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since Feb 17, 2020
We (wife and I) bought a small property to make into our retirement home.
The garden is 30th x 45’, chickens started at 12 but has moved to 5 including rooster, (talk about to many eggs!)
I have planted 3 apple, 2 cherry, 4 peach, 3 pear, 2 plum, 2 fig trees, 3 Muscidine, raspberries, blueberries,grapes, and blackberries.
After 1 summer of trimming and cutting grass I discovered permies for this year. MUCH NEEDED!
Upstate SC
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We were watching a show on Netflix that’s made in Poland, there was a scene of a church cellar and briefly I saw the same opening in the back wall as yours. I searched old polish root cellars and an image popped up titled old rectory cellar that had one, and one that had an opening in the buttery room that monks used in the old days.
I thought it was interesting and if you ever searched it out the info may help.
2 months ago
My asparagus is doing well(2 years old) next to my tomato’s!
3 months ago
That rear access may be a great back saver, set stuff in there to store on the shelves instead of humping it down the stairs.
If it’s big enough.
3 months ago
A double fence, 4’ high and about 4’ in from the main fence has worked here. They won’t jump where they can’t land is the thought. I also planted peas where I want you route them to, grow fast and they like them.
4 months ago
I would also consider running it through the inside of the garage and directly to a tote. Properly installed pvc will be no different than the plumbing in your house as far as leaks go.
5 months ago
We used to live an hour east of Lexington in Morehead, Ky.
I loved the area and the people of Kentucky are great! Good luck in your land hunt and hope you find the bluegrass as delightful as we did!
5 months ago
Make sure they are getting 5-6 hours direct sun, high humidity can cause that also
6 months ago

Marianne Cicala wrote:Hey Rufus. No- the pond and the boulder terraces were hired out- way beyond our 60 year old abilities -lol. I found a young guy, maybe 25, who’s dad has an earthworks company, that just ventured out on his own.  He’s been on heavy equipment since he was 10.  That boy was fast, affordable and could probably move a penny with that equipment.  I flagged it, he asked questions etc then off he went.  1 day to dig the pond and 1.5 days for the terraces.  
I am use to VA compacted clay, so digging the little stuff was a breeze in the soil.  Shovel, hoe and a good rake was all that I needed and happily traveled here with those.  
Thanks for checking this out.  When we realized we would “shelter” here, my first thought was - my seeds are in VA!!!  Seeds, some bare roots (like strawberries) and some whips were the first thing I got.  Toilet Paper never hit my gotta have list- hahaha!  Stay safe~

That is a wonderful looking property you found!
6 months ago
Look up the Ruth Stout method, I would stay small this year in containers and concentrate on making your garden bed for next spring. Ask in the nearest township or a tree cutting company about free wood chips and leaves this fall from a township.
I would start a compost heap ASAP though! If you live near pines the needles are great for gardens, as long as they are brown they won’t make your soil acidic.
If there are any horse farms nearby you might get manure for free or shovel all you want! Composted horse poop is great stuff.
Good luck!