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Recent posts by Cindy Haskin

Jay Angler wrote:

Personally, I would mostly stick with what I've been working on - finding patterns that are largely based on rectangles and adapting them to fit me. Learning to use gussets to replace complicated shapes that are integral with single pattern pieces, or simply being prepared to "piece" fabric like they did in the past to make better use of a yard of material. Our current sewing/clothing industry is based on cheap material and cheap labor and has resulted in tremendous pollution and waste. The fact that the OP is at least thinking about that issue and suggesting an alternative, is worthy!

Jay, I think you have the right idea of working with squares and rectangles. Especially when trying to create a denser fabric than what I can get with crochet. (I don't knit. And while I have a couple of knitting looms, I've not yet worked with them.)  
In a SHTF scenario, knowing how to get fibers to become cloth to become clothing is, IMHO, an extremely important skill set. And I've been interested in how this happens since I was probably about 10 and attended my first Renaissance Faire with my mom.
Thank you everyone for the input and ideas.
6 hours ago

Dorothy Pohorelow wrote:

Carla Burke wrote:Dorothy, I absolutely LOVE that your group calls itself a "support group", lol - because fiber work/play/art really DOES become an addiction!  

Do you have any personal experience with the Pampa loom?

Be forewarned we do a lot of enabling in the group also...  No personal experience with them but I have seen projects from them posted in the  group.  Grin I am still collecting pin looms from different makers.  And the makers are still developing different looms based on pin spacing, shape etc.  Bluebonnet Crafts developed a hexagon and has now a whole line of sizes, pin spacing, and elongated hexagons you can get.  Wunderwag looms is now adding a line of looms with wider spacing almost like the Blue Butterfly looms. Um yeah I love my pin looms because they are so portable mine are mostly squared but range from 1 inch to 6 inch squares and rectangles.  

I've joined the support group and everyone is very supportive! I've purchased a 4" square pin loom called the Zoom Loom and woven over 50 little squares just playing with yarn weight and color changes.  They worked up fast and it's quite portable. But I don't relish joining so many tiny pieces to create a much larger whole.

There are many sizes and shapes available in pin looms, from several reputable makers. My 2nd pinloom is a 2 foot triangle.  It takes me a couple hours to complete one.  Two of these joined along the hypotenuse will make a square of approximately 17" (called a 2 foot loom based on the length of the hypotenuse- or longest edge). I am working towards making a piece of clothing with these triangle-shaped bits of woven cloth, using 2 strands held together while weaving in what's called continuous strand weaving.
1 day ago