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Here's a picture of me fondling the roosters wattles... just because I can.
His is the look of "what is this mysterious unseen force touching my face in the dark?!"

This explains allot! alien abduction explained! ...hahaha
Thanks for the chuckle! Now I know better or how to better handle chickens. I think Rocky Balboa used the chasing the chicken exercise to become quick I'm sure he only had to do it until his big fight but having to do it every day or even often is probably pretty challenging I know the blessing that chickens can be in a yard they'll make your soil wonderful like gold I did that here in a 12 x 20 yard I was able to grow 50 papaya trees along the fence line then had rows of lettuce cherry tomatoes even tried to get some broccoli out of that I did plant a almond tree from seed and by the time hurricane Wilma came around it was 8 feet tall and full of brand-new almonds I'll never forget that and those chickens I had to chickens and one turkey named Big Bird the hummingbirds and Paulette other pollinators that would come through the yard we're just wonderful in the evening had to move away because of noisy neighbors and broken pipes underneath the apartment but it had that nice little yard and I made great use of it it was wonderful.
13 hours ago
I love your picture book display of more info about the lab and what happens there (should you accept your mission) on a typical day on a likely project.

Melissa Barnes wrote:Hi

This is exactly the scenario I’m looking for!

As an older lady I’ve been down the rat race road and that’s not where I want to be.

I’ve discovered Permies!!!

I’ve always wanted to learn how to live on a homestead and get my own land!

This is my dream!!

Thank you Paul and permies!!

I was wondering if I start a blog on my experiences then other people can know that it’s possible even if you’re older!


Melissa I know exactly how you feel! I to feel as though I have found my dream come true! A lifelong dream prayer is being answered with permies! So far everyone I have told of my adventure in coming to Montana and entering boot camp has been a fantastic response! I have been telling people about the passive greenhouse! And I'm preparing myself in learning more about horizontal beekeeping I want to hit the ground running! I'm very excited about starting boot camp! Can't wait!

Cassie Langstraat wrote:I am 23 and already can see floaters a bit.. that freaks me out because I know i will probably get them really bad when i am older.. marjory just sent this out in her latest newsletter so i thought i'd share.

natural options for treating eye floaters

I have heard in reading about cures for the eyes that holding a cold spoon on the eyeball and rotating the eyeball for 30 seconds and then taking a warm compress and pressing it on the eyeballs while your head is tilted back will allow the floaters to seep out a rear hole in the back of the eye I have done this with some success. It is also a suspicion in the medical community that floaters eventually get together to form cataracts I don't know for sure? I have also heard that this hot cold remedy is good for retinal detachment flashing symptom in the eyes and other eye ailments using the warm compress on the eyes when someone has pink eye will kill the pink eye and restore the natural health of the eye I have also heard that taking regular hot steam like in a sweat lodge will clear the white of the eye and make it very white and healthy I've also heard that eating lots of vegetables leafy greens will lighten the color of your eyes I don't know much more about this subject but these are the things I've heard and I wanted to share them thank you for reading.
5 days ago
Way incoraging! Thank you Paul! can't wait! I love Colorado weather besides,  thank you also for breaking it down .Im looking forward to a new way of living in tune with nature on the Earth with minimal foot print.
Like coming home. I am very interested in honey bee keeping and very happy I can be doing that there. Looking forward!
I'm greatful to ya!

