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Recent posts by nancy sutton

Regarding drying beans (and other stuff), I have used my oven on its lowest setting, leaving the door slightly cracked... and it seems to work!   If you have a 'convection' option, it might speed the process up.
2 years ago
Thanks a bunch, Jenny.  IMO, this is the best 'knowledge' to share... time-tested, comparison 'plots, etc.  Great job!  (Now I have to get back to voles' big brother... moles!! in my yard.   I think cat tootsie rolls worked well in the past, but they're back... and I don't have an indoor cat... might be able to drive to Seattle to pick up if a friend will 'save' their apt cat's  or else, it's mint all over the place.... Cisco Morris has a recipe for make large batches by boiling fresh mint, etc.)
2 years ago
Re: Pressure Cooker, it's the reason I finally broke down and got an Instant Pot.  Couldn't see much use, until I found my favorite cooking bloggers all said that this way made the best stock... most nutrients, gelatin, flavor, etc.  I use the method from   --
... and it is so easy!  Two or three chicken carcasses, in water up to the Fill Line, on High, 35 mins and cook.  Let it Manually Release pressure, then stir around and repeat.  (could add vinegar, or not)   Easy & quick to pour it thru a large sieve, into a large pitcher, into jars and into fridge & freezer.  (I crush the bones with my fingers, to give to the chickens with the rest of the 'exhausted' scraps.)  So much easier than the giant stock pot, lot of bones, stove top and oven for a couple of days, etc, etc.... now I,  much more often, can do 5 or 6 pints with little hands-on attention.   To make it flavorful, I add salt, organic onion & garlic powder, soy sauce (or coconut aminos), Tobasco, touch of honey, vinegar  - plus whatever, and drink it up!  Or use for stews etc.  Actually, it's what I use my Inst. Pot for most often... plus carnitas pork... yum.  
2 years ago
OK, I'll stop soon, but I'm inundated with eternal quack grass.  As of now, I find that the STEEL D-handle fork  (have broken many wooden handles) that I broke down and bought recently is worth all those pennies ... I can sink it into the weeds, snug a wood branch 'wedge' behind it, then tip it back with my 'maximum' force, using leverage and my weight to magnify the effect.  Wish I had bought it years ago, even though it is heavy.  I love leverage!!!  May an 'Easy(ier) Way with Leverage' thread would be helpful, especially for us older folks who think we'll last forever ; )
2 years ago
BTW, I'd like some 'done it' advice on various ways to use pulleys.   Maybe a whole thread on the infinite ways to use leverage to make us weak old people so much 'stronger' :)
2 years ago
I assume everyone knows about the 'Low Tech' and 'No Tech' websites that are fascinating!  Just Google them'

And my suggestion is for moving biggish rocks.  Simple, of course, but just tip a wheelbarrow over on it's side, close to the rock as possible, then roll, 'walk', shove etc a rock over the side and as close to the now-vertical bottom as possible.  Then push (or pull) on the far side to raise the barrow upright ... usually works for me.  Then I can slooowly wheel barrow it away.  (The slower, the older I get :)
2 years ago
Check out this for info on growing and propagating  (I think they do not produce seeds, but to go by many names )

BTW, I've grown them (got plants online and from local nursery), but when ignored, they grow into monsters.  Limbs that fall over, keep going, sending their children skyward.  They are beautiful, and in my 7-8 zone, they overwinter quite well and are totally perennial.  (And I think they crossbreed promiscuously, hence to myriad names.)

I'm going to try Baker's 'thousand head kale' this year, also.  (Don't ask me why...?)

2 years ago
Would if I could :)  BTW, what is the course fee?  (not to mention the cost of travel, etc.)  
2 years ago
Thanks, all... so helpful!   Especially, Nicole, as usual .... do tell more about 'taking care of your (diabolical) bind weed (!)'.  TIA
2 years ago