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since Aug 15, 2019
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Recent posts by Gray Henon

There was a method of force updating older ipads but it required using a second Apple device.  
3 weeks ago

Biggest single burn ever!  535 gallons!
3 weeks ago
8620 and more to go…
3 weeks ago
I’ve got both.  Large things go in the chest. Small things in the upright.  
3 weeks ago

Did a massive burn with help from another permie.  Extra large pile of white pine kindling, and a lot of large bamboo piled on once it was burning.  Spread a bit, but still a bunch to go!

3 weeks ago
Almost certainly a milfoil.  Maybe this one?  I need to get in close and count whorls and leaflets…
1 month ago
Don’t think so, the plant in question appears to have finer leaves.
1 month ago
Found a floating patch of it in a NC foothills river.  Grabbed a bit for my rainwater tank.  Seems cold hardy, pic was taken just a few days ago…
1 month ago
Started as just a way to dispose of deadfall/brush and get something out of it without having to buy a chipper.  Now I want 4 acres of terra preta.  Not sure how long I will keep up the current production rate though, it does take up a lot of time.
1 month ago

Was able to get a fairly quick turn around on the pile build and some favorable burning weather.  Found a new pump on a big auction website for not much more than a pump rebuild kit.  The new pump worked well after discovering a leak in my suction hose that was probably some of the issue with the old one.  Oh, well.  Now we have redundancy.

1 month ago