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Attempting to be an independent thinker. Luddite-esque though I'm using the interwebs. I like to collect and distribute truth nuggets, as one of my favorite radio DJs call the little bits of truth someone can find and talk about. I like stuff that is 'real' (real pianos, guitars, books about things that really happened to real people, in person convos, food, etc). Transparent to a fault. I eat animal products but wish I didn't want/need to. Always learning, keeping on rowing the boat down the stream whether it is gentle or not.
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Recent posts by Emily Elizabeth

John Weiland wrote:
If the cell phone is half-pocketed bouncing playfully on gyrations of your fixation's derriere (lyric break: "world moves on a woman's hips..." --Talking Heads), then it's half possible of falling out....all of those 'secrets' within potentially falling to the dangers of unknown hands and eyes.  Now you *might* be the one to see it happen--and this would immediately lead to a simultaneous 'damsel rescue' moment as well as a necessary opportunity to engage with the (likely and profusely) thankful maiden.  So perhaps a subconscious "what if..." is at play here along with the more obvious fascinations....?

(Hmmmmm....I'm wondering now if my plum jam fermented on the stove overnight and has affected my evening musings.... :-)  )

Plums have some great effects on cognitive ability, even if they didn't become 'make you drunk' plums.


While it seems to be a moment of overthinking, your conclusions make perfect sense.

Stacy Witscher wrote:I really like men that are humble, which is not a trait that they are often taught. I had a co-worker in a restaurant that had previously been an executive chef but came to work as a line cook. He was looking to get away from all the stress. He didn't like it when people found out his background. He just wanted to be one of the cooks. He was so unlike other chefs, he was kind and humble and beautiful.

I agree, it's very telling sometimes when someone brags extensively vs. a person who has a lot they could brag about, but they have no interest in proving their greatness or being seen as 'the greatest'. Often that person is the greatest.
I've learned two things from this thread.

What a 'treasure trail' is.

That my near constant attire of jeans and phone in back pocket half out is cute.

I like to see people who are wearing non synthetic materials. I know this is beyond nerd fodder but I hate polyester and spandex and similar with a burning, almost insane, passion. When I see someone in 100% cotton or hemp or what have you, I assume we are on the same page.

And hair that is left alone. By that I don't mean dirty hair or never combed hair, but hair that is left to do it's natural thing, no products in it, and if it blows around messily the person doesn't run to a mirror to hysterically beat down their cowlick lest anyone see that they weren't perfect for five minutes. Especially for men, over grooming to that extent is off putting. Women have been encouraged to be like this from the time they are 12 or so, in fashion magazines and cosmetics ads, with the suggestion that nothing is worse than looking like you don't really care about what you look like. Or don't overly care. It's almost treated like a virtue to re-apply make-up throughout the day and touch up the hair lest it moved since you last sprayed it. Pretty crazy when you think about it but it's hard to convince women that it's unnecessary. If he likes your face, he likes it without you drawing all over it, lol.
Interesting thread, the decoy squash planted prior to the real especially--my green beans were attacked last summer by some sort of cretins but squash always does amazingly well. I use companion plants, I have mint nearby this year and last year I had nasturtiums. The plants are great but I have yet to get much going, giant flowers though and the first nubs of actual squash are there. Last summer they were huge. Our April storm made it where the plants I put out were ruined and I started over in May-June. Should have kept them inside! I do a little mulching too, I have heard straw is good since squash has shallow roots and mulching in hot climates is important. Our winters are crazy so that might be why mine haven't had a major bug prob. I use pine needles from my tree too.
1 year ago

Michaell White wrote: I'm afraid of dying, and so I'm looking for a woman who will not kill me

You have to raise those standards, Michaell, lol. I think 'not being killed' is a universal desire, although there is probably someone somewhere wishing for the opposite---people can be weird so it might be good to throw that out there actually, you never know.

You might cite what kinds of things you're looking for in your future plans for getting close to nature--what kind of weather you want, any special interest in animals or what kind of food you're into, other stuff about yourself or what you want in another person. An age range if you have one, any kids, the dreaded politics/religion. You've got a good face so I wish you well, especially with the not being killed part.

I think you need to have a convo.

One thing that can tell you the status of a relationship--if you can you sit down and talk about something.

That conversation should at least be a way to explore what you both want at this stage in your lives, if you'd be more valuable to each other as friends, or if you want to stay together and give it a go at homesteading. This way you can lay it all out there and nobody feels strung along or deceived....although the answer suggesting telling him to pound sand after the heavy move got a genuine laugh from me, lol.

