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Thanks for the ideas, all of them! I'm going to look into the WWOOF program after all of this craziness is a bit more settled down. I took a quick browse and it seems to be a great program right up my alley. Love the idea of the interstate seed seller too. :D

I was looking at the bootcamp after I posted this also. This would be the ideal experience for me...minus the community living. My loner soul recoils at that prospect. Hahaha. ;)
8 months ago
40 year old female, nonsmoker, drinker of beer, eater of meat, originally from the Midwest.

Hello! My last name isn’t Traveler, but it is my lifestyle so I’ve adopted it for theses purposes. I sold my home and have been traveling full time in a little RV (T@b 320 S to be specific). My plan is to purchase some land once I find the location. I’ve hauled that little RV to many states now, but am still unsure of where my land will be.

I don’t camp at campgrounds, but boondock, which is camping at remote locations without access to amenities like power, drinking water, etc. I’m fully self sufficient in this lifestyle with solar panels and I have a generator, but haven’t had to use it yet. I appreciate the personal challenge of rationing and consciously planning for use of things I used to take for granted. I planned and researched for this nomad life for 2 years with the goal of finding land during my travels. While it is both more and less extreme than it sounds it also really explains me in a nutshell. I would love to take this further and become even more self sufficient by growing my own food, brewing the aforementioned beer I drink, canning, preserving  etc.

I’m currently taking a break from a career in Project Management and Medical Billing. My previous position was 90% remote except for, you guessed it, some necessary travel. I fully expect my next position to be about the same. This should leave me plenty of time for duties on my homestead and travel. I just need to figure out how to balance these two passions.

I would really like to meet others that are homesteading, view homesteads, and build a network of likeminded people. Now why post this on a singles site you many ask. Good question! Simplest answer is that I’m not adverse to one of these friendships taking a romantic turn. So with all of this in mind please send a message if you just want to talk about your homestead, need a hand for a bit on it, would like to mentor a poor novice like myself, or something in this post caught your eye and would like to get to just get to know each other more.

Some hobbies of mine: cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, researching, learning, silversmithing, faceting, gold panning, rockhounding, lapidary, and so many interests that I would like to pursue.

Since this is an international site I would love to throw out there that responses need not be limited to America. My previous work travel was all overseas and will likely be again.

Best of luck to all on the site!
8 months ago