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My mother was raised in the country by those who had been farmers. She moved to the big city (LA), and had a daughter who wants to move back to the country, and farm. She couldn't understand that!
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Recent posts by Deedee Dezso

Kathy Vargo wrote:Are you in W. VA yet?  

Yup. Closing in on the anniversary date of arrival! There is so much life everywhere I look! Many plants I've never seen before that I have to learn if the are good or bad; do any have medicinal qualities,  are some edible?

3 days ago

Timothy Norton wrote:Are you trying to upload photos as attachments to your posts or are you trying to use images from other site hosts?

From my phone mostly. Certainly in this case.
I think I'm using Google. I'm in a location that isn't consistent in reception.  I don't have an independent internet device/router thingy. I don't have trouble posting to places like Facebook or ordering from Amazon.  And my only access is by way of my android cell phone.

Not just photos. I typed quite the inspired post of about 3 paragraphs that was lost upon hitting the post button. I tried again from a different location,  attempting to recapture the inspiration. I added 2 photos and hit send. Disappeared again,  lost forever to wherever these things go.

This isn't the first or 2nd time.  While I was still in California on a desktop, I experienced this a time or three. I get very frustrated when my inspired writings vanish, poof, are lost to wherever they go. So I end up not posting at all, not even knowing if it's at my end, your end, or just in the air!

Ela La Salle wrote:My son and I are "bugs people". We stay out late and watch moths (among other insects). The one that we ever saw landing on flowers  were hummingbird moths. Huge moths on our white Datura plant. Just like the hummingbirds,  we hear them before we see them. Spectacular site!  

As "bug people " you should know that the "humming bird moths" are hornworms found most typically on your tomatoes and peppers.  And that they overwinter in chrysalis underground.

So don't kill all those big green caterpillars on your tomatoes! Plant more tomatoes!!
5 days ago
Now tried 4 more times to add photos. And this is why I'm not posting much at all.
Hi Barb- welcome to another rabbit hole!  I can't tell you how many exactly,  but plan on more than 2 and less than 3. I'm including the fabric for the warp in this, but I've learned that not all who twine use a fabric strip warp, some use kitchen twine (off-white cotton string).

Also, don't overlook the use of fitted sheets! I trim off the elastic bits and cut just like the flat sheets.  But then there are those who prefer tearing strips, and I may try that on a next rug project as it's reputed to not have so many frays that slide ever looser as I work my rug looms.

And of course, if you want different bands of colors in your piece, there's a few more partial sheets to figure in. I get alot of fray (that I trim as I go) from thin polyester and micro fiber sheets, so I cut them wider to accommodate that, but I prefer flannels. If you use jersey sheets,  don't use them for warp, and Do watch your tension as too much tension on the loom will create an area pulled in off loom, as will any stretchy fabric.

One more caution to offer. If your strips won't hold up to a hard pull, like that of the tension warps endure, then don't use them.

I've never sewn anything in my twined rugs. Not the changes in strips or the strips to reduce/ prevent the frays. I just trim them as I go and afterwards if needed.

If you think you want a fringed end, cut them before you get past the 2nd weft row and work them in around the 1st row, both ends.

Good luck in your experiments. Let us see what you make. And there are groups on Facebook to help.
3 months ago
When my kids were small I had a children's foods cookbook that had a recipe for peanut butter balls as a lunch or snack item. As always, don't feed these to children under 1 year because of the honey.

I don't remember the amounts of each, so I sweeten to taste then add the dry milk, and some wheat germ in, as well as rolling the balls in wheat germ.

Smooth peanut butter (1/2 cup-ish)
Honey to taste
Mix well before tasting.
Perhaps a tablespoon wheat germ  added in before finishing with dry milk powder (1 cup?) until mix is no longer sticking to the bowl.

Roll into small bite-sized balls. Roll balls in wheat germ or sprinkles if you like. Refrigerate. Serve with apple slices and or carrot or celery sticks.

Also good for elderly folks.  I used to care for a 90 something lady who had a hard time chewing regular foods. These, and honey-sweetened tea, are what kept her going for the longest time once we reached the point of pureed foods only. I read recently that 1 tea or tablespoon of honey can sustain a person for 24 hours!

5 months ago