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Recent posts by Noah Fours

With the recent Measels outbreaks, the mainstream news outlets are blasting their pro-vaccine message at full volume on all channels.

Most major social media platforms, including facebook, pinterest, youtube and amazon, are taking down content relating to vaccine choice and health effects  calling it 'spreading misinformation'.

There are many articles with titles such as 'Anti-vaxxers open door for measles, mumps, other old-time diseases ...' ' Anti-vaxers are winning the war on social media. What's the CDC ...'

What troubles me is that we have a clear cut issue that separates, on one side, those who realize that big pharma/big brother is more interested in making a profit than it is about public health, while on the other are those who buy what their told hook line and sinker.

Suddenly, questioning mainstream medical messages becomes socially taboo ( and soon, illegal)

The actual truth regarding the safety of vaccines is not even part of the question here-  (if your one to actually question this- Decide for yourself- Look at the CDC website, and search for vaccine ingredients, you'll find a 3 page pdf file that lists the ingredients for each vaccine- then independently search each listed, and see what type of studies come up.)  

If a law is passed making vaccination mandatory, the government has a startling new precedent that they not only know what's best for the health of the public  but whatever they decide, they can force these decisions on its citizens. At the same time, they can, ' for the interest of public health' , censor the internet and news outlets of any information that opposes their agenda, branding it ' misinformation' or ' fake news'.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel a noose tightening?

5 years ago

It seems obvious with all of the studies mentioned that vegetation is definitely affected, I am curious then if there are any transferred effects in edibles?  For instance, aside from reduced plant health and therefore lower nutrient value, would a tomato plant growing under a power line confer any novel property to a person eating it?  Then again, I'm not sure I want to know...  ;)

From some research I was doing today regarding plant learning, the answer would seem to be a yes. Plants produce different substances/compounds in response to stress just as humans produce heat shock proteins and others.

Appel and Cocroft tested whether these chewing sounds could create more chemical defenses in the plants and whether these feeding recordings primed defenses when played before an actual caterpillar ate part of a leaf.

“We looked at glucosinolates that make mustards spicy and have anticancer properties and anthocyanins that give red wine its color and provide some of the health benefits to chocolate,” Appel said. “When the levels of these are higher, the insects walk away or just don’t start feeding.”

The researchers played 2 hours of silence to some Arabidopsis plants and 2 hours of caterpillar-chewing noises to others. They then chose three leaves around the plant, and allowed caterpillars to eat about a third of each leaf.  After giving the plants 24 to 48 hours to respond to the caterpillar attack, they harvested the leaves for chemical analysis.

When they found higher levels of glucosinolates in the plants that were exposed to chewing vibrations, they knew they were on the right track

So, I'm thinking that if plants produce compounds in relation to stressful stimuli, in this case EMF or ELF, it's going to be a noticeable, measureable difference in chemical or nutritional makeup compared to a control.  EMF and ELF have been shown to cause drastic changes in hormonal production in humans; the effect of 60 hz ELF can cause up to a 50% drop in Melatonin levels for one example.  
5 years ago
I did a quick search for any instances of 'Raw milk' and was surprised when nothing came up.

From what I've heard from one of my first providers of Raw Milk (Cow), Raw Milk and the butterfat from it is excellent for regenerating the myelin sheath around the nerves, and for treating conditions such as MS and forms of other neurodegenerative diseases, as well as epilepsy. I talked with her for maybe a half hour on the phone, and she was telling me she sold milk to more than a few people with these conditions whose symptoms dissappeared with the addition of raw milk to their diet.

This is the website to the farm, and if you gave them a call, I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you

I did a quick google search for the same, and came up with this

'An Arab woman with MS lives next to a camel, so that each day she can get some very fresh raw camel milk. As long as she gets that, she is healthy, and has no symptoms of MS. If she does not get it, she might relapse. So here's what the arabs found out, as told to me by Ms. horse vet.:'

Moving away from the food side of things, their are a few herbs and mushrooms that are crucial for brain health.

Rosemary has been used for centuries at least for this- I've personally seen huge leaps in my ability and speed of recall.
Nettles is a nourshing nervine, and has shown beneficial effects on persons with neurodegenerative disorders (
Gingko Biloba
Gotu Kola

Many mushrooms have demonstrated their ability to promote nerve growth after damage from surgery or accident
Reishi, (ganoderma Lucidium) has a wealth of studies out there showing it's benefits as legion- among them the demonstrated ability to promote the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor in the brain


Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) – this mushroom has been studied for its potential in treating neurological disorders, including damaged nerve cells. In a 2013 study, published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, it was suggested that, in animals, lion’s mane can trigger the production of myelin and boost nerve growth.

