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For me, it is Egyptian Walking Onion & Jerusalem Artichokes.
My Fokin Hoe's awesome!
2 years ago
I would plant Jerusalem artichokes for zone 5. Mine came back every year in CO ( high altitude/9000'/harsh weather), even after my chickens decimated them the year before. You can go wrong with a food & fodder plant.
I've seen multiple sources mention strawberries but it's my first year trying it.
2 years ago
I've written and self-published 18 books & over 20 journals. Some books make a bulk of my income, others make almost nothing. Without any marketing, I average about a couple of $100/month in passive income. I would probably do much better if I market them but I'm currently working on expanding my passive income streams away from Amazon.
I found WP to be very hard to use. If $ is tight, I really like freewebstore.com. You can host small stores for FREE. They were awesome when I was starting out and didn't have extra $ for webhosting.
Thank you for this thread. Because of it, I have expanded on my residual income streams. I have already self-published over 20 books & journals, and have over 100 POD T-shirt designs on Amazon. However, I've been looking to diversify my income stream platform because I don't want to rely almost 100% on Amazon.

I've branched into selling Math notes/worksheets/lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers (made less than $20 so far with under 20 items for sale...The seller commission is high!) I've been toying with the idea of how to market my TpT and decided that YouTube was the best way to go. While checking out other YouTubers in my niche, I stumbled on others that offer online tutoring services on Wyzant. Not passive income but I think it makes a nice circle of income streams that advertise each other. So the YouTube lessons advertise TpT & Wyz and vice verse. Eventually, I hope that I'll have enough views & subscribers to monetize the YouTube as well.
Hi Nicole,

We'd like to keep our manufacturing process unpublished. Would a screenshot of my etsy seller order work? (attached)

Nicole Alderman wrote:Hi J! Any chance you could get a picture of you making one of the saddles? I just fear that anyone could come on and show a link to an etsy page and say they did it, and take credit for other's work. I don't think that's the case here, but it's probably good to set a precedent. Thanks!

3 years ago
Thank you!!

To clarify, my books are on different homesteading niches for beginners - chicken keeping, foraging, medicinal herb gardening, frugal living, home business with little to no start up costs etc.

j. bong wrote:Income from books:


3 years ago
Awesome. Thank you.

I was wondering if selling our hay to our neighbor would count for the permaculture part?

Mike Haasl wrote:Awesome Jill, looks like you're in good shape to get a badge.  What you need to do is to go to the beginning of the Commerce badge (on page #1) and click on whichever task you are interested in saying you've done.  Each task is called a BB (Badge Bit).  Complete enough badge bits, you get the badge.  For Commerce it's just the four BBs.

So follow a link to the BB, read the requirements and if you've satisfied them, make a post in that thread showing that you've done the thing.  Someone will come along and certify your BB (Yay).  Once you've had all four BBs certified, you make a post in this thread asking to get the badge certified.  Kind of like This One over in the foraging badge.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense and welcome to the PEP program

3 years ago