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nancy sutton

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since Feb 22, 2010
Federal Way, WA - Western Washington (Zone 8 - temperate maritime)
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Shawn... hang in there!!  I'll skip the physical book, keep the $15 pledge... I'll stay with my original $10 reward... call any difference a 'donation'.  Thanks for all your hard work...much appreciated.
4 days ago
I got a 'weird' email, too.  I guess I upped my original $10 pledge to $15, which added the physical book.  But the $15 doesn't cover shipping?  Or.... ??? I'm confused... just throw in another e-treat for the extra $5... we'll call it even :)   (Don't think there's any shipping involved.. ?)   Or... keep the $15, and provide the $10 stuff... I'll consider it a donation to my favorite 'charity' : )
1 week ago
Been cutting my own hair since I paid at a beauty shop, then came home to 'fix' it.  That might have been age 30, and now 72.  I cut it short at one time, and now it is easy that it is long and pinned up.   My secret was the discovery of 'thinning shears'... can't make a bad cut if you go cross the end of each cut with the thinning shears... it all blends in :)
3 weeks ago
Dear Gir Bot.... thanks for all you do.... so well!!  And please thank Paul for the microdoc..... ox
Hopefully not wandering too far off topic, but, Jondo, re: Baxter's experiments, there is a recently noticed problem with scientific research ... the 'decline effect' and 'replication crisis' (see Wiki articles on both).  It seems that trials and experiments, when repeated, often no not produce the trusted results that the originals had, no one knows why.   It is causing concern in the scientific community.  I, personally, have a problem with 'scientists' who have already decided what is possible and what is impossible, before using the scientific process to explore a hypothesis (seems to drift into 'dogma' and undermines science's specialty!)

BTW, another great book on animal intelligence is 'Animal Wise' by Morrell... re: fish, see the chapter on the archer fish.  Frans de Waal has long explored animal emotions... especially in primates.  I, too, find this subject utterly engrossing!

1 month ago
Some one mentioned 'books', and here's a new one that might provided needed scientific research (not subsidized by Big Ag, et al) to counter the suspect rationales in the 'EAT Lancet' report:  (I've already put in a 'Purchase Request' at my library :)
'Nutrition in Crisis', by Feinman, published by Chelsea Green, 2019.
1 month ago
There is an interesting article by Michael Pollan in The New Yorker - 'Plant Intelligence' on this research... note how 'sensitive plants' (a kind of mimosa?) remembered that being dropped was not dangerous enough to cause them to fold their leaves up.  : )  Google 'plant intelligence pollan new yorker'

1 month ago
And, hey, here's from the 'Biochar vs Hugelculture' thread in biochar forum...."The very first thing I am going to do with the next batch of available char is spread it in the chicken cave.  I did this on a very tiny scale last year with some char from a laboratory  and it seemed to have a great effect.  Once the chickens tilled it in the air sweetened up because the char absorbs so much."  It's from Marc Flora's (long) posting (2009) on how he planned to handle zillons of tons of bug-killed conifers north of Helena, MT.  
2 months ago
This serendipitous series of articles, and JW's practice, etc. reminds me of Thoreau's "if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams (er... theories?)  ... he will meet with a success (a Cornell article?) unexpected in common hours" : )  
2 months ago
Maybe tangential, but your mention of "using wide roof over hangs as auxilary space" reminded me of the traditional Japanese house as described in 'Just Enough' by Asby Brown (may have been discussed in a Permies podcast sometime back).  But it is totaly square :)  And also, 'hempcrete' ... hmmm
2 months ago