim no expertise, but would be inclined to mulch them with wood mulch, or even better pine needles if you have a pine grove on the property.  

Love blueberries, hoping to someday get some off of my 3 currently struggling new bushes!  Looks like you have a great head start!
6 days ago
Welcome aboard, Deej, great to have you!  Looking forward to seeing what you make of your beautiful piece of land.  
6 days ago
Agree, Jay!  They are fun to watch.
1 week ago