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I'm overwhelmed with good suggestions. Thanks everyone, keep 'em coming.

And I love that a lot of these can be done anytime for any reason.
12 hours ago
More good ideas, T, thank you. I have seeds to plant and don't care how/where. We also have building supplies like poles, sticks, rocks, we can add old clothes to build whatever. Nice and open-ended, but could be constructive too.

And grossing people out with worms is always fun. Roly polys, snails, ladybugs, butterflies, bees, earwigs are plentiful. Maybe we could do an I Spy Scavenger Hunt type thing with that.
2 days ago
That's an excellent idea, Sonja. I'll see what kind of silly things we have around for costumes. We can make some silly hats or something too.
2 days ago
Hello Permies.

Help please! I need some ideas! I want to decorate a kids birthday party. Here are some qualities:

1. Spectacular.
2. Eco-friendly/Zero Waste
3. Cheap/Free/Useful
4. Outdoor friendly

My son will be three so it's a milestone one for him. I figure it's important more as an experience than anything. Please recommend fun games with home things! We're not having a group of three year olds here, think family games. A birthday experience for him in our yard.

The limitations of the current social restrictions limit our options, but not substantially. I don't shop at Amazon so if you can recommend a reasonable online store, especially in the PNW, I'll take a look.
Now that stores are opening, I might venture out but want to keep trips short and to the point, and prefer to not.

So if you have any advice for kids parties, please share! My son would love a bunch of balloons, but I am against them and would love alternatives. Maybe bubbles? A bunch of balls? What's impressive?
2 days ago
It's funny how some people turn the question "How did you escape the 9-5?" into other things, like "How can I become a millionaire doing absolutely nothing differently?"
It looks like powdery mildew. Here's a website I found with similar pictures and some info:
"Podosphaera macularis (formerly Sphaerotheca macularis), a fungus. Powdery mildew is occasionally a serious disease on foliage, new canes, and fruit of red raspberry in the Pacific Northwest. It also can infect 'Loganberry' leaves. The fungus overwinters as mycelium in dormant buds of stunted cane tips or as chasmothecia. Optimum conditions for spore germination and infection are 65°F to 80°F with relative humidity of 97% to 99%. In May, leaves develop lesions that produce fungal spores that are blown to healthy foliage. In June small, secondary-infection lesions appear on vegetative tissue and developing fruit."

This one gives organic treatments:
The first option given is spraying with a 10% milk solution. I wonder how that works. It also says the fungal organisms may develop a resistance, so to use it intermittently.
I would probably remove the branch.
6 days ago
What should I consider when choosing a location for one of these ponds?
1 week ago
I haven't tried a soil block maker yet, I'm also in the discovery phase.
Here's a video I found helpful about using soil blocks:

And I found this website about different methods of making one:

I thought the bottom-most video on that page was more helpful, it's this one:
He uses stuff from around the house and waters them with a cloth diaper dipped in water. Interesting idea.

Like the first video points out, plastic breaks down and flakes all over. A wooden tray with soil blocks and possibly a cloth wicking watering system sounds much better. I'd really like to hear more from people who have used soil blocks.

1 week ago
That's another good idea. I've been saving cloth items for fixing, repurposing, and learning when I have time and need. I like that you figured a way with less effort and repurpose.
1 week ago
We finally outfitted our family with Softstars. They are definitely worth it! Better late than never, since I can't go back in time and replace my shoes. I tried on some of my old shoes that were in the garage, and feel like my poor feet are crammed and would be blistered in no time. I don't know how I used to wear them! I definitely walk differently and spread my toes more, but even beyond that I was surprised.

I got the wool Merry Janes and we all got Roos. I also highly recommend checking out Softstars.
1 week ago