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Appalachian Foothills-Zone 7
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Recent posts by Gray Henon

Su Ba wrote:The first thing I would want clarification on is how large of an area are you designating to be “your area” of the closed food system. Are you envisioning 1 acre, 5, 20, 100, 1000 acres? It’s easy to have a closed system in a fertile region with 200 diverse acres as the size of your system. It becomes near impossible if the habitat and climate is hostile and the land available is only 1/4 acre. Another question, are you including livestock in your vision? What about salt, spices & flavorings? What about seafood?

That's my question.  Want to keep broad to allow for a variety of answers.
4 days ago

John F Dean wrote:Can you go into more detail as to what you mean?

Anyone who feels they get the vast majority of their food from their property without having to import manure, woodchips, hay, etc.  Any acreage, family size, etc.  Just want to know if someone thinks they are close to producing their own food, say 70-90+% would be pretty interesting, using humanure, urine, butcherwaste, foodscraps, etc for fertility, thus closing the system.
4 days ago
Did you ever find another place?
4 days ago
Looking for examples of low input food self sufficiency.  Lofty goal, I know, but please share if you think you are close!
4 days ago

D Nikolls wrote:Did you grow them from seed?

I am not a huge fan of them, but the fruit from seedlings my friend grew were definitely inedible, much worse compared to berries from a known cultivar..

Came from a nursery.  Guy told me it was a good variety.
5 days ago
I've got a 1 million BTU torch from Harbor Freight that I use for all sorts of things.  Tried it for a brief moment on weeds growing in the cracks in the side walk.  Wasn't impressed.  My buddy says that to be effective in the garden, you need to use it when the weeds are very small.
5 days ago
Going to add charcoal next go round and see if that helps...
5 days ago
I'm going to give a try with lamb butcher scraps here in a few weeks.  I'll report back.
5 days ago
What's up?  They are very bitter, like something that should not be eaten...
5 days ago