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Recent posts by Gray Henon

Got a trunk load of elm early in my wood burning days.  Was really surprised how much effort it took to split a 10” round with an 8lb maul.  I finally beat it all into submission out of sheer determination.  I’d have to think long and hard about some “free” elm!  That said, I didn’t have a chainsaw at the time, now I do, and I am not against “ripping” stubborn logs down to size.
4 days ago
Get your (washable organic cotton) tissues out!

5 days ago
Where are you located?  How much annual rainfall?  How much rainfall during the growing season?  (for Charish and Dan)
5 days ago
I cut/split them into firewood…

6 days ago

Logan Hyde wrote:That's an excellent use for privet. Do you know if all livestock can eat it? I have fed it to goats before but I have rabbits now. I also wonder what the protein content and nutritional facts are of privet.

Can’t say much about other livestock.  Nutrition must be good, judging by the way they gobble it up!  A forage analysis would be interesting.  Our state extension office does them for a nominal charge, maybe yours does, too?
6 days ago
We have an abundance of privet in our woods.  It holds its leaves long into the fall, so we are cutting it for livestock feed and using the remaining woody material to make biochar.  I wouldn’t plant privet, but if you have it, it can be put to good use.

1 week ago

Got the second pile spread and broke the 6000 gallon mark!

This pile included a small pickup sized load of yellow pine wood scraps from a local wood shop.  The fellow there is careful to sort them and there is no treated, plywood, or staples in the wood.  It charred pretty well.  The price was right at $10, but between the driving and unloading by hand (they didn’t really fork or shovel well) and the fact they only fill a bin every few months, I probably won’t make this a regular supply of charring material.   I’m more interested in sawmill slabs, but haven’t sourced any yet.
1 week ago

Burned two nice piles yesterday.  Unfortunately, my water pump suffered an internal failure and wouldn’t prime.  Thankfully, my neighbor was home and I was able to borrow his.  Between trying to prime my pump, retrieving his pump, and figuring out hose fittings, we probably lost 100 gallons or so from one pile.  I had my kids run the garden hose on the second pile which preserved more char.  I haven’t spread it, but it looks pretty good.

I took my pump apart and fished out a broken piece.  Put it back together just to see if it would work and it did.  My guess the missing piece was not enough to keep it from working, but was messing up the vortex inside the pump.  My neighbor offered his as a back up anytime, so with the fittings figured out, I can rely on it a bit in the future.
1 week ago
Rabbits eat the fallen pears from our tree.  The squirrels steal them before they are even close to ripe.
1 week ago
Are you using the heat generated for another purpose, such as heating your house?  Stacking functions and all…

I’m trying to convince a friend to only mine in the winter and to place his rig in a central location in his house to offset his HVAC use.
1 week ago