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Recent posts by Ralph Sluder

We got a variety called everglades tomato many years ago and still have them. We just started 1 plant to see how we liked the. and now they come back anywhere and everywhere every year.
They are very small but quite prolific, maybe a pint a week per plant all the way up till frost.
I use them in my big smoker. They impart a great flavor when smoking pork and fish.
1 year ago
I love the sunsets over the swamp
1 year ago
I also grow the canary melon.  They will last several weeks after being picked and also have a tougher skin. Cantaloupes get destroyed by insect pests here.
Here is a photo, and also the yellow doll.
Supposedly yellow were the original watermelons grown??
No lycopene like reds, beta carotene instead.
That there critter looks like a sharpshooter. we have one around here that looks very similar.  They are the reason the only grapes we can grow are muscadines.  They carry pierces disease that kills all European grape varieties. i have seen them on several other fruit trees and vines but usually cause us no other harm.  they will excrete a white substance that does not wash off,...gobs and gobs of it.
1 year ago
i am currently harvesting the yellow doll and they are very sweet and watermelony flavored. Each vine put out 3-4 bowling ball sized melons ripening about a week apart.
I did not have to water them through a 3 week dry spell and they grew very fast.  They do have seeds, actually very seedy. I will attach a picture of one cut up maybe tomorrow, very beautiful bright yellow.
as long as you have a good 100 days frost free you can still grow a nice crop.  As mentioned above, you will have to water them a few weeks till they take off if there is no rain, but they will love these very hot sunny days.  i have a neighbor that plants them this time of the year so they don't have to dig them up till the weather cools down.
1 year ago
It looks like sea purslane.   I do not believe they are related but are also edible.  Taste salty...
1 year ago