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elle sagenev wrote:. I tried duct taping it and continuing use but it just wasn't working.

You are supposed to use coupling for repair. Also having read about irrigation the last couple of days,
everything i read/saw confirms matts conclustion that drip tape is not a good solution.
It is a seasonal product by design. If you want drip go for the tubes with in-line emmiters.

3 hours ago
Hi All,

i want to plant Dandelion, asap. Goal is to use its roots as excract for cancer treatment,
specifically small cell lung cancer(SCLC).

There are reports that something in dandelions kills cancer cells:

Pandey’s earlier research showed how dandelion root extract caused cancer cells to kill each other while sparing normal, healthy cells.

Some permie gut feeling tells me that commercially available products stem from a monoculture of dandelions which probably is not as good as a wild flower.

Now what is a wild flower? Does the random dandelion on a fallow field count?
But then again the attempt to research the history of said field spells trouble.
Again permie gut feeling tells me you don't want to use dandelions from a field
that had evil agricultural practices taken its toll on it.

So i want to grow dandelions specifically for this purpose.
And i want to grow dandelions that are at least as good as those that grow randomly in the landscape.

Currently i have access to a small field in the mediterrean,
you can get a rough description of it here:

As described in the thread, it is embedded within an area with no agricultural
activity in the last decades but for mowing and grazing of cattle,goats and sheep.
(and of course my small scale messing around with earthworks, shrubs and fruit trees)
So i assume it is "clean".

(most of the yellow stuff here is Ranunculus)

There are some dandelions there, but i am not sure if there is enough,
as most of the stuff there clearly isn't dandelions:

There are some in disturbed areas:

Now look, i don't even know which species specifically i should grow, and where to get the seeds from.
So any help is apreciated, but i am looking for that elder who can just say
"Get this, do that", because of experience.

All techniques and inputs allowed.
Companion plants, irrigiation, soils, mulch, amendments, greenhouses,compaction, disturbance even a plot in a different climate, you name it, i bring it.

I know this is a serious topic, and giving advice might be legaly troublesome for some people in some countries,
but currently the alternative is internet bought extract sold as dietary supplement.
So yes, it has been diagnosed as terminal so this may be more of a coping mechisn than an actual treatment,
but i think there is no risk to trying it, as side effects of this treatment have been reported to be negligible.
And i firmly believe that what i can grow with love and the help of this community will be more effective than
what can be bought commercially, no matter what the actual effect is.
21 hours ago
I am surprised nobody mentioned the rainwater harvesting book:


It has a short but detailted (with lots of pictures) section on greywater, including examples of where it failed and why it failed.
5 days ago

Willy Walker wrote:I would think quantity of poo makes it more dangerous as well.  Having some here and some there vs 5 gallons of our even more changes the opportunity for concern.    Same goes for backyard chicken house vs commercial chicken poop piles.  

According to the humanure book, if you have more poop, use more sawdust. I do not see why 10 equally well constructed compost piles should be more dangerous than one.
6 days ago

Andrea Locke wrote:
Also while I don't have confirmation of the exact height of the boat from keel to top of wheelhouse it is certainly more than 15 feet which means it won't fit under wires along the route. That gets expensive...possibly in the $40-50k range.

If you woud not had given up on it already i would have recommended not to do it.

I have quite some background with (used) boats so some things to consider:

- Boats are designed for structural stability when in water...there are some smaller boats where you can just stomp through the hull when its not in water
- Insulation on a boat takes into account that it is not freezing or hot from below. A boat on land in even partial sun can become a serious hellhole where you cannot breath anymore
- You have less windows for light/ventilation than on anything you can buy as house
- The resins used tend to gas off, most of them are NOT wateresistant...so many boats that have been neglected may float, but may also fall apart at the slightest stress
- You don't want to know how munch mould can build up on places you may not even know the boat has

I think it is an ok-ish temporary solution if you can aquire it cheap and if it's not a healt hazard.
However for $40-50k you can buy serious houses/tiny houses so i would not even consider the boat "solution" in this price range.
2 weeks ago
I can relate to this guy...the meme does not mention the beautiful palace he build in split, it is really worth a visit.
2 weeks ago

Les Jardins de la Grelinette is a 10-acre farm located in Quebec, Canada. This is a cold climate and a zone 5 plant hardiness area. The family cultivates 1½ acres (including one greenhouse and two hoop houses), and JMF considers this the optimal land base for tractorless farming.

So if the farm is 10 acres, and they market garden is 1,5 acres:
- How important are the othe 8,5 acres for the market garden?
- Are they used for input of mulch/compost?
- Are they habitat for beneficial insects that reduce pest pressure on the market garden?
-Are the fortiers also working on those 8,5 acres, so that the estimate of 50h/week in the market garden is too high?

How munch of the costs are actually the salaries of the workers and how munch is operating costs of the market garden?
3 weeks ago

Travis Schulert wrote:
3. 60% of garden grown as compost crops to feed the other 40% (if compost crops can be wild harvested you can use more of your garden for market or food crops)

So it's a 100% plant compost with no manure or anything else in it? If so i suppose you have to carfully select the compost plants for a correct C/N ratio?
Would composting hay also work?
3 weeks ago
I really hope to see more buildings like this.
3 weeks ago

Hans Quistorff wrote:
I think the ideal tree is a huge fan shape at the bottom and then a single center leader that is allowed to reach the trees natural height but not width of branches. when a tree has its natural height pruning it back produces less  sending up vertical growth to try to restore the lost height when pruned. This results in having many easterly reachable fruit and only a few high ones

I am not sure if i vizualize this correctly, does this sketch represent what you mean?

And if so, how do you prune the sideway-branches of this natural-height-central leader?
You most likely cannot reach it by ladder as the fan-shaped lower crown prevents this.

Or am i totally on the wrong track? I just have never seen a tree shaped like this anywhere,
so i am not even sure if i grasped your explanation?
3 weeks ago