As the prices of things go up and the world becomes crazier, I can't imagine anyone 'not' wanting to give it a go at independence. But that's just me or people wired like me, we all want different things.
2 years ago
Lol I thought someone dropped a human baby off on your doorstep.

I am allergic to cats but my elderly neighbor has a bunch. She said at week 4 you should mix dry food with formula and make a slushy mixture, and te following week you can give them more kibble that you mix with water. At 7 weeks they can eat all solid food.

For gender determination--on a girl, it looks like an upside down exclamation mark and on a boy it looks like a colon punctuation mark. There will be some lumps in the testicle area on boys a little later on.

You can deworm at 3 weeks, then week 4, 6, 8.

I had a similar thing happen years ago, momma cat gave birth and left a kitten in my garage. I gave it tuna and water all the time and it decided I was it's mom. I thought of keeping it as an outside cat but we had coyotes, rattlesnakes in the fields, rat snakes, and other predators and the heat was awful, so I used tuna to coax it into a box, got in the car and sneezed down to the shelter with him or her (never knew which). Beautiful green eyes, hopefully the lil cutie got adopted.
2 years ago
I had this as part of my greens mix bed last year--I saw where others put it in a high yield tunnel in little raised bed sections where they re-harvest over and over. They say not to pull but to cut, and you can eat the flowers too (I never have).

I love arugula on tomato and cheese panini, add that and red peppers and it's extra great.
2 years ago

Gary Hoff wrote:Lol, nope. I'm not too big a fan of chislic. I was trying to find a community of like minded individuals but people here act like you're crazy for saying we should be more sustainable or plant anything besides grass, hostas and daylilies. It's a big reason why I've been considering leaving the state for somewhere in the PNW as I don't even have land to work into a food forest, let alone the possibility of employment in something sustainable.

I was writing about this on a thread somewhere here--didn't know there was an older thread already stating it.

Our little city just told us a few weeks ago that you can be fined $500 if they see dandelions in your yard. I kid you not.

So all the freedom fighters who will let you know in an instant (without you asking) that the gubermint won't tell them what to do are out there spraying their brains out with glycophosphate and other cancer causing garbage because the second that even the local yokel government tells them what to do, they do it.

My yard is really green and pretty and I mow once a week and I have two gardens. But I am not spraying poison. I see the little bees gathering their pollen in those wildflowers all over town and think about how ridiculous it is to crack down on 'weeeeeds' as though it is a crack problem. To me that kind of meddling in nature is mental illness level crazy while the potholes in Main Street are looking like they might be portals to another dimension, and the local drinking issue and people driving around said potholes drunk while kids ride bikes could, oh I don't know, be a bit more serious of a prob than those little yellow flowers.

A lot of this kind of stuff, the lack of a love of permaculture, is, IMO:

1. A belief that the environment or caring about preserving anything in it is left wing commie hippie stuff.
2. They are selling chemicals here to the farms/monocrop producers and want you to use them in regular neighborhoods too, more money and let's get people believing they do no harm.
3. They have a way of doing things that their grandpappy before their grandpappy did and how dare you say it might be wrong.
4. Lack of objective reasoning--weeds bad. crops good.
5. Little almost defunct towns who have the same old city management and want things not to change, they have businesses that they are 'in bed' with so to speak who want you to spray your brains out and believe agro should be run like big business and anyone saying you don't have to do it that way 'has never farmed' (Cough cough, Gabe Brown, cough).
2 years ago

Aurora House wrote:Thank you Elizabeth. I don't deserve this I know that. I deserve far better than this I'm just trying to hold on till my son's birthday then even with no job or savings I'll try to find somewhere and some how to live.
As far as the physical he's never hit me or our son, just walls, doors, and one very unlucky tray of muffins that I couldn't get out of the oven because I was nursing our son. I almost think it's on purpose words don't show bruises.
He's stated that he used to feel Dread when on his homeward commute, and that he doesn't like how I make him behave. So even he knows somewhere deep down things are toxic. And when that deep knowledge makes him realize he's out of line he'll come back and apologize followed by him repeating every point of his rant and working himself back into a froth. I'd rather he didn't apologize as that is apparently justification and permission to start everything All over again.

https://ncadv.org/get-help has resources for getting out with limited to no resources.

North Dakota has 12 months of rental assistance for any hardship, including domestic abuse. Utilities too.

I hate to say it but if your son is 17, you don't have to wait to give him a great b day, but that is your choice to make. Reach out to your local Human Services folks for resources too, lots of states have them and they can help you maybe more than you know.

2 years ago