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Giuseppe is a versatile and results-oriented Agricultural Economist and Agronomist specializing in Permaculture, Food Security, and Environmental Management Systems dedicated to consulting large-scale farms through the transition to sustainable and regenerative agriculture to achieve maximum profitability naturally while creating a greener abundant earth for generations to come. Giuseppe is an Accredited Instructor by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and a permaculture consultant for the government of Jordan. Giuseppe serves the world permaculture community as the founder and general manager of the World Permaculture Association, the head of the Urban Permaculture Laboratory Educational Center, and manager of Rigenera, a Permaculture consulting company.
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I think only US citizens can buy it but Permies moderators can tell you better than me
2 years ago
Hello Ben, the goal of the guide is to be a practical tool to help you determine which plants to grow near each other and which to grow far apart. There are no the kind explanations you're searching.
2 years ago
Super thanks, you're toooooo kind!
This is fantastic, thank you so much for all the good work Devaka
Hi Devaka, could you kindly explain how the trackers work?
Thanks Devaka, that's working perfectly, thank you so much
Hi Devaka, did you had the chance to take a look at my affiliation board problem?