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I too am considering a military tent. Funny you compare them to a camper - it does seem that pricewise a camper could possibly get the nod. For my case though, here in north eastern KY, the land is very hilly and access to a few great spots I have in mind would be impossible with a camper unless several thousand dollars worth of road were put in. SO, I'm leaning heavily towards a tent on wood platform foundation.

I'm just now starting my research and the "anti-mold, anti-fire" descriptions have me a little worried as to what kind of (if any) chemical treatments are used on these military tents??

My goal would be long term - as in use it til it's un-usable due to being damaged or unhealthy beyond repair/cleaning!

I'm intrigued by the idea of a base camp with a dry tent that can be heated with a stove in the winter and have have ventilation in the summer, with a cooking and storage area outside built of scrap wood. I really don't want the confines of a cozy cabin just yet - the more outside time the better so basically just a place to sleep and escape the cold/rain. Maybe I'll change my mind as time goes on but it seems like for under $2000 a pretty decent setup can be had?
3 weeks ago
Im about an hour north of Lex but interested in sharing ideas/learning some new things in the local permaculture realm!!
4 weeks ago
Times like this I can understand why putting things in neat orderly rows might be nice. I appreciate more of a wild look though, so I kind of randomly place a lot of things, but it's proving to be a pain to cover!

Faith Hight wrote:Absolutely Gorgeous tract of land!

Thanks so much! I found a local nursery that specializes in good permaculture fruit/berry/nut things so I'm excited to pay them a visit here soon and start getting some intentional things in the ground
2 months ago

Eric Hanson wrote:Ty,

Wow!! That is some really beautiful land.  It looks like a glimpse of heaven!!

Out of curiosity, how much acreage do you have?  It is a bit difficult to judge by your areal picture as the land is an unusual shape—which is perfectly fine BTW, it adds even more character to your land.  I have a bit over 9 acres, but it is irregularly shaped and since it cannot be completely viewed from any single point, thus making it appear even bigger than it actually is.

Very nice,


Hey just now seeing this, sorry for the late reply. It is 28 acres. Thanks!
2 months ago
I have no savings, no pension, no anything that I'm aware of coming my way so I guess just simply dying will be my retirement? I work pretty much full time on a farm so wages are what you'd expect for a hand...kind of low. It's by choice though, I used to make decent money as a mechanic.

If I can't pull my own weight I don't really want to live anyhow. I love to work hard outside all day :) I feel like I have done enough modern life stuff and really like getting simpler and closer to the land now...one day so close I'll be buried in it then if someone wants to carve "retired" on a rock and set it there that would be cool!
2 months ago

Trace Oswald wrote:...Paul of Back to Eden Garden fame, for instance, no longer brings any inputs unto his land, and his gardens are amazingly productive...

Could you please clarify a bit about what falls under the category of "off-land input"? I thought his entire system was and still is built upon arborist wood chips being brought in? I like wood chips and use them, but I see them as an input and also something that requires some brutal machinery to process. I'm interested in learning cover cropping techniques and home made compost/tea type things more closely related to biodynamics in the future so just trying to scratch the surface of what might be, and what might not be, thanks!
2 months ago
I saw these marks today on a few trees while at the farm and after looking at the pics again when I got home and realizing the location, I concluded that this is from some target practice that went down a few weeks ago. Things will be different from here on out - namely I will be building an earthen mound to stop the bullets before anyone does any more shooting. I'm going to start researching, but if anyone has any advice on what I can do to prevent these current wounds from causing serious harm to the trees, I would appreciate it!

Hopefully the pics work!
2 months ago
I too am torn between the purchase of a compact utility tractor. At first I was definitely wanting a backhoe - the main reason was for digging swails, micro ponds, and experimenting with geothermal (6ft narrow trenches with corrugated pipe).

There are a lot of rocks in my area, and I'm afraid that a tractor mounted backhoe will take so much abuse that I'd be regretting the maintenance/repair work after a few years. I like the suggestions of renting a hoe to get one strong and heavy enough to handle everything you need.

What might take months of digging with a small, personal hoe (I would be more timid with my own if I dropped 8k on one!) I feel like could be accomplished within a week's rental on a more capable rented machine :)

Also, the L2501 is a nice tractor, but have you considered a Kioti CK2610 if there is a dealer near by? When comparing the specs and price, the Kioti looks good and it's reputation and warranty are very close to the Kubota.

I could not get financing, sadly - but I'm hoping another family member can help me with a down payment and now that I ax'd the backhoe idea the price will be a good amount cheaper!

3 months ago

Marc Dube wrote:Lots of ticks in Saskatchewan mainly in May and June they normally disappear after a good heat wave.

I went for a 10 mile hike in April a couple years ago and had to leave because I was sick of picking ticks off, i STOPPED counting at 300 and were picking them off even after driving home while naked they were just coming out of everywhere.

Wow that sounds extremely uncomfortable!

Gave me a flashback - Once I was itching all over after a deep woods hike, then after while noticed tiny black specs that I thought were mites crawling all over me.

I put a few on my microscope slide and sure enough they were tick larvae!!! Arrrrrgggghhhhh that was a long and interesting night removing them, but actually turned into an educational experience for me regarding the life cycle of ticks.
4 months ago