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forest garden homestead
Building a homestead from scratch on 8 acres of brambles, rocks and hard clay. Years of construction experience and responding to the genetic call to return to the land.
Henry and the Great Society - HL Roush, Sr.
-Henry was right-
North Central North Carolina Zone 7B
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Recent posts by denny hall

Well what I learned after reading this post thread is I haven't got a clue ;-)

3 weeks ago

Anne Miller wrote:Hi Jenny
We use sulphur or sulfur for chiggers and other bugs.  It is a powder that you dust on.  You can buy it at most feed stores or maybe even garden stores.  Online at ebay, for sure.

If that sulfur helps with ticks too I'm a gonna need a few tons trucked in...
1 month ago
My Dad grew up on the land in Virginia, I can still recall his words on a chilly winter morning.  It's hog killing weather...

I suppose if you've got access to modern refrigeration equipment any time works but the old timers processed hogs in cold weather...
1 month ago
I am wondering if this idea may work in a linear open-air trench type design.  I am building an offgrid "outhouse" that will house a sawdust toilet, shower, vanity and washing machine.  I plan to drain into a 300 gallon grey water tank that will eventually feed trees.  Currently the plan is to drain to open air away down the slope towards a crick in the back edge of the property.  Instead of letting it naturally filter I might try piping to a trough or ditch lined with filter media, wood chips, manure worms etc.  If I pipe a little further to a shady area I might be able to grow some winecaps in the wood chips but not sure the fruiting fungi would adequately filter out any potential contaminates.  Anyone done something similar?  Concerns with the winecaps?  
1 month ago
I'm guessing I am under the apple threshold.  At the top doesn't it list a 6 apple requirement?  

Or maybe it was because I forgot and left my visor down, the sun was in my eyes on the way in to the forum this morning...

One other thing, are these stickers adhesive or magnetic?  'Cause I don't like them adhesive ones, when they get old it's too much work to scratch them off, the magnetic ones I can just remove & replace if I run through a car wash...
is it any good?  I am a serial learner so just wondering...
1 month ago
you know you're a permie when the sound of rain on a tin roof is music to your ears...

you know you're a permie when you think is a dating site...

you know you're a permie when you find a fungal discussion with a group of complete strangers normal...
1 month ago
I heard they are really expensive and with the price of solar going down for refrigeration it does make me wonder if I should go the route of taking an ac chest freezer and one of those over-control devices to turn it into a chest refrigerator.  I have to weigh the cost of upsizing solar and using ac appliances over these 12 volt solar or lpg alternatives.

Maybe sundanzers will eventually lower pricing as I have been wanting one for a while.
1 month ago