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Recent posts by J.B. Iler

How about Pie as a stretch goal?
2 weeks ago
Yes, thank you Sonja, I was considering those boots too. You saved me some trouble.

Annie Collins wrote: Oh, the felted wool...

Oh yeah! I have a pair of wool Merry Jane's. They're my favorite.
1 month ago
Wow, that was nice of him. I like the idea of custom designing your tools. I'd like to see how it progresses.
1 month ago
Thanks for the input.

Eric, I'm on the same page.

Sebastian and John, thanks for the buried pipe idea. Can't do it where we're at, but it could work for my parents' yard.

I like this hose but it is more than I can spend:

Here's the extra heavy duty one I'm looking at. It's made of rubber.
1 month ago
I'm in the market for a garden hose. I have just started looking into them and hope I can get Permies advice and recommendations.

I went in a store to look at what they had in stock and they were about wiped out! An employee recommended an extra heavy duty hose which seems a good choice to me. It was drinking water safe, and hot water safe which I expect I wouldn't need. Another option was a really good deal, until I realized it wasn't drinking water safe. I figure if I can't drink out of it, plants shouldn't either.

Can I get some help? Would the extra heavy duty one be fine? Are there better options? I don't have unlimited monies but cheap costs more in the long run!
Thanks all!
1 month ago
I have added this book to my wish list. I'm concentrating on other things this year but would love to learn more for the future.
2 months ago

Sonja Draven wrote:

I ordered a pair and will report back.

Please do... I see some on eBay I'd jump on if they're recommended. I've been keeping an eye out for exactly the same thing so thank you to everyone here.
2 months ago
How about Self-Heal (Prunella vulgaris)? I've got some seeds to plant this year but I'm not familiar with it yet.
3 months ago
In my yard? Dandelions and plantain!

So far I haven't put effort into ground covers. In the past year I've been spending more time identifying and learning about what is already here. I like the idea of creeping thyme on a walkway but went with wood chips for now. I also would love strawberries.
3 months ago