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I choosed thin aluminum single use  plates to make  the metal jacket wich will cover the barrel and inbetween them the fan will blow air.
Couldnt find otther source for such thin aluminum .
Il have to straighten them and bind them together.
For when the stove will be installed outdoor,the aluminum jacket will be covered in rockwool for insulation and then another layer of metal sheet to keep the rock wool dry if it rains or snows.
2 years ago
Insulator for what? For a home walls would be a really bad idea since this is verry combustible.

It withstands high temps but it gets oxidised and cant be used lets say to insulate a riser of the rocket stove.
2 years ago

Gerry Parent wrote:The equalization of temperature that I think Thomas is referring to is the temperature inside vs outside the riser. The closer they are = less draft, the further apart = more draft.
Of course this is just one influence on draft but have you room for more or better insulation on your riser? For example, a "5 minute riser" made from ceramic fiber blanket is probably the most compact riser your ever going to get to fit into your tight space.
Relying on a fan to do something the stove should already do naturally though is a bandaid solution and can become a much bigger issue if it decided to stop working.  

That fan its brushless and build to run non stop for about 30 years or so.Much longer than the stove can last and its only 25 Watts at 12 volts.It made for high end gas heating furnaces and wood gasification heating centrals.
It wont fail and because the stove will be mounred outdoor,it wont be a big issue that the fan stopped working.

As for the 5 min riser,ive ordered a ceramic blanket as Thomas recommended allready.
2 years ago
An old lady here had a heavy meral door where she keeps chickens.
The foor was broken and she had to move that heavy door to close the chickens.
She asked her neighbours to fix it but nobody did until i came from the city to the village and she asked me.
I took the door at my home and i weld it them put it in place .
It amazed me that such old lady because nobody had helped her ,she tryed to weld the door by herself with an improvised stick welding machine and the cables of that welding machine were from thick and solid aluminum,not flexible.

She gave me a bag of eggs from her chickens.
2 years ago