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I was in IT for programming and report writing.  I'm spiritual, meditate and have written a couple healing meditation books.  I know my first beekeeping mentor through my spiritual pursuits.
I started beekeeping after taking his class.  We had class time and installed a nuc in a hive.  I saw the hive freeze to death that winter in a conventional hive.  There had to be other options so I researched better and found Fyodor Lazutin's original Keeping Bees With a Smile book. I have built them and that's where my bees live now. That led me to permaculture which was a way to feed the bees. Left the IT profession after 2015, sold the house, became a certified permaculture designer and started my own Permaculture Design business, W.E.B. Permaculture. W is wolf, E is eagle, B is bear...all power animals, and the order "web" hints at the soil food web. My son and I named the company.
We couldn't support ourselves with permaculture design alone so I kept studying. Became a Master Gardener and "discovered" irrigation during the last class. Became a Licensed Irrigator and expanded our services to Landscaping, Irrigation, Drainage, and Landscape Lighting. Covid hit and we helped people create gardens and maintain them with working irrigation, drainage and landscape lighting.
My first mentor appeared with my interest in Irrigation. Lionel P. was 80, at the time, and an old ex-farmer. He knows just about everything ... that's my impression, anyway. He trained me in irrigation, installations, repairs, electrical and troubleshooting. Around the same time I met another mentor, Max, who was also around 80 at the time. He taught me how to repair my car, work on wood, work on small engines and about tools. Max's idea of a break is to go from one project to another...obviously, he taught me my work ethic.
In my opinion, it is essential when beginning your permaculture/homesteading/PEP journey.
I love just about every forum on here. Glad to be part of such a wonderful community.
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Recent posts by Tina Wolf

Currently, I'm working on my truck for an Oddball badge bit. I'm glad Paul got a new truck...so no mechanical work! I can do it, but I'd rather work on the timber stuff!

Here's some woodcarving and solar panels. I need to carve a spoon!

I have everything to make a kindling cracker. Now, I just need to find the time! I'd like to make mine at home, before the event!

Oh, I want to try the rocket oven! And isn't that a solar oven?

Looks like they are either making cob or seed balls...and a lot of it!

5 hours ago

Nancy Reading wrote:This is such a great deal!

So you get ....

nearly 2 weeks of hands on activities,
food provided (assuming no special needs)
tuition to build your skills
The opportunity to get a real head start on  SKIP badges
staying in a beautiful mountain location
and to see all the cool things at Wheaton labs - like the rocket mass heaters and WOFATI buidings!

all for just $450?

but only if all the tickets go this weekend?

Yes! You get all this for only $450...if all the tickets go this weekend.
11 hours ago

David Huang wrote:Sorry I wasn't able to attend.  I'm off teaching a workshop this weekend.  On my lunch break now.  I hope it all went fabulously!

Hi David, No worries...you can watch the recording. Some great info from the instuctors!
Amanda moved the videos and is updating the links. They should be back up soonish.
1 day ago

We want to help more folks come to the SKIP event this summer July 15th - 26th

To try to accomplish this, we're making tickets super-cheap ($450) from Friday, May 24th right now until Monday, May 27th, at noon mountain time.

But there's a catch -

For this to work, we must sell all 12 tickets.  If we do - that's great - freaky cheap tickets.  If we don't, fine, all these SKIP blitz tickets will be refunded.


Come one, come all!  Buy all the tickets!  Bring your friends and family!  The SKIP event is the place to be!!!

(note that if we sell all 12 tickets, these are non-refundable.  If we sell 11 tickets or less, we will refund all the tickets)

Paul will be going LIVE on his YouTube channel Saturday, May 25th at 10am MT with the SKIP instructors Mike Haasl and Opalyn Rose to talk about the event, the SKIP program and answer questions, so if you're intrigued, on the fence, all-in, or even watching from afar, make sure to join us here:


*These freaky cheap tickets are non-refundable.  If you need the 80% refundable, full-price ones, those are here:


What is SKIP?

The SKIP Forum

How to participate in SKIP

Physical SKIP book

SKIP eBook

psst - for all of you who have 60 BBs and more, Paul will give you a free ticket if you ask and help others with BB projects

1 day ago
I would really like some excavator time working on a hugel!

1 day ago
We can ask Paul about the Permaculture Experience for Anywhere, or PEA. These skills address those in smaller spaces.


Steven Hipp wrote:Hi! I live in Alaska and I am interested in the SKIP program. Are there any Otises in Alaska that you know of? Thanks!

Hi Steven! Welcome to Permies!

The link below lists some of the current Otises and where they are located:


2 days ago