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but displayed OK.

No reference to Brussel Sprouts.
Am I the only one left in the world that likes them ?

3 years ago
Wow!  105,000 copies sold !
At $10 a pop, that's over a Million buckaroos...
Figure Mike gets at least half (likely more) of that, that's a half Mil in Mikes pocket...  Way to go Mike !   Bet that more than paid for your cave...
3 years ago
I have a perfect location for an underground dwelling, IN the hillside of a South facing canyon slope.
I could conceivably have room for up to a 2400 sq/ft single level floor plan 80ft wide by 30ft into the hillside...

Powered by Solar Array (not many trees left after the fire), and hydro from a year round creek flowing about 70ft below the build site.

I'm sure there will be some helpful, if not simply thought provoking ideas within.

Am I going to have to wait for a YEAR or more before this offer becomes available
3 years ago

I am signed up for the 'Daily...' and have been watching for that document to become 'free to download' as your site says it shall, then I keep getting the email referring to the freebies, and that #39 "Solar Station Construction Plans by Ben Peterson -- ebook" is ready for download, but I see no link for the FREE DOWNLOAD, and the text YOU typed is the only string that appears on the page (see attached  screenshot).

It is VERY confusing when you say something is GOING TO BE available for FREE DOWNLOAD, then start sending out emails regarding the 'freebies' and therein state that the "Solar Station Construction Plans by Ben Peterson -- ebook" is ready for download...

What EXACT TEXT (in emails, which is where we are told the notice shall come) should we ACTUALLY be looking for to signify that particular document is ACTUALLY "Ready for FREE Download" ?!?

paul wheaton wrote:

Dave Lee wrote:

Nicole Alderman wrote:Thank you for reporting that! I think I got it fixed.  Can you try again? It should be at the bottom of the thread, where attachments go.

Hi Nicole,

Would you please include a screenshot of where the attachment should be? All I see is an option to "purchase".  I've moused all over the screen (top to bottom) and can't seem to find a hyperlink to any download.

Thanks in advance,

Do a page search for "click here to download"

Diane Maldonado wrote:20 amp charge controller-that I still have to buy!

I don't know if it has been covered yet or not, but last time I did any checking on chg-ctrls, there were two basic types.

1 - Standard Analog
2 - MPPT

As I understand it, the MPPT tech takes any voltage over and above the 13.8 - 14.2vDC that your batteries are being charged at and converts it into added amperage instead of wasting it in heat energy loss from the charging components, so the voltage output of your panels comes into play there.  I'm not sure of the conversion algorithms used or their actual efficiency ratings.
Depending of the Vo and Io of you panels it might behoove you to wire them in series/parallel rather than straight parallel, depending on the Vi capabilities of your controller.

If you've already plugged these factors into your design plan, I apologize for being redundant.

If you double the voltage of the storage medium, connecting the batteries in series @ 24vDC, you can use smaller gauge cables from the PV array to the controller, IF your controller is designed to also charge at that voltage (24vDC) as well.
I didn't notice if you were using any kind of 'Inverter' to get up to 110vAC for your control circuits/igniters, etc, or if you are staying at 12vDC for those devices.   Any time you can bring the Voltage up through the cables from PV to Controller, the amperage drops relatively, and you can get away with smaller gauge cables -  as long as your controller can handle the Voltage input.
And if you can double AGAIN the voltage of the storage to 48vDC, and have an inverter designed for that input, you'll notice a much better conversion efficiency.

I would also agree with Mr.Baker and Mr.Baillie re: the heavier cables.  They both have some other great ideas also.
I would suggest as close as you could get to 'ought' (0#) gauge interconnecting the batteries AND going to the inverter.  Max out on the size accepted by the terminal blocks of each device.

I realize you already have your DeepCycle storage at this point, but with the price of top end 12v DeepCycle batteries, you can probably pick up a couple flooded acid 'RE' grade 6vDC devices and bump your amperage reserve up quite a bit (380AH/device, 380AH-20%efficiency=~300AH@12v=3.6kw-50%rule=1800W usable), I doubt you'll get much better than 100AH each out of those 12v deeps with the same (or less)efficient ratings being calculated, and the 6vDC units are much more forgiving of excess discharging.   IMHO
I seriously doubt you'll get the amperage capacity you think out of those Marine Batteries.

I use one 280w panel though an old Xantrex CC into two flooded 6v@380Ah rated batteries to power the control circuits (water heater, propane fridge, central furnace) in my 5th Wheel, and take care of keeping the laptop and cell phone charged, plus a minimum number of 12v automotive LED lights, and a 12vDC ceiling fan in the Summer.   My goal is to add 3 more panels in the near future for a total of 1kw/h (5kw/d), and add another 6-6v batteries for a total capacity of 14.4kw (so I can bring my HF Transceiver back into Ops), of course that will NOT give me the 3-day reserve one should design into their system.

Thanks for reading my Ramble,

3 years ago

And one more photo that would not post to the last message...

Are you interested in making an investment in a Good man that's down on his luck ???
3 years ago
An addendum to my profile to share a couple photos.
Please read my profile for my basic description, dreams, and goals.

My Favorite activities are SCUBA Diving, Amateur Radio (KB6LWN), and Singing...
I've been College Trained in Computer Sciences (Operation, Programming, Tech)
(and my Dream House WILL be mostly Solar Powered and Computer Controlled)
I've designed my share of Solar Energy Systems, am a competant Electrician and
Electronics Tech, slightly more than a Shade-Tree Mechanic, know my way around
a hunting rifle, want to learn the Bow, and I'm told I'm a GREAT Kisser and have a
talented tongue (I guess those two would be inter-related, sort of...)

The Electric Razor Slipped...  Ooops...

That should do it for now...
I've left my eMail on my profile visible, so drop me a line if you're interested in sharing my dreams and goals.
Lets go Chase some Sunsets together for a few months, or for the rest of our lives...

3 years ago