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When I rebuilt a hay wagon I bought a shed framing kit from northern tool:
It made it simple and sturdy to build a coop atop the wagon.
1 month ago
You are in PA.
I would go with Musser Forests, Inc. out of Indiana, PA:
From the Michigan Nature Association I find this to be key-“They grow on sand or thin soil over limestone rich gravel or bedrock.”
I have no experience growing this plant, though I did get to see this threatened plant a few years ago in its native habitat.
I assume getting the right alkalinity along with maintaining proper water level are the limiting factors for this threatened plant.
2 months ago
We had Muscovies for almost 40 years.
You need corn.  Yes, they eat tons of insects, but in winter, be ready with the corn.
They fend for themselves. They went in the big barn where the cows were.
Hens were always laying and hatching in the hay bales at drop of a hat.
They average about 12+ hatching on a nest of almost 20 eggs- Temperature dependent and how often she leaves to drink water or get corn...
They could have a better success rate if you confined the hen to a big empty water tank and made a sturdy lid for her so she could mother without having to worry about predators.  We had a pond about 1000 Feet away but they mostly stuck to the 2 Acres around the barnyard.  (50-75 ducks sometimes on less than 2 Acres of ranging through cow pies in summer, eating fly larvae.  That was the purpose of having barnyard ducks).

2 months ago
Burdock is for gout relief. The herb has xanthine oxidase inhibitor, the enzyme that makes uric acid crystals in your blood/ inflammation in your joints.
You can make a tea or decoration of it.  Never tried making a meal of the the roots though, because they taste like dirt.
4 months ago is a service to add your name and address to and you will get wood chips from tree cutters.
(I have not.  I live in a rural area and have been listed on the site for years.  Still waiting for wood chips).
4 months ago
2003 I pressure washed a basement after a house fire.  This resulted in a bad sinus/bronchial/flu infection.  I self-medicated with a home-made bottle of elderberry wine, which someone in the family had given the year prior.  This was the medicine I needed: I was finally able to sleep like a log as it gave my nose, throat and lungs time to rest.  I do not advocate getting drunk, but elderberry wine at 13% alcohol is big medicine.  Really it was like taking a cold medicine to sleep.  I am a believer in elderberry medicine.  I would make my own medicine but elderberry does not grow much around here.   If I could get it to grow I would plant it.
5 months ago
“The Greenest Paint There Is”
A milk paint by Old Fashioned Milk Paint - Utah, USA
5 months ago