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nancy sutton

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since Feb 22, 2010
Federal Way, WA - Western Washington (Zone 8 - temperate maritime)
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Recent posts by nancy sutton

And, hey, here's from the 'Biochar vs Hugelculture' thread in biochar forum...."The very first thing I am going to do with the next batch of available char is spread it in the chicken cave.  I did this on a very tiny scale last year with some char from a laboratory  and it seemed to have a great effect.  Once the chickens tilled it in the air sweetened up because the char absorbs so much."  It's from Marc Flora's (long) posting (2009) on how he planned to handle zillons of tons of bug-killed conifers north of Helena, MT.  
4 days ago
This serendipitous series of articles, and JW's practice, etc. reminds me of Thoreau's "if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams (er... theories?)  ... he will meet with a success (a Cornell article?) unexpected in common hours" : )  
4 days ago
Maybe tangential, but your mention of "using wide roof over hangs as auxilary space" reminded me of the traditional Japanese house as described in 'Just Enough' by Asby Brown (may have been discussed in a Permies podcast sometime back).  But it is totaly square :)  And also, 'hempcrete' ... hmmm
1 week ago
Thanks all, for the good info!!  Stacy, I've got a gallon jar of lemon peels in distilled vinegar... probably a year old!  Good to hear of your experience.  I found the idea on Erica Strauss' (now archived) website.  (it has tons of great info + very entertaining, especially re: PNW)

BTW, I think I 'made' approximately 20% vinegar by freezing a known amount of regular 5% distilled, then put it out to start defrosting.  I poured the liquid off as it thawed, until I had a quarter of the beginning amount.  (Acetic acid has a lower freezing point than H2O). So... at 5% vinegar, does that mean my 1/4 amount is about 20% ... maybe ? (I did the math, but it's not my strong suit :)

Also, apparently it worked great for Mark Fulford in Maine, for his carrot crop -

"--Approximately 1-2 days before the carrot plants were expected to emerge, the now very weedy
bed was sprayed with a mixture of water, vinegar and citrus oils. This burns down the weed
growth in full sun light and allows the emerging carrots full use of the bed with little or no competition.
--40 days into the season, a half hour of hand weeding was sufficient to clear any late-germinating
weeds from within the 4 rows of carrots. This was the only weed control time spent for the test
1 week ago
PNW - bindweed, for sure.  Re: English ivy, I have to cut it back/down, every year, but now consider it 'harvestsing biomass', as the 'bundles' make effective mulch.  And quack grass, I just sit on my stool, and 'fork' the roots out... just a delaying tactic, but at least it's sitting down work (same for the ivy... I can sit on a burlap sack to clip it.)
1 week ago
I noticed that the vinegar-citrus-soap herbicide seems to work well for him... will have to look for threads on this.

Also, FWIW, regarding the wider spacing, Steve Solomon has written a book on farming in dry conditions, and advises planting more widely spaced.

1 week ago
Wow, indeed, JW!  Thanks for posting this.  I'd read about 'SRI' years ago, it's amazing results in production (and profits) for Asian rice farmers... and the push back from the agricultural, industry & academic institutions who found it incredible, and said so quickly and loudly.   Now I'm off to track down Mark Fulford (sp ?)... thanks again!!
1 week ago
Well, there are some folks who don't think they're getting any value unless they pay for it (what else to do with their $$).  And others who have to count their pennies and are experts at finding the 'free' stuff.  Being one of the latter, I find permaculture info is quite available, in pieces, on line (like right here!), and in whole at the library (books, CD's etc galore - does anyone need a list of authors/titles?).  I'm just glad that the principles, in their various flavors, are seeping into the zeitgeist... through many channels and labels.  (Of course, I have a personal 'problem' with 'true believers' of every stripe, i.e, the 'my way or the highway' types...maybe being raised Catholic, it started when I learned that the Pope was supposed to be 'infallible' lol!)
2 weeks ago
FWIW, I posted the OP to alert to the large and powerful 'political' campaign to limit (by a number of means) our access to meat.   I don't really care how any one eats (althuogh sharing personal stories is fun and educational :), but I do care about an effort to limit our options... as this certainly is... IMO : )  I didn't intend to trigger a debate over which of the many 'diets' is better... just want meat eaters to be aware of this threat (not to mention the damage to our environment that could result from erasing animals from our agriculture).
1 month ago
Thanks, Gir Bot.... I had wondered about 'exposing' that email address... and now I don't have to wonder any more.  Fixed it, I hope :)