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since Feb 06, 2019
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I am a longtime organic gardener and homesteader from the Midwestern USA. I garden for beauty, food, and ecology, in an attempt to live more in harmony with nature. My aim is to live a simpler, more self-sufficient and greener life. The world around us feeds my spirit and I hope that my small contributions to care for our Mother Earth will make a difference and perhaps inspire others too.
Illinois USA - USDA Zone 5b
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Recent posts by Myrth Gardener

Bury them in your garden and let the worms and fungi eat them?
1 month ago
You could set up a pump at the catchment (the concrete well casings).
1 month ago
I agree with Tj. It is easy to get hung up on needing to find the perfect property to the extent that one never actually pursues one's dream.

Decide what you MUST have and then evaluate available properties based on how you could adapt them to your needs and desires.
1 month ago
There are amanita species in the Midwest also. It pays to be careful.

I am very cautious about wild mushrooms. An avid mushroomer acquaintance once told me that there are NO morel lookalikes, so there was zero chance of an error with those. I knew he was wrong, so I didn’t go mushrooming with him, as while I needed (and still need) a good tutor, I knew he wasn’t it.

I have found some good educational sites on shrooms and have since learned how to identify morels from their toxic lookalikes. But that’s the extent of my wild shroom foraging. As a gardener, I tend to trust things I grow myself. 😸
1 month ago
You’re right, Dan. Those old freezers are energy hogs. Mine was from the 1980’s! It gobbled energy.

I haven’t ruled out owning another (much more efficient) deep freezer someday, but for now I am in no rush to own one. Canning and dehydrating work well - use energy once and done.

Old refrigerators and freezers are energy hogs.
1 month ago
If I ever get another greenhouse built, I want to have a Meyer lemon. I’m a lot farther north than you, but I really want one. I hope yours produces this year. 💚
1 month ago
Have you tried Open Office? I used it on my previous PC a few years ago. It is free. I found it to be easy to use and quite capable for running a small home office business.
1 month ago
🐔 Good luck! 🐔

Or, good cluck?

1 month ago