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since Feb 13, 2020
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Recent posts by Todd O'Brian

Here are some better pictures from today.  It was earlier so the light was better.  Hopefully these scratch the itch.  
2 months ago
WooooWeee, I didn't realize how fast this chain gets dull, tried to cut a limb and it took WAAAAY too long.  The sharpened picture doesn't do it justice, but I had to use natural light because of my limited electricity.  It cuts much better now.  Good stuff to learn.
2 months ago
Here are some of the dead stand I took down for this pile.  

2 months ago
My black bean and chorizo soup - I'm really bad about following a particular recipe... I mostly just feel my way through it.
Garlic Cloves - minced
Black Beans - soaked over night
1/2 Yellow Onion - diced
1/2 Red Onion - diced
1 green onion - chopped
1 jalapeno - diced
chicken stock
cumin, red pepper flakes, hot sauce, salt, pepper, and whatever else tickles my fancy.  
You can see some tortillas in the final picture, bread works too, so do crackers, or without... like I said, recipes are something I'm challenged with.
Here is my firewood.  Some additional photos are available from my bowsaw/chainsaw dead tree submission. I've got a LOT of dead trees.  I placed the wheelbarrow for scale.
2 months ago
It is a small area, but the floor was really nasty.  I recently bought the place and it hadn't been cleaned in eight or nine months.
2 months ago
My pictures don't really do justice to how dirty some of these windows were.  There were 7 windows and a door but I'll refrain from THAT many pictures, unfortunately I'm too techno illiterate to do compilation photos.  Window cleaner materials also included.
2 months ago
Fun fact.  In the stone age, a family group (15-20 people) was able to clear roughly 3 acres of forest per year using stone axes (the figure given was a century to clear half a square mile).
3 months ago
The property I purchased had three structures, each of which needed gutters cleaned.  FREE COMPOST, YAY!!
3 months ago