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Is currently working for a small city in the south east corner of Kansas. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2009. Loves to talk about and make fermented things. Is a non militant vegan but laughs at jokes about vegans. Also like to try make really good vegan food. And having fun with experiments.
South East Kansas
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Recent posts by T Blankinship

Overwatering can happen to anyone. Years ago I worked at a landscaping place and we watered everyday. After I quit there I was walking around a big box store and saw this matt that was like a big wet sponge on which the plants sat. I have no idea what it is called but it would have saved a lot of time. If you can find or make something like this it could prevent overwatering.
3 weeks ago

Dc Stewart wrote:
If you're a Patrick Stewart fan like we are, you can go back to the great 1970's BBC miniseries of the "I Claudius" novels and see a much younger Picard sporting curly golden locks as the Sejanus character.

I just googled that and it is odd to see Patrick Stewart with hair.
3 weeks ago
What is your watering schedule?
3 weeks ago
This is very odd. I got my "Permaculture Design Manual" about a year ago and it was about $80.00 on amazon.  I remember read about a company that imports the book but I can not remember the name. I wonder if one could get say five or more people and get a bulk order of books. I would love to have "The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition" and "Permaculture Design Certificate Course DVD Collection".
3 weeks ago
If it was me I would dry the tomato's and save them for later. Also take some of the dry tomato's and make tomato powder. I use it in vegan cheese and other things. As for the potato's maybe try making flour?

My favorite way to eat a potato is hasselback potato. Using a lot of garlic, onion, pepper and salt. Just writing this makes me hunger for hasselback potatoes.
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:I renamed the file to have a pdf extension.  Better?

Yes, It works!!!
1 month ago
PDF would not open in chrome. Any ideas why?
1 month ago
I am a big fan of the book Dune. I hope this movie will be good. The trailer came out today. What do you think?
1 month ago

S Bengi wrote:similar to a septic system, a series of tank to settle the suspended solid might help. Esp one with a sand filter setup.
The stuff in the tanks needs to be 'pumped' empty maybe once every 3month, aka flood irrigation, so as not to overwhelm the sand filter.

If you have a way to hold the water for 24 hours. Then use a pump to get the clear water and stop when the water begins to become cloudy. This could work but keep in mind that to make drinking water chemicals and filters are used together.
1 month ago
Building healthy makes a lot of sense and is cool.
1 month ago