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since May 08, 2020
Just a chick that grew up in the country, went to the city and did her thing. Decided that was enough so she followed her heart back to her roots.
Fort Worth, TX
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I pulled my 8th grader from public school and am so lost as to what to do. I am not a teacher and am horrible at organizing this stuff. I know there are 1 million different options but I do not do good with options. We have limited internet and I don't want to spend a ton on the online programs. Is joining the Texas homeschool coalition worth it? We did a few assessment tests and I'm struggling to understand the data. Any information is helpful, thank you.
1 month ago

Faren Leader wrote:Hi Permies!! I am a plus sized permie gal. I've never really been a belt-wearing person, and when I go out into the woods I tend to just hook my multitool, folding knife, etc into a pocket. However, I have just purchased a machete and want to invest in a leather belt so I can carry the sheath (and machete) on the belt when I go out into the woods. Problem is, my hips are BIG. The circumference where I'd want to wear the belt on my body is like 55". So I'm guessing that means I need a belt that's at least 58-60". Where might one find such a thing? I don't care about fashion or adornment. I truly just want plain, strong leather and a good buckle. I'd like to see this purchase last a good ten years at least.

Thanks for any recommendations!

Hanks Belts. Get a gun belt and they are awesome!
1 month ago
Bumping this up. Still searching for the right fit.
2 months ago

Have you looked in your pouch of tricks for meeting guys lately? Is it time to clean out the old ideas and put in some new ones? Got any good ones to add to my pouch ideas?

My pouch is empty. haha. I'm hoping that just working on my own place that someday I'll have to hire a handyman for something and he will stay forever.  Thinking that's my best bet these days. ; )
So that's something to add to the pouch. Hire in some help and have some cookies ready, just in case.
2 months ago
Welcome Zach.
This book sounds very helpful. I really enjoyed watching the quick video on your signature drawing. So fun and lovely.  If these drawings are in the winning books, that would be a thrill to receive.  
Thanks for being here.
3 months ago

Martin Wood wrote:Hi I’m new to permies, got on because of concern with Red Rose tea bags. They definitely burn like plastic.
I am a retired Auto Mechanic and construction teacher. I keep all my friends old cars running and in good tune. I believe a well maintained older vehicle is better for the environment than building a new one.

Welcome! Being an auto mechanic is such a skill. What's your favorite make to work on? My experience is that Ford breaks the most often. haha
3 months ago

Jenny Jones wrote:*I do not need furnished as I have household items and would like to move in my own items to eliminate storage bill.

Bumping. I have some great places I'm checking out this weekend and am grateful for the responses. Keeping this active until I'm settled in somewhere.
Thanks to the permies that have reached out. I'm beyond grateful and excited for whatever comes next.
3 months ago
Yes yes yes BUT only if you cook without oil. I use them for veggies that are seasoned with Tahiti and spices. Don't recommend them for any meat as they get too greasy. But for no old foods or roasting nuts etc....they are amazing and so easy to clean. Never have to wash the pans.
3 months ago
*I do not need furnished as I have household items and would like to move in my own items to eliminate storage bill.
3 months ago