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Recent posts by Martha Hernandez

I love the (new normal) Holidays!
Btw Jan 6th is my birthday so "Let them eat cake 🎂! I will bake!
I am already working on decorations! Also for the dock!
Awesome to be a part of this community!
Hooray hooray hooray for today! I got a great night sleep! In my tent, under so many blankets I didn't even know the sun had come up! LOL like clockwork we got back on the lab today. And I had the great pleasure to get my chainsaw BB. Fred as usual helping and explaining because, until now, I had zero chainsaw experience, can't say that anymore! Our great luck is that there was a spot where Fred explained how over a hundred years a tree fell and turned into cubical dry rot. And then he pointed out a pinedrop fungi that grows from its close relationship with the mycelium in the soil "Jen" said. And that was just the morning.
Thanks to you both Nichole and Paul! Keeping busy with all their is to do is easy for me I have a willing spirit encouraged by lots of projects here at the lab!
BRK is for me just have to keep my phone charged and at the ready!
Please enjoy, although maybe not to the extent that I did, my handiwork with my first felled tree. I have to thank Fred for the clear and patient explanation he gave me an answering my many questions. Scott a fellow boot helped me using the log Turner so that I could shave the bottom half of this beautiful tree and I've already started another one!
Early on "Taco Tuesday" we were early to pile six of us Boots into a white van called " Toots" and Land manager Fred (5 yrs in) charge of the smooth flow of the work teams on Wheaton labs. We were out felling trees and dreaming of our future passive green house wich will require a few more mostly doug fir trees, felled and peeled. Congrats to
Ash on getting a chain saw "BB" and Hannah a bow saw "BB"! Go team Boots!
Oh boy !  Sleeping in my tent in the site of the future pond ,now lovingly refered to as the "Aracas" (reference Dune the book) chill dipped into the 45 degrees called for bacon (thanks Ash!) and eggs this morning with some hot oatmeal vanilla flavor, organic granulated sugar and fresh ground organic coffee!
Today cut down my first tree after prayers and thanks I dedicated the tree to a family I know from Florida.
Thanks Greg! Now I'm getting to work indoors we're doing some nesting cleaning more hands make less work it was actually fun I got acquainted with things like the compost where to put it and other such things what a great team we all work together and got it done very quickly!  It was a blitz! Now on to improvements for the nest!
Hiya ! Orin  & Nichole!
This can only be described as glorious! Yes the kitty and me survived the four day three night truck stop hop!  Lol! And I must say the truckers were very kind to me along the way when I felt I needed a big truck with lots of lights to follow the trucker Angels provided! Ajo!
Metakuye oyasin! Greetings to all My relations and every nation! South Dakota turned out to be very emotional for me the waterworks came on and it was a River of tears it brought me all the way through it! Ajo!
I'm here now though and the feeling is like that of a monastery the agape brotherly love that is felt throughout Wheaton labs the land breathes it! I can only say that I'm feeling very welcome and settling in with the kindness that I have found here simply amazing! What Grace!
Well I did it I drove 4 days and I got here!
Coming up from South Florida in a truck with a cat was a feat in itself.
But now for the juicy stuff I'm at boot camp at Wheaton labs in Montana and boy is there a lot to tell!
On my first day I started peeling trees!
on my second day I learned how to cut down a tree Fred was kind enough to talk Scott through it for his badge. Congrats to Scott!
I'm a newbie and I'm really excited to be here!
One of the wonderful things about life here is the baking. While we're all salivating I took a moment to take a picture of the Baker and the baked goods enjoy!
Clayton and his bread.
I'm new to all this and I haven't arrived at the lab yet but would love a sickle I've never used one it just looks wonderful and I do like to buy tools I haven't gotten there yet and so far I've collected five or six different tools to be able to do you work at the labs hard yard work gardening wood chopping that sort of thing peeling trees for the wood and a spackle for beekeeping.So I'm happy to say welcome Dre and thanks again for the offer of the tool I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of you at your store! The tools look interesting and unique especially because I'm new to this but again I thank you for the tool and thank you for having a garden I said I'm sure we'll be seeing you!
Warm regards,
1 year ago
Thank you guys for the info! Mike your comment gave me a chuckle! LOL there's always a lot to do! I see I am not going to want for something to do! To earn bits badges and halos! LOL  Paul thank you for chiming in yes definitely evening projects and weekend projects I'm all in! I just bought a fresh Ax along with gloves another wonderful tools to get busy on the land! Still need to find a flannel shirt or two my neighbors are helping me out with some long underwear. I wonder if it's worth it to get a small fifth wheel? I have been living alone for a very long time and I do like my privacy I just can't wait to get out there !Everyone i know ( including family) is so envious of me right now! I guess this is where living alone really pays off! You get to go where you want to go, do what you want to do!