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Recent posts by Mare Silba

Mike Ruggeri wrote:Did everyone get a notification from Kickstarter about it going live, or just an email from Permies?
I got nothing from Kickstarter, even though I signed up for the notification.

Mike it could be something in your kickstarter account settings (e-mail notifications).

I've got their notification fine and on time, in fact I got two e-mails from KS - one from "notify on launch" and other as a backer of previous campaings from Paul (+ permies mail ).
2 days ago
Backed the project, right now it is at 347 backers &

10.611 $
3 days ago

Andrés Bernal wrote:

I'm restarting the "Poor Man's Poll" because out of all the possible images from the footage recorded during the PTJ, I couldn't resist creating some more.

I'll be posting two sizes for each image: one in full size and another in the size that Kickstarter displays thumbnails. Please keep in mind that we want to capture people's attention, especially at the smaller size.

Vote for the image or images you like the most by giving a thumbs up in the subsequent posts!

I'm not sure if this is still open for decision. I just did a few thumbs up on what I think works best and wanted to add a bit of an explanation:
color wise, best are 3rd, 5th and 7th picture - in those letters are in a clear contrast with the background picture and are most easily visible. Other pictures - while those background pictures may be even better at showing what's this about, it's much harder to read the title, esp. on smaller pictures. Either color of letters is too similar to the background picture, or the background picture has too many tiny details just where the text goes... hope this helps a bit....
2 weeks ago
And with fireworks its final $171.632,52!!! Woohooo
10 months ago
Count down of seconds left on the kickstarter site - at 60 sec to go it's $170.932
10 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:To be funded in less than an hour, we would have to reach our goal by 2:56 - because the official kickstarter start time was 1:57.

It's done!! 9032 USD
11 months ago
So it's US$ 5034 at the moment and that's over 50% !!!
11 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:I hope somebody will check the final number for "notify me on launch" just before we launch.  If nothing else, we want to know what the final number end up at.

It was 1364 some 10-15 min before the launch .
11 months ago
I also wanted to suggest iceplant aka Carpobrotus - maybe plant it at the edge of the hot spot, where there is some soil, and direct it to cover the hot spot zone. If it wants to grow there you can have a nice thick green carpet over hot rock, which can lower the temperature of the area and in time add much needed organic matter on top. Think of it as a pretty plant on it's own that can also function as a support plant for others.
Where I live - Mediterranean island with shallow, rocky and poor soils with strong and harsh dessicating winds - it easily grows on rocky terrain, withstanding several months of drought. While temperature here doesn't go as high as in your area (our maximum is around 100F but usually it's somewhat lower), I still think it's worth to try.
1 year ago
Notify me on launch vs Remind me buttons on kickstarter

I've done the "notify" button and it seems that it's purpose is what it says - click it pre-campaing to send you an e-mail at the beginning of the said campaign. When you click on it, it changes to "saved" and I think after the start it will show in your account under the "saved projects"

On the other hand, "remind me" is available only when that campaign is up and running, and when you click on it there is this message (and it also changes to "saved"):
"Project saved.
We'll send you an email notification 48 hours before this project ends. We'll also use this to improve your recommendations. To disable that, visit your user settings.
To view and manage projects you've saved, go to Saved projects."

Hope this helps...
1 year ago