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since Feb 22, 2010
Federal Way, WA - Western Washington (Zone 8 - temperate maritime)
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Recent posts by nancy sutton

I've used burlap coffee sacks for paths, mulch, etc on top on the soil.  Here in the maritime PNW (rainy winter, dry summer), they tend to be mostly rotted within a year, and I've been wondering if the 'old' burlap  scraps might be a good 'organic material' to put in compost, or even just in planting holese, to turn into humus.  But now, I wonder if it would also be very good at holding water, if it rots slowly underground... hmmm ?  Underground here wouldn't be anaerobic, as under humanure might be.... or not?
6 days ago
Thanks a bunch for this, Julia!!   Soooo needed, I think... I chipped in $10, also.  Hope we permies can put it over the top :)
1 week ago
I can't wait to read all these lovely books!!   (Being a child at my 72 yo heart :)   A book that truly touched me that I found at the age of about 10, at our 'bookstore', Goodwill, was "Wild Animals I Have Known" by Ernest Thompson Seton.  It's not for pre-school, but I can't help mentioning it  : )
1 week ago
I believe that Richard Perkins is British... not American.  And I think he's trying to describe 'generally' a way of life, at it's most appealing, that actually provides a living - he's selling the 'it's possible!' idea.  I'm not sure there are any 'commercial' permacultural farmers that are doing that without the added income from  PDC's, workshops, books, etc.... even Sepp!  (Maybe Salatin? Neither C Stone nor JM Fortier have animals.)  We need to see way more of those, I think.  

And it seems that Paul is on a whole other wavelength... really wants to do the next-to-impossible - grow a very pure village!... so it's the apples & oranges.... no comparison! : )  (If anyone can, Paul will.)
Regarding the last post, the newspaper article, about the denial of rezoning....  I thought it was interesting that, apparently, some folks were afraid that the change would allow a future owner to 'develop' the property, i.e., Schultz's 36 cabins could lead to a lot more housing... and possibly be the camel's nose.  Schultz may have to come up with another money raiser... maybe allowing only  fewer temporary campers.... or do workshops, etc... something that is not permanent housing.  Or do a crowd-funding..... he's pretty creative!
2 months ago
Really enjoyed Jocelyn's and Paul's take on this astonishing chapter in US history... I followed in the newspapers in the 80's, and the docu really fleshed out the story.  (I always thought the Raj 'looked'.. not quite right).   Just want to say that the Bagwhan was preaching a variation of Hinduism, not Buddhism at all.  (Buddhism did originate in the Hindu philosophy, but took a distinct turn.... see the Wiki descriptions for the Q&D histories)   Thanks! :)
'Susan Pruitt.... way to go, girl!!  You remind me of another inspiration here... Tracy!! (among many I haven't run into... yet ;)    I 'know' a lot of this,... but I need to 'remember' it all the time!! lol    Thanks... I'll put your story where I can reread it often :)

Nothing like a 'good' story to implant a good lesson.
3 months ago
The wife sounds very depressed, self destructive, and taking it out on husband.  She won't take care of her health, is apparently controlling, and self-centered.  She needs to fix personal problems that probably preceded and have nothing to do with husband ... doubt anyone else can do it for her.  Good counseling might surface this for her to address, with or without husband.  That's all from one husband's perspective, however.  Btw,  I believe many a therapist has stated that 'in love/infatuation' is actually a form of mental illness... 'seeing what you want to see'... and reality will inevitably have to be dealt with.
3 months ago
I give Burnt Ridge 10 our of 10 points... it is my favorite mail order nursery!!   I much prefer to buy from them... best prices for quality plants, plus a very wide selection.  I got excellent advice the few times I called, and their online customer service is prompt and helpful.  BTW, as I can drive to the Olympia Farmers Market (an excellent market, worth the trip :), I have arranged to pick up my order there, and saved some shipping cost (they've had a stall at the market during their selling season).   Again... my fave!