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Gray Henon

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since Aug 15, 2019
Appalachian Foothills-Zone 7
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I relocate them...

...into the frying pan!

Just another harvest off the land in my book.

2 weeks ago
One of my persimmon trees fruited for the first time this year.  The tree is probably 8 years old or so.  The smaller one is from a native tree.  Flavor is really good as long as you let the fruit fully ripen.
3 weeks ago

John C Daley wrote:Build a speedway practise track around it and fit everything else around to suit.
I started mine 45 yeras ago.
I have stock, dams, a small house. an orchard,  a workshop about 5 times the size of the house
and I build motorcycles and hotrods, all if which get tested at home.
Life is bliss here!

Nice! Our property doubles as a minibike course and shooting range!
3 weeks ago
I'd put in good fence around the perimeter.  Goat and sheep mesh with hot wire.  Get some animals on it.  Then start planting trees with hot wire for protection.  After that, fence off areas within the perimeter for garden areas.

Pretty much what I did on my property.  Only regret was going with 6 strand high tensile instead of mesh with a hot wire.

Most trees take a long time to produce (mulberries and pears being the fastest for us) so get them in early, then enjoy animal products and garden produce until your trees grow.
3 weeks ago
Maybe rhizobia are tasty?  Just like us, animals are very good at selecting foods high in energy.
3 weeks ago
Good time to borrow money.  Refinancing your house/property at a long term low fixed rate is an excellent way to hedge against inflation.  
3 weeks ago
Cook over a wood fire a few times.  Bonus points for using pine.  Gently wash the outside of your pot when you get done.  Some amount of soot will be left.  Rinse and repeat until it is as black as you desire.
4 weeks ago
Yeah, with half a dozen friends!

Seriously though, I could probably do a cord or slighly better, IF the wood was straight grained and split reasonably well, I was cutting rounds 18-20" diameter, splitting largish pieces, and I had a trailer large enough not to need multiple trips. Oh yeah, and some cooler weather.
1 month ago
I've always pruned in late winter with the idea that it reduced chances for disease.  This year I started doing some pruning in the growing season because it let me head off undesirable growth before the tree pumped a lot of energy into it, and also gave me fodder for the livestock.  I really prefer the growing season pruning.  What do you do?  Will I regret it down the road?
1 month ago
In addition to our usual kitchen garden, we have ramped up a couple staple crops a bit the last couple years.  Mainly potatoes and pumpkins.  We grew a couple hundred pounds of each both last year and this year.  I've found I can fence off a bit of our silvopasture with hot wire and grow them pretty well without much attention.  Neither is very tempting to the livestock if they have ample grass.  

Anyone else growing large amounts of reasonably easy to store and prepare crops?  If so, what has worked well for you?
1 month ago