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Recent posts by Sena Kassim

We are considering goats. As I love goat cheese and we have some brush to be cleared. These mentions of diet and hoof trimming are awesomely interesting. thank you all!
Goats are rather curious creatures.
Fencing, should be nothing they can stick their heads through. If they can, the will. Electric and training are essential for keeping them in their pasture. We also provide enrichment stuff. Like homemade puzzle feeders. Things to jump on. Goats are easier to train then sheep in our experience.

As far as tree  fencing goes. We had solid white 6' tall fencing all around their shade trees. The goats would walk up the fence with their front legs and reach for any low hanging branches. Goats have all day to scheme. A fence should not encourage climbing, as a hoof, horn or head could become stuck. Hindsight we should have moved the fencing further out allowing the tree to canopy more.
Such great tips on this post. Just had to throw in some of our experience.
Hi there,
I like the licorice during the dry winter seasons. It's moistening and it's also antibacterial.
I've ordered some chew sticks from online. Not good tasted terrible. I've heard drying dogwood branches out for a year and then making chew sticks is good?
I used to trade sticks with a guy from Africa. I wish I could recall the name of the tree it was really mild.
Thanks for updating the pdf link. Def checking that out.
2 months ago
This is an old thread, but I am so excited to read all your journeys. My husband and I have just quick smoking. We both smoked for about 25yrs a each. It's been 24 days and feeling good. We decided to do it, and to do it together.

Milky oats and kava have been helpful during the first few weeks. Those first few weeks were insane. Seemed like I wanted to strangle everything for the slightest anything. haha.
For be it's about being free, just like many of you. I made the decisions and this time I stuck with it. Every time the thought arises, I tell myself that I quit. Takes 21 days to make a new habit. I started yoga, for the calming and relaxing.
Best of luck and many blessings.
2 months ago
Wow! Such unique challenges and solutions awaiting.
Are you familiar with Greening the desert? One of the first things planted was a row of shade trees. Maybe an Acacia or Mesquite would be good? Certain Mesquite pods can be ground into flour. Mesquite pancakes are delish!

I've photos of peoples protecting their crops with piles of sticks. Perhaps this would be helpful to keep the nomadic herds away?

Much blessings
2 months ago
Hedge rows can have amazing benefits. Helping to fix nitrogen in the soil, leaf dropping for fall/winter mulch. We have planted an juniper hedge. We wanted an evergreen hedge on the western edge of the front lawn. Around the junipers are bulbs by the and perennial useful flowers between the trees. We also use the space between the trees for our herbs. This hedge will eventually grow up an in to provide privacy, reduce dust from the road, provide afternoon shade, habitats and microclimates. =)

It does seem best to keep annual veggies a slight distance from perennial roots. Our trees are small so we haven't noticed this being an issue with our annual goods like nasturtiums, basil and lemongrass.

We are also looking at planting edible hedges around other key areas of the farm. We are on an interesting triangle shaped acres. Where the house and front yard are by the road and our acres of pasture and forest our splay out behind us.
Hazelnut, Viburnum triloba (high cranberry), glossy abelia, perhaps some muscadine and/or black raspberry trellis.

We, like many a mindful grower, stack as many functions into each element as we can. We keep our hedges and tree plantings to a minimum of three species for diversity. We select the plants that will thrive and provide the most benefits to that area. Which has been challenging going from Phoenix zone 13 to a zone 7 in rural western NC. It's been fun (and challenging) learning new patterns.

Love the idea of hedges surrounding a garden. What a delight it would be to spend some time in such a place. This year we are growing daughter a sunflower house.

Happy growing
2 months ago
Hi there, welcome Kaci!
When kids grow veggies they eat their veggies! Daughter loves picking kale leaves from garden to eat out of hand.
With school gardens it seems challenging to keep the momentum going. How do you propose maintaining involvement year to year?
2 months ago