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Recent posts by Rana Moore

ABC ACRES has a few descriptive videos about growing trees from a cider mill, just like mentioned earlier.
They plant them thick in a furrow then move them before they set in..
2 months ago
Since this is the most recent post regarding traditional fencing  methods, without starting a new thread I thought I'd ask if anyone has ever seen a modern application of a "HAHA"
Have y'all heard of a haha?? For keeping critters out/in? Lol

6 months ago
Hey Nikki!  I liked hearing about your projects and seeing the pictures.  I really liked that wooden arch. I think a lot of those annual plants are winter hardy in your zone,
I'm near the SC border in NC (union county) in Zone 7b,

You know, I totally understand not being able to do certain things because of similar limitations.  I really felt like you were saying that it takes more than what one or two people can handle. Have you ever thought about www.workaway.com or wwoof USA?
You can host other permaculture enthusiasts who will work for you.  
I have an affinity for community living and see a lot of benefits... in that it is the epitome of permaculture.  I think it's the answer to all societies ills ( of course, I'm an idealist)
But if I could... I'd come down there and help you 😊💕
Instagram Rana.Moore

proverb 15
"Better is a dinner of bitter herbs where love is
Than a feast of stalled ox with strife and hatred"
6 months ago

Scott Stiller wrote:Hi Rana. If you ever want to see what else is going on check out my instagram page. stiller_permaculture.

Thank you, I'll check that out and follow

Thanks for the tip on winter rye

And for the info on the Austrian peas.  I ordered a bag 1/4 lb  from Southern exposure and didn't plant because I wasn't sure.
You know I live in Union county which is a highly Ag  centered county.  But info on this type of question isn't readily known.
Commercial focused.  Just for kicks I contacted the extension about Fava beans, they didn't know.. Could only point me to the internet.  I couldn't really find much writing about it at NC State.

Here's an article I wrote


So cool that y'all are neighbors... This site is vast, and my first post, so it's uncanny
7 months ago
Wow that's cool you posted this. I bought a bag of Austrian winter peas and didn't know when to plant them.  I'm in NC  Piedmont  too. I do still have snow peas growing right now , they are fixing to make soon. I'm sure they are planted a bit too late. When do you plant your peas?
Do you eat them, or
Do you primarily use them as a cover crop?
7 months ago

Norma Guy wrote:Growing up, our family used to consider a gallon glass jar of pickled eggs essential for travel  Went to the grocery store yesterday and couldn't get two crucial things; yeast and pickling vinegar.  Was planning on baking challah and pickling some eggs this week Thanks, COVID.

Hey if you do make challah will you post it??  Please