Hi Paul thank you for the quick response.
Learning and doing with a high level of proficiency and energy is my intention. I have also done quite a bit of hard work and weight lifting in my lifetime so far.
I'm interested in finding out more about how to contribute to food shares food growing house building auraria to pitch my tent and begin keeping bees.
I'm interested in making this my permanent lifestyle I've carried this desire for a very long time. I don't want to walk into this idealistically or with Rose colored glasses I know there's a lot of work involved and I'm looking forward to it. The comradery in community is also what I am looking for. Working toward a common goal that is a great example for the entire world. Sounds to me like I can come out as soon as practical.
PS I used to feed ant farms as a child.
3 weeks ago
Hello if you're reading this you're about to find out something about me that's a little bit off. Or at least the people who aren't fermi's LOL! I recently purchased some lands 5 acres in West Tennessee with the sole intention of making it a safe home for bees. This is far away enough from everyone that I'll be able to keep quite a few beers I think . As you might have guessed I'm brand new at this and have never kept bees. however these have been following me since I was a little girl I dream about them I find them in the ocean when I'm swimming and I rescue them recently I put a piece of lemon in a tree that I would like them to inhabit the bait was Florida bee pollen. Very soon after that I had a dream that they were visiting the tree my dreams are very vivid. And I have had quite a few with regards to bees I've even gone to other countries and they have followed me inside the home where I was staying the message to me is clear I have to make a safe home for bees. My one of my latest most inspiring events with bees is that I went into my bathroom and they were knocking on the window I went into my kitchen and then they started knocking on the window there. I had a very telling dream after this that I was analyzing some honeycombs with someone standing next to me soon after this dream I realize the purpose of the land was to be to keep a safe home for bees. What a better purpose in life I cannot think of one! so I have purchased some books on beekeeping but having one that is totally natural is totally the bee's knees! LOL I'm a massage therapist by day and I dream of beekeeping by night! So I know it's soon to come cuz I got this land at a pretty good price. I'm very excited to be posting this and welcome your insights I recently met someone on permease and has struck me as a very knowledgeable man and very helpful are his insights.
Looking forward to reading more about my new friends the permease! Signed Martha Hernandez
1 month ago

Paul Kennington wrote:There have been several Intentional Communities established in the state over the years, however, I know of none in this area. This, despite a great deal of interest that I have stumbled across.

I'd love it if we could come together on something.

I envision some (hopefully) inexpensive but good land relatively isolated, but near enough to civilization that we could allow people to visit and learn. If on or near one of our many rivers (a very green state) someone might eventually run a canoeing or camping outfitter. If anyone already has land that could be used, whether by donation or long term (cheap) lease, I'd certainly also be interested

Hi Paul! Martha Hernandez here I just purchased five acres in Henderson off of Mount Gilead Road the land is untouched and full of trees there are some flat areas I need to go out there and survey it apart from a tick problem u.s. dog tick and Rocky mountain tick I know how to get it treated and will be doing so however 5 acres is a pretty good piece and what I envision is similar to what you have mentioned here almost my exact words! So it is a place where I wish to build and have a community of people to come and help build it I wish to keep bees on this land the covenants allow livestock only six of each and buildings to Houston a septic has to be built so this could be a good permaculture project for people wishing to live temporarily or permanently on the mat in order for this to occur I would like to have them attend classes on my land how to build either Cobb or aircrete dome room by room I think would be a good idea? 954-773-5404 is one way to get a hold of me to discuss this further or use my email

1 month ago

Bill Andrychowski wrote:I'm offering a free place to live for someone that is able or wants to be able to get by without having an offsite job.  Comfortable home in north east Connecticut, 12 acres just outside city limits, suitable place to live without owning a car.  Retirees welcome.  PM to discuss.

Hi Bill my name is Martha very talented massage therapist able to work with doctors on pain management postural anomalies and living pain free without drugs you get the picture really real massage therapy fixing real problems.
I have always been of the permaculture mindset living in the city is pointless. I purchased land in Tennessee
And want to develop it I have the permits now. I am craving going out to a community and being part of that community as a massage therapist and as someone who works building and tending animals keeping up the homestead I have some building experience I have worked on cars I guess you could say I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades fast learner a great sounds like you have a unique opportunity there for individuals such as myself. I am interested in coming out and seeing what you are offering send me a message and let me know if you're interested in having me come do this I know you put your ad in quite some time ago like I said I've been trying to do this all my life one thing or another has kept me from it but I am ready now.Here's my telephone number please feel free to call me 954-773-5404 looking forward to your call Martha.
1 month ago