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since Apr 03, 2019
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Recent posts by Sena Kassim

Hey Sean,
We'd like to have a cob oven at our farm in Hot Springs, just NW of Asheville. Perhaps hosting a class at our farm would be an option...?

I realize this isn't exactly what you are asking. If you are looking for places to host a workshop, we'd love to support.

Villagers has some amazing classes. Love their book collection. It's been over a year since I've been there.
1 week ago
hi David,  it is fun and exhilarating to search for the dream property. We are located in Western NC. I thought we would end up closer to Asheville, that's where folks are willing to pay a higher premium for quality goods. AND there is more people to purchase goods.

Instead we landed in a much more rural area. I love where we live. However finding off the farm income to pay for the dream has been challenging. The market is highly competitive. Lots of small farms creating great products.

If you are looking into homesteading, then marketing might not be an hurdle. My goal is have the farm break even, make a profit whilst creating as many closed systems as possible.

It comes down to little things, like starting a composting program. There are 5 restaurants in town. None want to compost. Even to pick it up for free, they say their staff won't support it. AND in nearby towns there is a lot of competition for resources. Even compost. haha....who would have ever thought???

Visit the area as much as you can. Get a feel for the vibe. Talk to people. If you are happy living somewhere, you will find a way to make things work
1 week ago
We feed the stalks to the goats. Love growing sunflowers. Good for our bees. We collect the seed, some for us, some for planting next year. Some for the chickens and goats. The goats take care of the stalks for us. Great treats for all.
2 weeks ago
Ohhhh my, great post! All those alluring homesteading books!! Garden, grow more food and collect more one ever mentions those dishes. ahaha Glad you spoke up.

We too have so many dishes...I make cheese and ferments. Being able to sanitize everything is a must. Usually 2-3 loads daily of dishes. I also milk twice a day into glass jars and then filter the milk into clean quart jars. I love making kumbocha and ginger beer, or other herbal beverages.
Daughter takes her lunch to school daily. I just eat apples/fruit during the day. Minimize the lunch dishes.

Dig the thoughts on a catering dish washer!! I am totally going to look into this. I also make goat milk caramels. I am thinking of creating a small commercial kitchen in the workshop. I make soap too.

Happy farming and happy scrubbing.
3 weeks ago
Nice farm yard! so lush.

We rotate our goats weekly. They are used to being rotated. It might be just getting them used to being moved around. We also leash training a couple of the goats. Because it's fun to walk a goat most of the time. lol

Maybe try rotate twice a week?

Too much can happen to tethered goats, we only tether supervised. Goats only understand go forward...soooo that doesn't go well with tethering.

For flies and such we fill an old sock with DE, then sprinkle little tea tree oil on it. Then dust the goats weekly in the summer. We have lots of gnats and no see-um biting things.
1 month ago
Totally agree, dogs must be trained to not harass your own animals. Dogs love to play and won't understand they they can't chase an rough house your goats.

Portable electric netting fence may work. We use it. We also spent time training our goats and dogs to electric fence. We raise LSD too.

Any dog breed with a high prey instinct is going to be very challenging if not impossible to keep on a farm.  
1 month ago
Perhaps drying into crackers?
1 month ago
Hi there, we've been raising goats a few years on rotational areas. Highly recommend you get your fences set up before goats. You probably already considered this.

There is much to consider with goats, as others have mentioned mineral and nutritional needs. We rotate our goats weekly. It's pasture plus some woodsy-forage.
They have access to a barn, with mineral feeders, one side has Himalayan salt and the other has a mineral called sweet lix. Goats have mineral needs. Especially keeping the calcium/copper ratio right.

Rain water is better for goats than well water. Well water is high in minerals that can effect their calcium/copper ratios. It's common to see a coat lighten in color of black/red goats if this ratio is wrong. Plus their tail will look thin.

if you want goats for land cleaning, rotate through smaller areas more often. If you are seeking milk production grain/hay are likley needed. You will be amazed how quickly goats can clear an area. I think it's like 3-4 goats to clear an acre per week.

I only give gran to our milking doe. The goats get a flake or two of hay each eve. Rotating has helped reduce feed costs but not eliminated it.
best of luck. goats are amazing
1 month ago
I always heard the bark. Wonder if the leaves have a higher contact of salicylic  acid during spring growth or some time during seasonal transitions.

Ohh please do share more
1 month ago
Hey Beau, I have struggled with selling goats this year too. I ended up taking two to auction. However I tried two auctions before I found one of enough quality for our goats. The first auction was an hot mess. I actually took my goat back home. The second auction was way more professional and pleasant. They are a registered place. That post their animal sales. Not buyer info, just how much an animal sells for.

Auctions aren't always bad. I also read the reviews of several auction places before deciding which one to take them too.

Next time we have kids for sale. I am going to have a farm day open house. Let folks come over and meet the kids. Learn about goat care and hopefully put a deposit on a kid.

I had so many inquiries from CL no buyers pulled up. I kind of wonder if the market may be getting saturated with dairy goats. Last year I sold does for $250, this year each kid brought in around $150.

There are FB groups we are part of, but with the strict no animal sales it makes it challenging to post. Although I have seen others post with success, my post always seem to get removed. Must be something I said the page admin. haha.
1 month ago