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Recent posts by Ralph Sluder

That makes sense.   So my birds being from this hot humid climate for generations should be fine.  
I'll make sure not to get any birds from up north.
 I can't take that cold myself, bring on the heat.
3 months ago
I have grown a few sweet varieties over the years but my favorite and current type is the Prime-ark freedom.
they are very large, very sweet and very productive. Being primo-cane, they put out a massive cop over about a month in mid spring. ( on new growth). Then a heavier but slightly smaller berries in late summer to frost.  I planted 6 bushes.  This year I got about a gallon of berries every other day for several weeks.  They have now started flowering on the lateral branches for my later crop.  They are erect plants very tall and thornless.
 I have had brix readings of 15 on these blackberries. They make great wine, syrup and jelly .  I highly recommend them
3 months ago
I have always kept my seeds in a spare refrigerator. I pour them into mailing envelopes and do a filing cabinet style in a chill tray.
I get very good germination rates except for peas.  I never could get more than 50% rates for peas.
The refrigerator has a setting for outside humidity and I set it to very humid.  Envelopes stay dry and have never gotten molds...  
I try to use all saved seeds withing a couple years though.
3 months ago
I think cool fresh water and shade is all chickens need in my area. It has been over 100 a couple of times so far with very high humidity and they do not seem to mind. I used misters in the past but my girls do not like the mist.
I have a shaded pen, 20x12 with another 20x5 in full sun plus a small enclosed shed they sleep and lay in.  When it is this hot they still go into sunny areas throughout the midday for dust-baths and just to hang out in the sun.  They do take a couple naps throughout the day though.
I have a large pond and notice all the very large wild birds out in the heat as well.  Herons, egrets,etc...   My girls are Astro-whites, ( australorp, leghorn cross).  Perhaps the white colors keep them cooler?  Anyway, I keep the fresh cool water coming and ensure they have shade if they choose to be in it.  They seem very happy and content.
I have been in chicken factories before with 1000's of birds in big warehouses being speed grown for markets... now those places are sweltering.  (That's when I started raising my own for meat...just terrible). I am no chicken expert but birds are resistant in extreme heat and cold from what I have seen, I do like to keep my girls happy though.
3 months ago
I live in the woods literally. Tucked in between the Okefenokee and the Osceola National Forrest.  when we moved out here we had an array of crawling things from brown recluse spiders to  wood roaches...and scorpions.  After many years it seems that the scorpions have won and are now the only critters in the house.  We don't see them that often, only in the sink some mornings or under a rug occasionally.
My only encounter was in the fall while transferring back to winter clothes from the closet.  i put on a folded pair of jeans from the previous winter and that's where he was hiding out.  he got me 5 or 6 times while falling down the pant leg.   Hurt like hell but as mentioned above, only for a short while.
We don't use sprays or poisons, and they crawl right through D.E.   As long as they are keeping all other crawlies away, I just leave them. They are usually just hidden between the cracks doing their thing.
3 months ago
I have been saving my heirloom seeds for over 30 years.  We also plant a few other different varieties every year as well so maybe my heirlooms get some cross pollination.
Heirlooms have changed a little bit I think, maybe the shoulders of my cherokee purples are greener?  Maybe pink branywine are a little darker?  I have had not problems at all, that may be due to cross pollination. I do not isolate my tomato plants from one another.
3 months ago
Yes....mulberries.  The riper and darker they get, the sweeter they are.
They can be (mealy) because the stem runs right through the fruit. I love them, my grandkids love them.  My chickens really love them.  What's not to love?
3 months ago
I would think that because the first few years are devoted to maturing and not fruiting, you should be fine. put them in fridge, they will start sprouting within a couple of months. Then put them into some little pots until next spring when they should take off.  Cold winters should not be needed for developing seedlings. ( I think....)
 Also, more than 1/2 of all stone-fruits I have grown from seed were very tasty.  Out of three, I would imagine at least 1 or 2 would be pretty good and if not you will have some well developed root-stock.
3 months ago
I agree with Stacie as long as you are planting potted trees.
I have had poor results with anything bare root in the hot humid summers here. I am sure it could be done but bare root trees need quite a bit of time to develop feeder roots and the sweltering heat here dries the trunk out too fast.  
Make sure you have readily available water either way as the summer rains can stop and drought can set in without warning.
3 months ago
I agree with the above...
Corn can cross pollinate up to a mile away with proper conditions so your seed will be a hybrid of the 2.  
As mentioned, grow one type first then wait maybe a month and plant your second type. That should give enough time for the first variety to be pollinated then all pollen spent before second variety pollen becomes viable.   I learned this the hard way many years ago.
I realize you have seedling already started but your seed crop will be crossed.  Better to replant one of the varieties a little later if you want seed.
3 months ago