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Is currently working for a small city in the south east corner of Kansas. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2009. Loves to talk about and make fermented things. Is a non militant vegan but laughs at jokes about vegans. Also like to try make really good vegan food. And having fun with experiments.
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Recent posts by T Blankinship

Winter and laundry

Years ago I stopped using my machine clothes dryer and started using dryer racks and rope. This happen after checking the dryer and finding my clothes were wet. After finding the issue and fixing it, I was not in the mood to use it again.  This dryer is using two utilities just to dry my clothes and I want a better way to use less.

After a little work I found out the following can help speed up drying:

*Have an indoor clothesline. Above my head right now I have a 550 paracord running from one side of this room to the other. I tied a bowline to one side and hooked it to an old hanging lamp hook. The other end has a pulley on a carabiner which is on another hanging lamp hook. I do not put a lot of weight on the line because I do not want to find my clothes on the ground!

*Time. I start my laundry day early in the morning. By night time most of the clothes are dry. For big items like bed sheets I use the indoor clothesline or a shower curtain rod.

*Space for air to move and surface area. More places air can move and more surface is open to air equals faster drying times.  

Last summer is was hot like over 100F for some time. I used 550 paracord, a pulley, two carabiners and hammock suspension straps to make a outdoor clothesline. I dried a pair of pants, bed sheets and towel, then I timed how long it took. About 20 minutes later they were dry. One note the clothesline was in the shade.

Check out this PEP nest BB  for more ideas and information.
1 week ago
Getting oil change and Stacking functions

When I need work to be done on my car I go to a mechanic. “But why?” I hear some of you say, “just youtube want you need to do and do it”. Well I drive a small car that means the engine compartment is small and things are hard to get to, like a water pump! To replace that part the driver's side wheel needs to be removed. This is easy if you have a lift or the space. I do not have space or a lift in my garage to work on my car. Well mechanic’s have space, tools and parts in supply.

So what did I do when my car was being worked:

-Planned meals for the next few days

-Read up on 3D-printing

-Socialize with others

-Got a quote on new headlights

Meal planning is a great way to try new things. I have discovered how to make noodles, potstickers, eggrolls, breads and slow cookers recipe from scratch. In that hour I got more done to help my future self. When I was socializing I found out the mechanic business can get a discount on parts and they can find the parts for me which is great. I can now spend my time working on other things.

One last thought: I view going to a car mechanic like going to a doctor's office for a check up.

1 week ago
Like chess, F.I.R.E. and ERE there are many ways to win. The goal in chess is checkmate. This will be about my path to Financial independence. My ups and downs, what I am reading and maybe a little about money. In the book "Playing with Playing with FIRE", by Scott Rieckens lays out one path taken by a family.(Note there is a movie called Playing with Fire and it is a good movie but it is about firefighters and kids.) In "Early Retirement Extreme: A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Financial Independence" by Jacob Lund Fisker is another good read, it can be hard to understand the last chapter. Mr. Fisker's does have one area that I feel Mr. Riekens does a good job on and that is dealing with the unexpected like a major weather event.

So part of the reason I am writing this is to:

1. Get a better understanding of how a person travels this path
2. Try and use Permaculture in F.I.R.E.
3. Talk to others in this online community!
4. Have fun!

About a year ago I started this thread Financial Independence, ERE, scale. I am still trying to fixture out if one could make a scale about financial independence.

And so it begins...
2 weeks ago
About how big is the kitchen area?
3 weeks ago
Can you post a picture of the dessert?
1 month ago
Would this be one long movie or will it be in parts? What things are needed to make this movie happen?
1 month ago
Coffee mugs maybe? I do not know if the truffles would hold there shape. Glass bowl or vase could work too.
1 month ago
Does this position start in 2023 or 2022?
1 month ago
I started a thread called Yoga ideas all year long. Trying out five to ten and when I have the time 30 minute yoga routines.
2 months ago
Did a little yoga today. Used this video off of YouTube. It was a good and I found it easy to follow.

Note to myself and others, make sure to have a little space around for yoga. Like moving tool boxes and tools out of the way. Nothing bad happen just a "oh I need to move that thing out of the way next time"!

2 months ago