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Elizabeth Adler

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since Feb 18, 2020
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Hi Leaf
Saw your post since it came out. Am surprised nobody contacted you -Women are fools.... I hope you are well and I hope the coronavirus disaster isn't causing trouble for you and you and your lovely kids stay healthy and safe. Us in Europe are affected. Hope you stay healthy.
If you want to know more about me I hope we can chat.
Best regards
2 months ago
My name is Elizabeth and i just joined this post after googling off grid living which has been a life long dream of mine. I saw your picture and thought i contact you. You look so nice and happy.
Unfortunately i am in Europe (UK ) and not in Montana! (I rather be in Montana though- ironically one of the destinations i longed to visit all my life) I long to live away from people and to have a view on mountains,,,tend to my garden and cook for me and someone with me...(i am an awesome cook/
I am 47years ...(and proud of it) 5ft 11" and from german / croatian descent and born and bred German...I lived the last 20 years in England and have no relatives left to go to (both parents are dead)
I am slim, brown hair, grey eyes and have a good sense of humour...( I don't take myself too seriously...)
I got a lovely shepherd dog called Bess....and no ties to anywhere anymore...due to two failed longterm relationships in which both men decided to have midlife crisises and went of with younger models...
Let me know if you would like to talk to me ...i attached a pic of me....I dont have that many as i am not a selfie pic taker LOL
3 months ago