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My mother was raised in the country by those who had been farmers. She moved to the big city (LA), and had a daughter who wants to move back to the country, and farm. She couldn't understand that!
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This year my spring happys are the trees popping new leaves and 2 mouthfuls of baby mixed lettuce from my raised hugel bed the day after Spring Equinox! Since it rained all night the greens I ate were clean, and in my mouth before I got in the house! I like the concept of eating on the run while walking around the yard.
1 week ago
It seems fixed. Probably a time lag. The number of original posts hadn't kicked from 24 to 25, despite refreshing and waiting awhile.

Isn't there another level to achieve? What comes after Pioneer? Settler? Townfolk? I can't wait to see.
I recently got this in my email

"Congratulations! You have completed the Pioneer scavenger hunt
Fri, Mar 17, 7:09 PM (18 hours ago)
to me

I am gir bot! A rather limited bot buried deep within the bowels of the software. I come to life once in a while to talk about my favorite things!

I just now found out that you completed my favorite scavenger hunt!  I am so happy that I gave you a piece of PIE (Permaculture Inner-Circle Elite)! "

I do appreciate the pie, and I immediately went to see what the next scavenger hunt says I need to do, find, experience.... and it says I am still one original post short. Not sure if the email or the Hunt list is off.

Can someone give me a clue which or what ???
Then duct tape it is! Thank you for the input!

Cheaper, more body-correct, easy to store, and can make multiples for next to nothing. Who could ask for better!!
1 week ago
Let me start by saying I've never used or owned one. I'm weighing the wisdom of getting and using one. I don't currently make alot of my clothing, but I'd like to be doing more of it. I used to make a few items for my children. Shorts, wool lined long pants (those got passed along from eldest to youngest, boy and girls alike), a couple pull-over long-sleeves. I've made myself an oversized caftan-style zipper robe that I still use probably over 30 years later! I don't really know how this info contributes to the decision of purchasing a large, bulky piece of equipment that will further crowd my living space.

I don't even have a clue what they might cost, where I might find one if I do get one. I'm not sure I'd know what to look for? I'm pretty curvy all over. What if I want to use it for someone considerably small than I am. Or taller than myself?

I know there are plenty of great folks out here who have used one. How did using it change how you sew? Is there a magical secret to learn? I want to know.

You have the floor!
1 week ago
I agree that a naturally tanned leather product would be your best bet at preventing snags, and covering other requirements in your list. I think  these clothing items might be a bit pricey to invest in, but the investment would likely be worth it as the item would be able to serve it's purpose for many years.  But cool in the summer? Not.

I have looked at prices for clothing that fits this bill, all natural, locally made, etc. and they aren't as cheap as what is available en masse. It's BECAUSE of the specifics of things like local and organic that raise the price.  "Specialty" clothing isn't inexpensive but it does exist.

Have you tried thrift stores? The shopping process takes more time in these, but you can find wonderful rewards. Often "on the cheap" as it were.

Shy of growing your own, spinning the threads or yarn, butchering the animal you raised and tanning yourself, then making the garments needed, I'm not sure there is an easier way to find them, and being sure they fit. However, I'm finding that 100% wool can be warm or cool. Linen and silk wick moisture away from the skin.

I hope you will keep us apprised of the rest of this story as you journey along it!
1 month ago
Ah, the blessings of free chopsticks in quantity! As I don't ever use delivery of take out, I find myself inside the food establishments. Or at the least at their drive up window. When we go for Chinese food, my significant other doesn't use them, and I have a nice purchased set to use for eating with, I get several extra sets to use for the "off-label" purposes! In preparation for the move, I've tossed the excess to save a bit of space.

That said, I have used my supplies of chopsticks for plant supports while young, or supports for a saran-wrap cover in lieu of a rigid plastic cover when I need to tent seedlings to maintain moisture. Great size for dibbing small holes for seeds to go into. Marking the rows in a raised bed, or use for indoor starts to remind you which type of seed is in which planting. For this I often add a length of tape in flag fashion having written the name and date on the tape.

Much stronger than the wooden shish-kebob sticks offered for the purpose.  Good kindling in a pinch.

I suppose one "could" use them for a small, makeshift weaving loom, but I've not tried.
1 month ago
I now know I can design a food and medicine garden on much less land due to permaculture principles and practices to be able to sustain a large family group.

I've learned more about rocket mass heating so I can keep that family warmer on less fuel.

I've found a community I can feel proud to be a part of because there are teachers around every corner happy to assist, and others ready to listen to what I have to contribute; and plenty of folks who have fun with silly stuff, so there is balance to all the serious things.

And it doesn't matter where in the world you are, what your personal situation is, all are welcome as long as you are sensible about kindness.
Perhaps the answer to having fresh eggs and relative quiet isn't chickens at all, but ducks! They do make some noises, and need more water than chickens, if only an extra bucket to clean their faces and heads when eating, but I understand the eggs they lay are much richer and larger than the average chicken egg.

Something to look into at the very least!
1 month ago
I don't see any suggestion for making your own Lemon Pepper seasoning. Grate the rind but avoid the pith and let it dry out. Add to fresh ground pepper, and if you like your seasonings all in one, add an appropriate amount of salt to balance. Pour into a nice container and use on fish or chicken dishes.

Since I've never tried to grate a spent lemon, I'm not sure if it's any easier or harder than grating before you use it for juice. But if you know you want to use grated peel before you squeeze them, it can be done and then you'll get none of the oils from the rind on you or in what you make with the juice! But I love the smell of lemon oils on my hands when I squeeze for juice! An aromatherapy moment!
1 month ago