Willow bracket (Phellinus igniarius) – this mushroom has been linked to suppression of demyelination and a decrease in the daily incidence rate of EAE (experimental autoimmune encephalitis; a frequently used animal model of MS). The Willow bracket mushroom seems to suppress the infiltration of several immune cells involved in MS, such as CD4+ T-cells and CD8+ T-cells, among others. The findings suggest this mushroom extract could have a high therapeutic potential for stopping MS progression, and were presented in a 2014 study published in BioMed Research International.
In regard to these medicinal mushrooms, Austin presented a case study of a 61-year-old man diagnosed with MS in 2009, who presented a rapid decline in cognition, energy, severe spasms, inability to walk for five years and no leg movement for two years. A protocol combining the two mushrooms mentioned above was introduced in this man’s treatment, with the following results:

Within one month cognition and fatigue had improved and severe muscle spasms had almost disappeared.
Within three months motion in the patient’s legs had been restored, he was able to initiate voluntary movement at the ankles, knees and hips and, alongside physical therapy, the he continued to improve. The patient slowly regained his ability to walk.

Psilocybin mushrooms shouldn't be ignored either-

5 years ago
Quoted from the article

'This finding is particularly intriguing and bolsters the argument that associative learning is an adaptive response that is only utilized during daylight hours (when it is most useful) via an internal circadian clock. Interestingly, the response of the control group in this experiment was affected by the phase of the temperature cycle'

It seems that one of the implications of this experiment is that plants learn/adapt better to their environments if their given environments conducive to growth (metabolic/nutritional and environmental/external)

i've never thought about that before. But it's the same with humans for sure- Look at the difference in learning potential and behavior in kids who were autistic/slow before and after implementation of a diet like GAPS for example.

5 years ago
As far as the numbers being there or not there- They show a direct 1 to 1 correlation between the introduction of the electric grid into new rural areas and the simultaneous rise in diseases in that area that before had little to no history of occurrence.   I can't remember what the earliest date is from- though I believe it starts around 1900 or maybe 1880.

You might want to do some research into the prevalence of cancer in traditional Native American societies. Or even in modern, isolated, primitive people- to get an idea.  

On a similar note- Are you familiar with Weston A Prices Nutrition and Physical Degeneration? Along the same lines- Though here the subject matter is instances of cavities, ease of childbirth, dental arch form and general physique- his findings are in a nutshell across the board that those groups relying entirely on traditional food (no refined sugar, processed anything) were in excellent health, but the minute that modern foods were introduced, all kinds of problems start cropping up. He goes into extreme detail, but it's enough to say here that basically, our modern diet is making us sick and causing birth defects and mental retardation. No surprise there.

The mainstream mindset surrounding Cancer (and nearly every disease of civilization) is to put a massive amount of energy into promoting "Search for the Cure!' Without doing any looking for the causes.

Finding the information your looking for is complicated by this- because It's not just Cell phone towers and wifi, it's the 60hz ELF from the wiring in your house, its the mercury in your amalgam fillings, its the ten billion other known carcinogens and the fact that most people havent actually eaten a meal that doesnt include processed foods and genetically modified corn in their entire lives.  

To quote from a documentary I saw a few years ago ( called beings of frequency, free on youtube, great watch super informative) The electromagnetic climate of our planet (meaning, the amount and strength of frequnecies bouncing around) has increased by over 5 million percent since the year 1950.

The question that I think might help you wrap your head around the possibility of a 400 time increase is this.

Have we as a species ever invented a new technology, and then chose not to use it if it made our lives easier in anyway, because of the impact it might have on our health or environment?

5 years ago
I do not have the book- and it's been about 3 years from when I read it last.

I did take some notes- when I unpack my massive backpack after flying to canada I'll see what I find.

Here's a link to a non-complete google books upload ""

From the research I've done so far, which is extensive, on the topic of human health, and specifically on the impact of the modern lifestyle on human physiology, I think the doctor in your first post is probably not far off the mark with 400x more cancer.

5 years ago
Check out the book 'Dirty Electricity' for lots of great statistical info, graphs and charts

exploring the correlation between the roll out of the electric grid in the US, the mass movement from rural areas to the cities,

and the 'diseases of civilization'- not just cancer but alzhiemers, dementia, depression and a few others.

Best resource what you're looking for I've so far found.
5 years ago
Check out Martin Blanks research, well written in 'Overpowered'

(no affiliation to the link above, simply a pointer at the book in mention)

I'm trying to remember if it's this book specifically or one of the others I was reading on the subject at the time but I'm pretty sure its this one,

It mentions a study I think in Russia, but definitely in Eastern europe (apologies for my shoddy memory here) in which a new Radar installation was put in,

and they were measuring the frequencies and amplitude of the signal, and found that trees and plants in the area were clearly responding in some way.

Wish I could give you a bit more information.
5 years ago