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since Feb 22, 2010
Federal Way, WA - Western Washington (Zone 8 - temperate maritime)
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One more - I hate the bottom pie crust... what a waste of energy and resources!  BUT it's possible to avoid the 'soggy bottom'.  Turn a rimmed baking sheet upside down, put in the preheating oven, and bake pie on that *.   So the dribbles don't escape, put parchment paper between pie pan and the overturned baking sheet (that extends beyond edges of pie tin).  (Think I'll try a piece of aluminum foil with turned up edge, placed between pie and overturned baking sheet... hmmm... )  Did I say I have truly hated the soggy bottom pie crust? ... for many years?  : )  (I actually made an apple tarte tatin just to avoid it!)

*(or use a heated pizza stone, maybe large cast iron skillet?, or baking steel... or?)
1 week ago
Thanks for the trip to Wallace (now I don't have to go :).  And taking us along on your 'permie' all the nitty gritty.  Reading is great, but seeing it makes it really alive :)
Oh, and re: easy, here's a 'press in' tart dough -- boil butter and water, etc.... !  See the comments - and more versions on line.
1 week ago
Hope this hasn't already been posted, but this is Stella's (from Serious Eats) recipe slightly modified.  Lots of butter (the healthy fat!!), flour, salt sugar & water.  It's like a 'rough puff pastry".

Easy Flaky Pie Crust

The crust has a higher ratio of butter to flour than many pie crusts, which makes it extra flaky (like a 'rough puff pastry).  This recipe works best with American butter and not higher fat European butters.  It's a simple and forgiving dough to work with. The sugar in the dough helps with browning, but doesn't make the crust itself sweet, which makes the dough flexible enough to work with sweet or savory. This crust works well for rustic free-form galettes or intricate lattice crusts.

2 cups (250 grams) all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1 cup (2 sticks, 226 grams) butter, cold from the fridge
1/2 cup water

Add the flour, sugar, and salt to a mixing bowl and whisk together.
Cut the butter into 1/2-inch cubes, add to the mixing bowl, and toss with the flour mixture to coat.
With your fingers, smash each butter cube flat.
Add all the water and stir with a spoon or silicone spatula to mix. Continue kneading the mixture with your hands, folding it over itself a few times to work in the rest of the flour until the dough forms a ball.  Divide the dough in half
Generously flour a clean flat surface (like a counter or marble slab) and coat your rolling pin with flour and roll the dough out into a circle about 14-inches in diameter. Etc per usual directions.  Freezes well.

Here's the pictures
1 week ago
I love my Instant Pot... and may be tempted to cook beans again.  I 'left' beans because of the anti-nutrient phytate content, but,  think I'll 'sprout' them, then Instant Pot them.  It's pretty easy, just soak overnight, drain, then rinse/drain couple times a day til first tiny signs of germination (not really sprouting), when the enzymes will have done their conversion work.  Then cook... fast and flavorful, and freeze surplus.  Hmmm.....

Also, check out Hip Pressure Cooking info on producing 'Resistant Starch*' - a good excuse to eat more spuds!  See link in article to more 'health research' info...

*'resistant starch' resists digestion in small intestines, so it arrives in large intestine ready to feed the hordes of good guys!  (yum... more spuds!)
2 weeks ago
Not a tomato fan,  but was surprised to find that roasted, they are greatly improved!  (then stick blend them into a sauce, and freeze)   Also surprised by the yellow Galina... sweet, tasty, productive, hung on forever in the garden and on kitchen counter (but then I haven't tried a lot).  Also, Will Bonsall's 'Gardener's Sweetheart'.. red, tasty, smallish, productive.  These are both OP.
2 weeks ago
Really enjoying this, Nine :)  every little detail (and kid) !
2 weeks ago
Nicole!  as I don't see a follow up here - is it somewhere else?  How did it go?  Did your husband 'win' and the bindweed rebound with vigor! lol :)
3 weeks ago
Thanks a bunch... I'll check with our opposite-weather region county here. Good luck!!   : )
3 weeks ago
Lisa !!!  where abouts do you live ???   Can you be sure to follow up on this?   And, how did you apply it/them?   Did you clear the ground first, etc?   Thanks a bunch :)
3 weeks ago